Do Allure & US Weekly Magazine Follow JennySue Makeup??

Me and my oldest son Jack in our Georgia Bulldog gear for the first football game of the 2010 season!  I am so glad that the school I cheer for has a great color combination of red and black.  Super flattering;-)

I’ve recently had some time to catch up on a lot of my fall magazines and celeb gossip magazines while in the hospital and at home with my new baby.  So I was shocked after reading through these magazines because of all the similarities in articles and trends that reflect some of my older blogs!

I have tons of examples of how it looks like my September Allure & US Weekly just scanned through JSM (JennySue Makeup) and came up with their September issue!! Just click on my highlighted links within each number to take you to my articles/posts that I did looong before this magazine came out.  
I will preface all of this by saying, NO I am not delusional enough to REALLY think that these magazines would copy anything that I say, I just find it cool/ironic that their most recent articles mimic old/past blogs of mine.  But I do give myself a pat on the back for forecasting some of these things:-)

#1.  This was the most blatant form of copycat.  My blog from 2009, What can brown eyeshadow do for you which I know I know, I got the tag line from the company UPS, however, check out Allure’s article above!  Wow- a year too late Allure, JSM, been there done that!!

#2.  Fuschia lipstick trend.  This was a post I did back in May 2010 after I discovered the bright and happy color of fuschia for my lips.  And whatdaya know, Allure talked about the fall makeup trend of matte fuschia lips. Is this getting weird yet??

#3.  We’ll give Allure a break, and focus on US Weekly who did a trend watch not too long ago on celebs working the braided headband trend.  Well, JSM did that look back in May 2010 also.  I was rocking the headband braid long before this US article.  How’s that for fashion forecasting??!

#4.  The military influence for fall 2010 is all over the magazines, I mean, everywhere.  And the dog tag jewelry look goes right along with this fashion trend.  Well, I happen to be wearing mine today!  Although they’re my “Mommy Tags” which have my children’s names and birthdates engraved on them along with a center tag that reads “bebe love.”  the Gucci ones shown in the Allure mag are really cool, I think my mommy tags are way more meaningful and unique to my family- therefore making them worth more to me than this designer brand!!  Oh, and I got them over two years ago, so once again, I’m way ahead of the trend!!  Are you getting sick of my gloating yet- hahahaha!

So are you impressed with how many trends I had already spoken about before these magazines were even on newsstands?? Well, even if you’re not impressed, hopefully you enjoyed reading this anyway.  And maybe picked up a trend or two you’d like to follow this fall!