After Three Kids, I FINALLY Score A Juicy Couture Diaper Bag!

I am on extreme countdown until my baby girl arrives at the end of this month and almost have everything in order for her arrival.

One of the major things I have been lacking, is a new diaper bag for this baby. In the past I’ve owned:

  • a leopard print 2 Red Hen bag with my first child
  • a red patent leather huge Nine West purse (not an actual diaper bag, but I used it as one anyway) with my second. The Nine West was actually purchased from Sam’s Club, yes a wholesale membership club, for $25. It eventually busted up so I bought another cheapo huge bag from Urban Outfitters to replace it, which also busted up because of the wear and tear I, and my children, place on these bags.

But ever since I got prego with my first child over 4 years ago, I have coveted the Juicy Couture diaper bags line.

I remember years ago looking online and on Ebay to see if I could score a less expensive version of any of these bags but with no luck. But I guess, third time is the charm, because my awesome hubby just surprised me with my very own genuine Juicy Couture diaper bag!! Woo Hoo!!! Tons of thanks to the nice sales people at the Juicy store at Phipps Plaza in Atlanta, Jake and Alex, who helped my hubby choose this most perfect bag for me. This specific bag came in black and pink, and even though I’m loving pink right now because this baby is a girl, my husband said he chose the black because “it wouldn’t show dirt as much and would go with more.” Who are you and what have you done with my husband?? What a wonderful thought process!! I certainly don’t like people that brag, so I will just state, that in my opinion, “I have the most thoughtful husband in the world.”

I say this not only because he bought me my JC bag I’ve wanted for sooo long, but if you notice in the background of this picture, the live orchid on the table was given to me weeks ago by Scott after I had had a really bad pregnant lady day. Note, both of these thoughtful items, were never asked for, he just showed up with them. Cue the sappy, “aawwwwwwss!”

Thought I’d show some pictures of my new hot diaper bag because it has all the bells and whistles. The outside is a super soft nylon with lots of cool silver hardware that keeps it from looking too baby-ish. It definitely has an edge to it that I like.

The inside is super roomy and of course has a nylon inside that is easily wiped off when bottles spill and snacks get crushed-inevitable. There are also multiple zippered pockets on the outside, cell phone pockets, pockets for your wallet, and room for lip glosses! And of course room for some baby stuff;-) One of the features I really like are the magnetic closures – they’re strong and simple to use.

The inside also contained cutesy/glamorous matching couture baby bib, burp cloth, and soft folding changing pad. All three major necessities for a baby that will definitely be used.
So this diaper bag proves moms deserve to have style while carrying around bottles and diapers!! Just take a look at stylish celeb mom Jessica Alba who has been spotted carrying around her very own black Juicy diaper bag. I am now set to have my sweet baby girl. But wait, I haven’t bought any newborn diapers to put in my bag yet! Maybe I’m almost set…;-)