Keys To Better Bridal Makeup

{Me at work painting faces!}

I had such a spectacular Saturday yesterday.   (The only thing that tried to ruin it was that I got a speeding ticket driving back home from a  wedding I had done-ugh.  But I cried enough after the policeman wouldn’t cut me a break that I’ve gotten it outta my system.  Onto remembering the good parts of my day;-))

The weather has finally turned to a lovable 70 degrees down here in the South and it has made a world of difference in how I enjoy the day.  I also got to drive up into the North Georgia mountains to work on a wedding for a lovely bride and her wonderful bridal party in this gorgeous weather, where it was even cooler!  I must say, I do slightly obsess about weather for my brides, because cooler temps means there is little chance of them sweating their makeup off during the day!!

My massive set up of products.

I’m going to post some pictures from my day with Beth (the bride) and her very fun and gracious group of bridesmaids. I was super pumped when I walked into the spa where I was to be doing makeup, and had this fab room with 3 huge well lit mirrors!!  I can’t tell you how many times I usually do makeup in dimly lit church parlors or hotel rooms, so this was a makeup artists dream situation;-)

In addition to wonderful lighting that helps immensely when doing someone’s makeup, I have found two new products (new to me, not new to the manufacturer) that are key to getting better skin when doing bridal makeup.  I recently ran out of my Smashbox Photo Finish primer, and had to run to the MAC counter to buy something hopefully comparable since I don’t live near a Sephora-boo- and couldn’t get my Smashbox before the wedding.  And you can’t do bridal makeup without skin primer!!

{MAC Prep + Prime products.}

The extremely helpful MAC girl introduced me to two products that would help give my brides and bridesmaids better looking skin:

1.  MAC Prep and Prime Skin ($26.50), basically a skin primer you put on to help with fine lines, wrinkles, and rednesss.
2. MAC Prep and Prime Skin Refined Zone Treatment ($19.50), basically a pore filler and creates a matte finish to the skin, good for t-zone area.  Nothing ruins a look like big nasty pores showing up!

{Skin perfection thanks to primer!}

Check out this close up of one of the bridesmaids I worked with (Jessica- you looked beautiful- thanks for letting me show this extreme close up:-)) and how pore-less her skin looks with these two products on.   I put the skin primer on top of her moisturizer then a very small amount of the pore filler on top of that before all the colored foundation products.  I used a synthetic brush to apply the pore filler in short strokes.
{Flawless finish! Yay!}

A neat fact about this wedding I worked with is that her wedding day is going to be aired on the TLC show “Say Yes To The Dress” the Atlanta version!  How cool is that??! This show chronicles the brides search for the perfect dress for their big day.

{Me and pretty bride Beth!}

So of course I was thrilled that my two new products did such an amazing job on giving Beth her most perfect skin ever for her TV close up.  This is me with the already beautiful bride-inside and out!!  Beth- I can’t wait to see your television debut and I thoroughly enjoyed working with you and all of your bridesmaids-you have a wonderful support group!

Nothing like perfect weather, a happy bride, and some good makeup to round out a Saturday!!