White Hot Winter Makeup

Me in my winter finest on the way to the football game!!  Man was it cold.

It is now finally starting to feel like winter down here in the South!!  And what made it feel even more like winter, was that fact that this past weekend I got to go to my first (and probably last) University of Georgia football game of the year.  There’s nothing like bundling up for an SEC football game and sitting out in the bleachers watching your team win a huge rival football game!  Although, about 15 degrees warmer might have been nice;-)

Well I’ve been experimenting with colors that look like a winter wonderland (I’m really tired of my typical brown and taupe’s on the eyes and neutral mouth), but that don’t make me look washed out.  And the key to looking hot in the winter months, is to play with the color WHITE.

The look I was going for here is more “ice princess” than say, “frosty the snowman.” A tad bit of white, but not a face full.

Here’s how I got my icy look:

Eyes:  My main ingredient here was Kat Von D’s eye palette in True Love ($34), and I used one color from it called “missy” which is a white-ish shadow with a hint of lilac undertone.  I also drew a thin line of mark cosmetics metalliner in silver along the top lashes and then coated over that with the “missy” shadow.  I also put just the shadow along my lower lashes, no liquid liner.  A random pinkish-mauve shadow was placed in the crease to break it all up.  And of course, lots of black mascara- this is L’Oreal Voluminous.

Cheeks:  *Great tip alert* If you notice the picture above with my cheeks showing, you can tell that the upper part of my cheekbone is slightly glowing.  That’s because on top of my Nars “Mata Hari” cheek color, I applied a bit of the white lipgloss (mentioned below, yes I’m jumping ahead of myself!) above my cheek color to give a dewy youthful appearance!  I really like the slightly frosty look the lipgloss created on my cheekbones.  But beware, I have super dry skin so I didn’t end up looking greasy, so if you have oily skin, this might not be such a great tip for you.

Lips:  I used an old Lancome lipstick color, Chrystal Amythest, which is a pink color with a slight lilac undertone that went nicely with the eyemakeup.  And then I topped it off with a shimmery white lipgloss, Crystal Candy Tasty Lip Jewels ($8) (from Bath & Body Works) which was also applied on top of my cheekbones as explained above.  Don’t cha just love the jewel top on it??

* I was just made aware by a twitter gal that I follow (thanks Ally!) that Chanel is coming out with a killer white-based nail polish called “Riva” and it’s certain to be the new hot color for winter!!
You know when Chanel comes out with a new color it’s always the hottest commodity for whatever season and usually impossible to get.  But the link I have above is to Nylon magazine’s website and tells you how to create your own Riva at-home knockoff!*

All of this icy look was inspired by my tee shirt- yup, might seem nerdy, but I find inspiration in anything!!  It’s an Old Navy holiday special from last year, but I loved the sweet little reindeer with the sparkles that says “fa-la-la-la-la” so I had to keep it around.

I cooled my look off with the color white- what colors or products are you using to create your winter face??  And if you haven’t already done so, follow me on Twitter and Facebook- you’re bound to find out some interesting info from this obsessive makeup lover and insanely busy mom of 3 under 5!