Let’s Get Physical

Remember the old school Olivia Newton John song, “Let’s get physical”??  It is so dang catchy and I’m about to take that song to heart and start working out– let’s hope working out catches on!!

This is a big deal because I am constantly working on bettering my face with all sorts of creams, lotions,  cosmetics, and color, but I very rarely take care of my body.  I do admit I’m kinda lucky bc I got some good metabolism genes from my folks, but I’m what you call “skinny fat”!  I am thin, but have ZERO muscle tone, and I’m ready to change that.  My energy level is also at an all time low, so after having three babies, it’s about time this mama started focusing on more than just her face!!  I need to exercise to be able to keep up with my three little angels and not run out of steam after 5 minutes of pushing them on the swings- yeh, pathetic.

These are my “guns.”  Impressive, no?!!

Tony- creator of P90X- very impressive guns!!

So I am going to make you all hold me accountable for my new workout routine.  I figure if I post this on my blog, there is NO WAY I am going to quit!!  I am starting the mega total body workout routine, P90X.  It’s 90 days worth of hard core workouts I can do in my home (plus!! ding ding, I have no time to go to the gym right now) and each dvd works out every single inch of my body.  I’m on day 5 right now and can barely move, but I’m sure this will get easier…I keep telling myself that to believe it.
The personal trainer, Tony Horton is about as ripped as you can get (as if you need any more motivation than looking at this guys body!).  And after seeing all of the before and afters on the BeachBody website of real people that stuck to the 6 day a week workout (you get one day off) it’s about as inspirational as you can get.

If you are all lucky,ha!, after 90 days of doing this, I will post my before and after pics! But in the meantime, have any of you tried P90X or any other at home workouts that have changed your body for the better??  Here’s to gettin’ physical and hearin’ my body talk- or scream!!!