My Courtney Cox “Cougar” Look

I am only 32 years old and constantly tell myself that the 30’s are the new 20’s.  I say this because I live in a college town (The University of Georgia- rated #1 party school in America this year – um, yeah) and tend to feel a bit older than the rest of the 18-20 something sorority girls parading the city.  Especially when I’ve got two toddlers by my side and a baby attached to me 24/7.  Three children tend to age you a bit… or at least make you appear a bit older than maybe you are when you are toting all three of them around!!

My husband has called me a “cougar” in a town of “kittens” before, which he has said as a compliment.  However, I don’t exactly fall into the cougar category, because the exact definition of a cougar is an older woman dating/married to a younger man.  My hubby is two years older than me.  So Demi Moore (married to Ashton Kutcher) or Courtney Cox (married to David Arquette), I’m not.  But I appreciate the thought honey;-)  I also think cougars must be over 40, so I’ve still got a couple years left in me!!

This cougar talk leads me to the “Cougar Town” star, Courtney Cox who was recently featured on the cover and in the August issue of InStyle magazine.  And wow does she look FABULOUS at 46.  Her makeup inspired me to try to recreate her look because I loved the heavily lined eyes with the peachy pink cheeks and lips-it was the perfect balance of dark and light.

Here are the basics of how I mimic-ed Courtney’s look:

1.  Dark black liquid liner on the top lash line along with a soft black pencil along the lower lash line.  Make sure to set the liners with a similar black eye shadow color to soften the lines and for staying power.

2.  A taupey/grey eye shadow in just the crease of the eye lid.  I used Bobbi Brown’s “slate” shadow($22).  It’s the perfect neutral color.

3.  Cheeks were perfected with Nars “orgasm” blush ($25).  Is there really any other blush color choice?? Ha!  I say this bc I wear it all the time.

4.  Skin is perfected with Benefit’s High Beam complexion enhancer ($24).  I used short strokes of the highlighter along the bridge of my nose, top of cheek bones, and above the bow of the lips.  This is a subtle trick but keeps the skin from looking too matte/old by giving it a bit of youthful dewiness.

5.  Lips are simple.  I only used Victoria’s Secret Perfect Lipstick in “satin sheets” ($12) which seems like a perfect match to Courtney’s look above.  It’s a very soft pink with a touch of shimmery peach.

The thing that makes this look work on Mrs. Cox, is the great balance between the really dark lined eyes along with the barely there lips and cheeks.  And after reading the interview with this “cougar,” sounds like she is a well balanced broad too.  She touches on everything from being raised in the south and how it has influenced her manners in saying “please” and “thank you” (I’m right there with ya sister being from GA!) to admitting to using a little bit o’ Botox every now and then.  I can appreciate a Hollywood woman being up front with having some help with her looks rather than passing them off as “good genes” like so many celebs fib about.  But at 46 with a face like Courtney’s, I’d say Botox isn’t looking half bad!