I Love Shopping At Target…For Makeup And Everything Else!!

It is a given that I love makeup.  I am a makeup artist, so I guess that’s a good thing.  And since the birth of my daughter, I am finding my love of makeup to be increasing.  Lots of people ask me when they find out I have a newborn as well as two other children, “how do you have any time to put on all that makeup and look so put together??”  Simply put…I make time.

Looks like I got my hair chopped into a bob doesn’t it?? This is actually my very long hair pulled back with just my front layers hanging down.
There are lots of things women and moms make time for in order to make themselves feel better just to get through the day.  Some people splurge on manis & pedis to feel good (I hate pedis bc I am so ticklish on my feet, so no thank you), some people splurge on making time to exercise to feel good (I have two toddler boys to chase after ALL day long so I categorize this as exercise), and I make time to apply my makeup in order to feel good AND more human!!  And since I don’t get much sleep at this point and time, more concealer and makeup tricks are extremely necessary so that I don’t look like Halloween has come early.
Since I use all types of makeup, high end department store and low end drugstore brands, it was good to find a recent article on Yahoo Finance, that listed 4 things you should and shouldn’t buy at my favorite store in the world, TARGET.  And thank goodness, one of the things you SHOULD buy at Target is cosmetics.  Woo hoo!!  This was great confirmation since I’ve been buying a ton of my products from there in the past couple years.  They have the best selection of old school brands such as Revlon as well as hard to find brands like Iman (designed by the iconic supermodel Iman for women of color) and Napoleon Perdis that rival department store brands.  
Now I’m sure you’re wondering where the peacock issue comes in.  Well, my little girl was given a really cute peacock balloon romper that came from Target ironically (shown above), that I literally would wear myself if it came in my size!  I love the whole peacock design and colorings of this blue bird, so it was an inspiration for my latest look.  The eyes were my main focus here with representing the blue/teal/green coloring, and then I added hot pink cheeks and pale pink lips.  

Here’s what I used to get peacock pretty:

Eyes.  MAC’s 6 Mystick Cool eye shadow palette.  This was from Christmas, so I don’t think this is still available, but I used their “blue enchantment”-deep teal green and “deep secret”-navy blue as the two main shadows.  Eyeliner is by Too Faced, Metal Eyed Liner ($17.50) in “twilight” which is a sparkly blue.  On top of it all is MAC’s Reflects in “antique gold” which is a loose glitter that has a greenish-gold tint to it-also an older product.  But so pretty and the perfect thing to top off this look.  Mascara is L’Oreals extra volume collagen mascara in black.
Cheeks & Skin.  Napoleon Perdis colour disc in #92, which is a super hot pink eye shadow I used as a cheek color.  You can get NP at Target now;-)  Foundation is L’Oreal True Match in color N3.
Lips.  “Pinky” lip ink/stain by Palladio with MAC’s lipglass in “underage” on top.  This lipglass is a saucy white based light pink gloss that I love!
Something interesting I found on answers.com is that peacocks symbolize some of the most desired human characteristics such as glory, vision, awakening, and spirituality.  It is a reminder of the beauty we can achieve when we endeavor to show our true colors.  No wonder I find this bird so fascinating- maybe it should be JennySue’s new mascot!!