Black and Gold…The Chic Yet Edgy Makeup Look

I wanted to fierce up my look for today (without looking too freaky, I am a mother of 3 and I’m just headed to a taco joint for lunch) so I did it by mixing two rich colors together…Black and Gold.

There is no easier way to get a dramatic, but wearable, look than with black.  And by adding a little gilded gold, well then you’ve immediately got your fierce look!!

The three main products I used to get this look were:
  1. A good rich black liner.  I used Rimmel London’s Exxagerate liner in “noir.”($6)  I used it on my upper lid and on the lower and inside the lower rim.  Black out the whole lash line for a dramatic effect!
  2. Shimmery gold shadow.  I used a loose Bare Minerals glimmer powder in “true gold.”($13)  This was applied on top of my Stila “twig” (a shimmery earthen brown, $18) eyeshadow pan as well as along the lower lash line all the way into the tear duct area for a golden glow!
  3. A gold toned lip gloss or lip stick.  I love love L’Oreal Infallible lip gloss in Dulce de Leche ($9). It’s a beautiful neutral brown color with just enough golden sparkle in it.  I’ve read it’s one of Eva Longoria’s fave colors.
This is how the complete look turned out.  It looks slightly rocker chic edgy right??!
I even slept in wet hair so that I got a wavy texture “just woke” up type of look to add to my edge.  I did add a large barrel curling iron to a few random pieces in the front so I had a bit of polish to my look and not like a huge lion mane!  And hey- sleeping in wet hair is actually a huge time saver when you’re waking up with a baby in the wee hours of the morning!
And to completely finish off my look, I channeled celeb stylist Rachel Zoe who is always wearing tons of jewelry on her wrists (she’s a more is more kinda gal, love that!) and stacked up some bangles and bracelets along my wrist in a black and gold color palette.  Looks pretty tough right?? It’s the center gold bracelet that makes this look work though- it’s my mom in laws who was kind enough to let me borrow it for an extended period.  I think it’s originally from Thailand and is a priceless gold piece of artwork in my opinion!!
So next time you want to easily rock a chic and edgy look, just channel the black and gold combo.  You can’t lose.