The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills :: To Pink Or Not To Pink

Okay, I looove me some “The Real Housewives of …”on the Bravo channel.  And the newest edition of the city of Beverly Hills takes the cake.  I’ve only seen one episode, but it is already by far my favorite of all the cities. These women actually have lotsa lotsa ridiculous money and are so much fun to watch, which = entertaining.  This is like watching the old school “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” with Robin Leach but the reality show version with lots of rich people drama!

Adrienne Maloof, one of the Real Housewives, and her frosty pink lips!

What I have found in watching all the series of housewives, is that despite their amount of money and lovely houses, they could ALL use a little makeup artist advice.  The best advice would be to tone down the amount of makeup and lose the false lashes on the weekdays .

But the easiest advice is to lose the frosted pink lipstick ladies!!  I would say the majority of these women wore some version of  this shade of pink shown on Adrienne above.

My hand at frosty pink lipstick.

Pink lips are fun and youthful, but only as long as you HOLD the frost!!  These ladies, all mostly in their 40’s and above, are definitely taking care of themselves, ahem…Botox…but I have a better idea, lose the frosted pink lipstick bc nothing ages you more than anything “frosted.”  My mama used to have frosted hair back in the late 70’s, and I must say, her brown hair now looks a whole lot younger than that frosty did!!

It’s a great debate on what makes a women appear younger- pink lips or nude lips?? Pink does make women seem alive and happy but you can ruin the goodness of pink by adding the frosty!   So, after trying out my frosty pink lips, I also tried on some good neutral glossy lips to see which works better.

Am I right or am I right??  Neutral glossy lips TRUMP frosty pink lips.

My neutral lips were achieved with Jemma Kidd’s “muse” lipstick with Victoria’ Secret’s Brilliant Lip Shine in “charm” ($12), a wonderful champagne-like shimmer gloss, on top!  Yes, this blog might seem slightly shallow, but hopefully it was entertaining;-)

“Champagne wishes and caviar dreams” everyone!!!