Hooray For The Younger Middle Aged Spokeswoman!!

I apologize in advance for the lack in blogs lately (I feel like I’ve been apologizing a lot for this recently).  But with the Thanksgiving holidays around and all the traveling and school parties for my kids, it’s been a zoo around here and I’ve hardly had time to breathe, sit down, or even open a computer.  Now with turkey day over, maybe I’ve got a lull before the Christmas madness starts up!!
Heidi Klum for Ann Taylor at age 37
And like I’ve mentioned in a past blog, with this lack of time I have had a huge stack of magazines that had yet to be read.  Luckily I had a little time while at my parents house to catch up on a few of them while they ran after my kiddos instead of me.  Much to my delight while flipping through the beginning pages of my magazines I’ve been noticing a lot of ads that feature younger middle aged women (I mean 30-40’s ladies) that I can actually relate to!  
Now let me put it out there that I’m NOT one of those women that feels that magazines should only show “real” women in their ads and in their articles, and by real I mean with size 8 and up bodies with average hair and faces.  I don’t need to pay for subscriptions in order to look at people like myself- I can walk my local mall and do that.  I buy and read magazines bc I like the fantasy of looking at above average looking ladies and fabulous clothing on amazingly fit bodies- something to aspire to or at least to inspire me to do better with what God gave me.  

Before makeup products applied
Check out my average lady before and better after photos of me.  The first is sans makeup (oooh, scary!!) and then me with all the makeup and eyelashes I could slap on my face in preparation for our family Christmas photo we would be taking.

After makeup products applied- yippee!!

 I took advantage of some beauty products that helped this thirty something look like a better version of her natural self!!

So back to the middle aged spokeswomen subject- it is nice to look at women that are around my age but looking absolutely fabulous and getting some ad cred!  A few notable names I’ve seen are Julia Roberts & Kate Winslet for Lancome, Heidi Klum for Ann Taylor, and Christy Turlington for Maybelline.  All above the age of 35.  Isn’t it refreshing to not ONLY see 18 year olds in ads?

Kate Winslet for Lancome at age 35

Another common denominator that all these women have that I can relate to is that they all have children- Julia and Heidi even have 3-4 kids like me!  So just because you have children doesn’t mean you must let it all go- you CAN still be a great mom and look dang good doing it.  Now I’m not completely blind and think that these ladies look this great right when they wake up. I know they have makeup artists and photoshop on their side, but they still have something great to work with.  The fact that the cosmetic and fashion industry is taking notice and putting stock into these women by putting them out there as their spokeswomen for their brands, I say “Hooray”!!  I want to buy more of what they’re selling!!  

Christy Turlington for Maybelline at age 41!  Wow!!
Are you as proud of these companies that feature older women in their ads as I am or do you think the teens and twenties spokeswomen are more appropriate to see?