Best Eyebrow Tips

I am obsessed with eyebrows.  I believe they are the frame work of the face.  If the brows are unkempt or too thin or too busy or just plain not taken care of- then the rest of your makeup doesn’t even matter, you’ve ruined your look in my opinion.  Is that too harsh??!

So here are my favorite tips for creating the perfectly filled in eyebrow.  Tweezers go without saying that you should tweeze until clean, but never tweeze on top/above your brows, only below. You will need:

1.  Eyebrow comb/brush combo, with stiff bristles preferably.  You will need this to brush all of your brow hairs downward.  Most people think you should brush the hairs up to fill in, but if you do them down, you see the natural shape of your arch better and should fill in along the upper hair line.

This pic shows my right brow hairs brushed downward so I fill in along the natural top line of the brows.

2.  Two colors of eyebrow pencil.  I use an exact hair color and one a shade or two lighter than my natural brow hair.  You can also change consistency in pencils if you like.  My exact one is a waxier pencil that helps some of the hairs stick in place and my lighter colored one is a drier consistency.

3.  Qtips.  I like the specialty kind that has a pointy tip to them for a more precise  hand- you can find them at beauty supply stores and some grocery stores (my Kroger sells them too).  These are to help wipe away any runaway pencil if you got too overzealous in your filling in, like I always do!!!

4.  Clear mascara.  I use this to set my brow hairs in place once they are finished.  It’s a cheap and easy product to find.

And in case you were wondering or even care, my top celebrity picks for the best and worst eyebrows in the business are: 

Best:  Megan Fox

Absolute worst:  Pamela Anderson & Andy Rooney

 Less is definitely not more in Miss Pam’s case.  The fuller the brows, the more youthful one looks.  But also let’s remember to keep a happy medium with our full brows, and not to go overboard.  We don’t want any Andy Rooney look-a-likes;-)