Decorate And Makeup…With Love

I have had soooo much fun decorating my little girl’s nursery and the inspiration came from one single piece of artwork. This is kind of the way I approach putting on my makeup. If there’s one lipgloss or eyeshadow I am feeling that day, I’ll just work the rest of my makeup around that.

Backstory: The artwork is a canvas by Papaya. This super artsy and eclectic company was founded by a mother/daughter team who manufactures all sorts of things, mainly cards and paper, and some decor. Their credo is “creative abandon” and they answer to their “creative impulses” and everything “they make, they love.” And I love that!! I purchased this piece of a beautiful exotic girl with dark hair and cherry blossoms at one of my favorite local Athens boutiques, Toula’s because it honestly just spoke to me. I had seen it a few months before I even knew I was pregnant, and told myself that IF I ever got pregnant again, and IF it happened to be a girl, I would put that picture in her nursery. Well, here we are today and it’s hanging in her room now!!

** If you order this canvas or see it in person, it’s slightly different than hers shown above on her nursery walls. I ended up adding a few personal touches of oil paint colors such as peony pinks and turquoise blues to this canvas to make sure that it fit perfectly in her room because it’s color scheme was a bit too dark as it was. There’s my creative impulse coming out!**

This picture with it’s glitter, pinks, and lavenders inspired my last makeup look. I love the girl’s heavily lined big brown eyes with her simple pink cheeks and lips.

The main components of this look are:

1. Bare Minerals “nude beach” glimmers $13, (for the sparkle effect) on my eyes.

2. Wet n’ Wild’s H20 black liquid liner ($3) drawn on fairly heavy for a thick looking lash line.

3. Mark cosmetics Glow baby glow lip gloss in “tease” ($5). This was my inspiration piece that I wanted to work around and create the soft makeup look like the girl in the painting.

4. OPI “lucky lucky lavender” nailpolish. I borrowed this from a girlfriend of mine because I loved it on her so much, but have had a hard time finding it because it’s from an older Hong Kong collection.

So here goes my mantra for successful home decorating and makeup application. Just like the Papaya people, do everything with LOVE, and you’ll be successful in whatever your venture is.