Halloween Flair

It might be the beginning of November, but I’m still getting over Halloween night!!

This my son Jack dressed as a Transformer in front of our neighbors house whose was decorated way cooler than ours!!  Jack asked if we could PLEASE have a graveyard in our yard next year.

We always have lots of friends and neighbors (with their kids of course) over to our house for the big night and have pizza, tons of candy, and goodies to snack on throughout the evening.  It’s such a joy to see what each child decides they want to dress up as and how cracked up they get at seeing each other as something other than themselves.  Now that all of our kids are growing up and starting to understand how trick or treating really works, it just gets to be more and more fun as the years progress.

The “grownups” didn’t choose to dress up this Halloween, but even though I didn’t have a specific character in mind, I definitely took the opportunity to wear a little Halloween flair that I wouldn’t wear on a normal weekday.

My flair that I added were:

1.   A pair of Revlon Fantasy lashes ($6) in “blue shadow” that were dyed blue and were super long on the outside corner pieces.  These were really easy to apply and I loved that they were an unconventional color.  I channeled the blue that my youngest son was wearing as Batman!

2.  In addition to my fake lashes, I also rocked a rather large temporary tattoo on my wrist that I got as a freebie from a Sephora.com order by Temptu adorn tattoos.  These are super realistic looking and only last like two days, but are fun if you want to try on the look of a tattoo without the commitment.

This company did the tats for Beyonce’s House of Dereon clothing line ad campaign above.  The temporary tattoos look cool and realistic, but personally I think looks so un-Beyonce-like and not very flattering on her.  There’s a lot Miss B can do, but pulling off the tons of tattoos isn’t one of them. She should leave this look to the professionals like Kat Von D!! But this company makes really beautiful designs and they’re easy to apply.  Mine didn’t come out as dark as it should bc I didn’t have any of the transfer pads left that came with the designs, so I had to use plain rubbing alcohol, but you still get the picture.

So even though I didn’t go all out, it was still fun to add a little extra fantasy to my everyday look and to see all of my friends take a second look and wonder if the lashes and tat were real!!  I like to keep people guessing every now and then.  And my sons were fascinated by both the lashes and the tattoo, so if I got their attention and approval, it was a job well done.

And of course I had to share this pic of me and my hubby (above) plus all of the kiddos together in their costumes (below) on our front porch.

The group pictures are always a good time to try and get toddlers to all sit still and smile at the same time.  If you look closely, you will notice my fearless Batman at the top right is not enjoying the group photo. This has become a running joke bc he NEVER likes group photos year after year!  His baby sister (Vivian the pink skeleton) is right next to him and oblivious to all the screaming.  Her friend Hank (the monkey to her left) is not actually falling off the couch, his mother is holding him up behind the furniture.  So NO, no children were harmed in this photo, it just looks like it!

Hope everyone had a safe and happy Halloween and now here’s looking forward to a fun “flair” filled November!!