My Vacation Is Over, But Wet ‘n’ Wild’s H20 Liquid Eyeliner Stays Forever

All good things must come to an end apparently, and so has my beach vacation. I had a wonderfully relaxing time getting away from the same old hum drum of everyday life, but honestly, there is no place like home, and now I’m back and ready to prepare for another good thing to pop up- the arrival of my daughter next month!

But while I was on my vacation, I put a new liquid eyeliner to the test to see if its label description and what it touted was true. I picked up a tiny bottle of Wet ‘n’ Wild’s H20 Proof Liquid eyeliner in black ($3) at my local CVS before I left. I love the look of liquid liner, but can’t stand how it disappears so quickly and smudges all over my face if I get the slightest bit sweaty…and I was at the beach, so the likelihood of getting sweaty was imminent.

My verdict: This stuff stays on!!

I unfortunately didn’t think to take a picture of my eyes once I applied my new liner for you all (I was on vacation ladies and not really thinking about blogging at the time, sorry). But this shell I found on the beach, pic above, really reminded me of a perfectly (liquid) lined eyeball! Isn’t that crazy looking??

If you’re not a liquid liner connoisseur, then this probably isn’t the best product to start off with because it dries quickly, is rather thick, and leaves no room for error. The pen tip is also not very forgiving and pretty stiff, so it’s more for the experienced liquid liner lady! But with all of that being said, I put this stuff on around 3pm and when I went to remove it around 10pm the same night, it was still literally a most perfect line. And this was through the 105 degree heat index on the beach!! Amazing. I definitely recommend this to anyone that wants a budge proof liquid liner- 9 out of 10 in terms of staying power.

I also had to include a picture of my anniversary present my sweet and thoughtful hubby gave me while we were at the beach. Remember one of my more recent blogs about my “wish list” for the beach and how I wanted the old school Ray Bans like Nicole Richie/Tom Cruise a la Top Gun?? Well whatdaya know, I got hooked up with my very own pair! We don’t usually do anniversary gifts, but this year he surprised me and made me feel a little bit cooler while walking around the beach. Since I’m rather pregnant right now, anything to feel “cool” is truly helpful and appreciated!! Thanks honey.

So even though all good things eventually come to an end, it doesn’t mean another good thing isn’t just right around the corner to look forward to!!