Not So Boring Teal Eyeshadow

So obviously I have very little free time since it’s been awhile since my last blog.  My only excuse- I have three small children to keep alive, healthy, and happy.  In that order or importance;-) Ha!

And because I am so busy with my three little ones, my makeup routine has taken a hit.  I still put on makeup of course, but it’s gone very neutral/easy- aka-boring!   Being a makeup artist, I usually take pride in stepping out of the box when it comes to my makeup and not wearing the same ho hum colors everyday. Such has been taking place lately.

Well Boring Be Gone!! Today- I took time for myself and had fun with my makeup (my hair had to take a hit, but one out of two ain’t bad right?!). I took the teal inspiration from my Target plaid shirt and applied it to my eyes! But of course since my eyes were the main focus, I kept the cheeks and lips fairly low key.  The family and I actually got out of the house to go to dinner (yes this is a big deal when you have very small children, so it was cause for dressing up my face a tad!) at one of my favorite taco joints here in town, Taqueria del Sol.  They have the best fried chicken tacos and margaritas-yummy!

This is me and my oldest at Taqueria. Teal shadow, toddlers, tacos, and tequila.  Good times!

So how’d I get this look?

  • I used my beloved Bobbi Brown Brights Palette, (which unfortunately I don’t think is available anymore, but maybe could be found on Ebay or something?) and mixed two obnoxious matte blues together- “blue denim” and “cloud blue.”
  • I applied these two blues from the lash line to right above my natural crease on my eye lid and a light sweep of color along my bottom lash line.

  • Then I applied a thin line of dark brown liquid liner (black would’ve been a bit harsh since the shadow is so shocking) to the top lid and winged it out slightly.
  • Lashes are thanks to my Diorshow Blackout- and lots of it.
  • Cheek color is by mark cosmetics Good Glowing Mosaic blush in “chica” ($7)
  • Lips are a champagne color by Estee Lauder’s High Gloss lip gloss in “honey” ($17).

Hopefully my makeup rut is now broken and I will continue to be more creative with my color choices.  I must say, I did walk with a bit more pep in my step knowing that my makeup rocked and I wasn’t just sporting boring browns and taupes. So if you find yourself in the position I did today, try a little teal eyeshadow in your life, it just might make your day;-)