I Don’t Have Time For Hair

In getting ready on a daily basis with three children to tend to, I am starting to realize I must choose between -Hair OR Makeup- obviously, makeup wins out.

Here’s me rockin a hat and a side ponytail-yes, I did bring back the side ponytail.  And do you even notice my lack of makeup with this awesome hat on?? Nope.

I have had to get creative with how not to do my hair, without looking like I don’t care about my hair.  The key to decent hair (notice I say “decent,” I’m not going to kid myself into describing it as great hair!) I’ve found is either a good hair piece or a good hat.   (Or in my case a cute kid to distract from your bad hair, example is my cutie Jack to the right!)

So in the past week, I have probably worn a hat 3/4 of the time, whether it be a baseball hat, fedora, or a straw hat, it doesn’t matter.  Hats cover dirty hair or even clean hair that hasn’t had time to be dried.  Hats make you look more “done.”

My baseball hat and my baby. But the baby is much cuter, and she has better hair:-)
Here’s Walker at the same diner with me- with that smile, he needs no hat help!

And if hats aren’t your thing, then a huge fabric covered head band (I like the ones that mimic a scarf without all the work of putting a scarf on), can be your thing.  I put my hair in a messy bun or a pony tail and then just throw on my black and white headband by Susan Daniels.  Voila, good hair-wait, decent hair!

My cutesy head band actually makes my tshirt look not soo casual!

So in a nutshell, if you have no time to do your hair, it’s really about the art of distraction.  Emphasize something else on yourself so that no one even notices what you haven’t had time for.  In addition to my head band day I also wore a nice big blingy knuckle shield ring (see below, thanks to Wet Seal) my tshirt and jeans day to make me feel a bit more put together.

And once again, a cute baby is my best accessory/distraction for a bad hair day!!!