I Disagree With Glamour Magazine’s Best Beauty Trends

Eye makeup on the Derek Lam 2010 Fall runway show

I love me some Glamour magazine.  I’ve been subscribing to it for years.  But as I was flipping through the recent issue with “Glee’s” Lea Michele (she is so dang cute) on the cover, soaking up all the info and trends I could find on each page, I had to stop and scratch my head at their article on “the best beauty trends out there.”  

This article had taken all the recent hair and makeup trends from the 2010 fall runway shows and laid out the most “wearable” for the masses.  Or so they say.  I agree with the neutrals idea, the messy chignons, winged eyeliner, and other trends mentioned.

But when I got to the “all over shadow” I took a double take.  Before you get all huffy and say, “but JennySue, it’s high fashion/runway and it’s supposed to be a little more out there, creative, and done with an artistic approach.”  Well yes, I agree with that, FOR THE RUNWAY-not real life!  All over eye shadow is NOT, in my opinion, flattering at all.  It makes me think 1980’s Cyndi Lauper and that my friends, is not a cute look (but I did love her music, just not her eye shadow at that moment in time!).

Eye shadow all the way up to the brow bone just looks plain messy.  You need to see a little bit of skin peaking through on top when doing your eye makeup please.  Am I alone in this way of thinking??  I believe if I were to show up with my eye shadow looking like this before heading out to dinner with husband, he’d ask “how’d ya get the black eye??!”

Like I said, Cyndi was cool back in the day, but her makeup was scary and it continues to be scary in 2010.  Glamour, you should be a bit more discerning in what you print next time.  Just because it’s runway worthy, doesn’t mean it’s real life worthy.  But I still love your magazine and will continue to read it;-)