October 26, 2010

Thank You Cover Girl For Your Honesty

I have been amazed lately, at the blatant dishonesty in mascara ads.  Literally every mascara ad I see in my fashion magazines or on TV, show models or spokespersons with lashes up to their eyebrows, claiming that it's the "formula" or "brush" that creates these lashes up to there.  Yeah right.

Well I wasn't born yesterday, actually born in the 70's, and I know that when I stare at those mascara ads longing for lashes like that, that it would mean I would need to invest in some FALSE lashes, NOT the mascara they are hocking.  But Cover Girl has come clean.  In their LashBlast Fusion mascara ad with the purple tube and Drew Barrymore with caterpillar like lashes, they've actually admitted to lash "help."  In teeny tiny print along Drew's shoulder, it says:

"lash inserts (aka, falsies) were applied to add lash count to Drew's lashes before applying LashBlast Fusion mascara."

Thank you Lord for the honesty!!!  Finally a manufacturer coming clean with the public and not trying to pull a fast one on us.  This kind of honestly, that I have not seen in any Rimmel London or L'Oreal ads where their mascaras make crazy eyelashes, actually makes me more likely to want to buy this product and see what it can do.

Not only did the lashes catch my eye in this ad, but Drew's beautiful makeup colors and the highlighting job they did on her face was also really nice.  Highlighting certain areas of the face makes features on a face pop and is an easy trick to pull off.  Here's my hand at getting Drew's look with plum colored eyes and neutral cheeks and lips.

Can you tell which areas of my face are highlighted?? Check the circled spots below.

Easy to see highlighted areas where circles are drawn. You can really notice the highlights on the first picture up top if you look closely.

 Main products used:
1.  My highlighting product of choice, is my pressed bronzing powder by Too Faced in Snow Bunny ($25).  I stroked this highlighter along the bridge of my nose, top of cheekbones, bow of my lips, and along my forehead for a luminous glow.
2.  Eyeshadows were by Nars in color "ondine" ($23) (placed in the crease and along the upper and lower lash line) and Stila in color "kitten" ($18) (placed from lash line to crease).
3.  Skin is thanks to Avon's Magix Cashmere Liquid Foundation ($11).
4.  Neutral lips by L'Oreal Infallible lipgloss in "barely nude" ($10)- I'm a big fan of this stay on lipgloss.  It doesn't stay 6 hours as advertised, but I give it a good 3 hours!

So here's a lesson I have learned when it comes to makeup ads- "always read the fine print." Because as the old saying goes, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is;-)  Or it's got false lashes applied to it!!


Dao said...

I think in Europe, if a mascara ad has falsies, the company has to declare it somewhere in the ad to avoid being sued for fraud. Here, it is not a requirement but I'm glad CG did it anyways. Btw, I have that mascara and it's not as good as the original LashBlast.

Sheri said...

False lashes are EVERYWHERE: red carpet, TV, movies, ads. That being said, Lashblast fusion is a mascara I ADORE.

luciyahelan said...

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