How To Improve Your Complexion

We all strive for that flawless photo-shopped perfect complexion, as shown above for a makeup ad. Unfortunately, photo shopping is not an everyday option for us to get that unrealistic flawless face unless you live your life as a still photograph! Ha. Good news is, there are all sorts of tricks of the trade and products you can layer on in order to improve the look of your skin, but there is one trick that can immediately make an overall difference.

One product is necessary for this trick: CONCEALER. I will be using Olay’s Simply Ageless Concealer in color Corrector ($10).

There are 4 places you need to apply that concealer in order to get a prettier complexion.

  • the inner corners of your eyes near your tear ducts
  • the outer corners of your eyes
  • both sides of your nostrils (everyone has a bit of redness/darkness here)
  • either side of your mouth (go light in your application here)

1. I am showing you my before picture with all of my makeup applied BEFORE the concealer trick.

2. This is showing you the placement of that concealer before it’s rubbed in.

3. This is my AFTER picture of how it takes my complexion up a notch and seem smoother.

Just a few simple steps to get a brighter more even complexion with only one product.

I also just had to show off my earrings that I designed myself at a cute little jewelry boutique in Columbus, GA called the “Bead Cage.” It was so much fun picking out each little bead and piece to make my very own unique accessories! This place was seriously bead and bauble overload, but a blast to find my creative side in.

I made these butterfly earrings because, well, I love the look of butterflies (really the only insect I can handle;-)) and I liked that each one was slightly different in where the colors were placed so they both weren’t exactly alike. I’ve heard the saying, “Butterflies fly where they please, and please everywhere they fly.” Don’t have any idea who said that, but I dig it!! It’s so true, because every time I see a butterfly, I slightly pause and smile. Hope you have a reason to pause and smile today!!