January 30, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me

It's my birthday today! Woo Hoo! The weather is dark, gloomy, cold and rainy, but I'm not going to let it get me down, no way! This is the "Happy Birthday" sign we put up above our mantle for every family member's big day. My oldest son Jack just loves it when we can hang this up! It was a tradition passed down from my husband's mom and dad (there you go Tom!) who used to put up the same type sign up for him and his sister when they were kids.

I figured it would be interesting to look up what the traditional traits are for Aquarius, my zodiac sign. Here's what astrology-online has to say:

Friendly and humanitarian
Honest and loyal
Original and inventive
Independent and intellectual

I would have to say I mostly agree with these traits for myself and hopefully most of my friends and family would say so too. It also says my starstone is the turquoise, which I absolutely love to wear! Here are some famous and fabulous Aquarians I share my birthday month with:

  • Zsa Zsa Gabor
  • Oprah Winfrey
  • Christian Dior
  • John Travolta
  • Justin Timberlake
  • Jennifer Aniston

Of course it's been a very makeup birthday so thought I'd share a few of the products that I received this day:

1. Too Faced Shadow Insurance ($17). I eat this stuff for breakfast- no not really, but I can't start my day/face without it.

2. Stila's Kajal eyeliner in Topaz ($18). Another product I use consistently so I'm always in need of a new pencil.

3. Urban Decay's 24/7 glide on lip pencil in Naked ($17). I requested this for my bday because I had read great things about the product and color. I have it on in my birthday pictures but it's slightly worn off from all of the eating and cake!

4. Revlon's eyeshadow in color Peacock ($5). I saw a Revlon ad for this color on actress Jessica Biel (and fellow aquarian Justin Timberlake's girlfriend!) and it looked beautiful so I'm going to see if it makes me just as pretty!

Here is a cool shot we took of our table after our wonderfully delicious dinner at Last Resort in Athens (one of my all time favorite places to eat and dine!). I love the glow of the light from the candle on our yummy cake- there's nothing as special as making that one birthday wish before blowing out the flame!

Happy Birthday to all my fellow Aquarians! My dad (that's the handsome guy next to me above!) is also an aquarius and had his birthday just 5 days before mine, and my mom's was the day before, so we had a lot of b-days to celebrate! I have a feeling this is going to be a good year. I know I have some exciting things in the works which I will share with everyone in blogs to come, but for now a girl can't reveal all her secrets...

January 28, 2010

JennySue Makeup Predicts ABC's "Ugly Betty's" Future!

Okay, I am not one to gloat, but I accurately predicted the show "Ugly Betty's" future, and it's not so bright. I am a soothsayer!!

I wish I could say that it was something positive for the show I "used" to love, but it looks like after 4 seasons, ABC is pulling the plug. Check out my previous post from January 14th, Not So Ugly Betty, to see what JennySue Makeup had to say about the show's image of Betty this season, and why I called that this might be the end of Betty's career. Here's the news coming from Eonline.com just a day ago about ABC cancelling the show.

No real reason was given, but I think I have a good idea why ratings plummeted. This is probably one of the rare times a good makeover got a not so good reaction.

January 25, 2010

Viva Las Vegas Finale!

We (me and my girl, Laney) went to see the amazing show at the Wynn called Le Reve. It was a spectacular show that had acrobats flying through the air and jumping and diving into the water. The sets were unbelievable and mesmerizing. I couldn't keep my eyes off the performers and it was the quickest hour and a half of my life. Totally worth the ticket price- many thanks to Lee!

I got to enjoy walking through the high end stores at the Wynn and Encore hotels and dreaming of what I would looove to buy if I hit it big on the roulette wheel (which I didn't! but had fun

trying). I came across the most gorgeous yellow diamond ring in the Cartier window-shown to the right. It had to be atleast 4 carats. But, since I did not win the big money, I went a little more thrifty and walked over the Forever 21 store at the Fashion Show Mall and got myself a $5 yellow amberlike knuckle ring (shown below)! I feel pretty cool in this thing- Rihanna like!

Our last full night in Vegas consisted of going to club Blush to see Jay Sean live! He only sang like two songs, but it was super fun and exciting and there was so much energy in the club. I had to go because my almost 4 year old loves Jay Sean and thought I was the coolest that I got to see him live. This is me and Laney again with one of the bouncers from Blush- I think his name was Greg, he was cool.

This is a me and Laney close up because I thought I needed to throw in a little makeup tip. The lashes I wore that night were by Revlon, their Fantasy Lash ($4) glue on line, and stayed put the whole night!

And this is me and Scott getting one last yummy meal in before we headed out on our red eye flight back to Atlanta. I was worn slap out and wearing a black track suit, but managed to put on some red glossy lipstick which perked up my look, I think?!

And to top things off, a random inclusion. The sparkly shiny silvery pair of Christian Louboutins that I salivated over. Who knew a pair of shoes could make a girl smile so big?!

I might not can afford these right now, okay, definitely can't afford these right now, but a girl can dream right?? You have nothing if you can't dream. The Louboutin sky is the limit! Check out his website- it's one of the more entertaining shoe websites I've ever visited. He is a marketing genius. And no, I did not find a cheaper version of these;-)

Now that Vegas is officially over, it's back to informative makeup blogging! I am ready to get back into the makeup reviews and tips and tricks!

January 21, 2010

Viva Las Vegas Baby Continued

So obviously my Vegas trip was a lot more fun and a lot busier than I had expected because I am just now putting up the rest of photos from my travels... and I am already back home! It has been a verrrry long day and a half that has ended with a red eye flight and picking up my kiddos and getting back into the swing of things.

I adore vacations, but I also adore being back in the comforts of my own home where things are a bit more low key;-) So this blog will not include ALL of my pics, but a few along the way because I'm just too tired for words. But it is a joy living through these fun photos again and the finale ones will soon follow.

These next two are action shots of me using my girlfriend's newest rotating hair tool called the "Instyler." If I could be a spokesperson for the genius hair tool, I would! I'm going to have to buy one because it changed my life during this trip and gave me the best hair with the best staying power.

I mean check out this curl that happened within seconds on dry dirty hair?!! Amazing.

This is me and my husband Scott at dinner right before my trip to club XS. Isn't this a cute couple picture?!

Me and my girlfriend Laney at club XS enjoying our waaay too expensive martini's. But hey, it was a good time and great dancing. We made the LasVegas weekly website under the nightlife area, so click on their link to check us out! We're Famous, ha!

This is a shot of some of the splendor at the breakfast buffet inside the Wynn Hotel and Casino we were staying at. To say the decor was amazing would be an understatement.

Vacation finale pictures will follow later after I catch up on some sleep...zzzzzzzz.

January 17, 2010

Viva Las Vegas Baby

I am west coast bound with my hubby and some of our best friends for a trip to the ultimate adult playground, Las Vegas, Nevada!!

I've been to Vegas quite a few times and it's the best place to get away for just a few days of fun that you can have around the clock. I like visiting here because I know I won't be gone away from my kiddos for long because if you stay in Vegas too long- the casinos TAKE all your money and the wonderful restaurants GIVE you a gut !! No matter how smart you play or dine;-)

We are headed to have some fun but to also participate in the International Home Builders Show that our buddies at Contractor Living are showing a booth at. Here's a quick looksy at what I've been doing in route to sin city:

~ Killing time at the airport bar with my BFF, Laney. We don't look excited at all to be starting our trip do we??! Wink wink.

~ My Scott looking not-so thrilled that the airport newsstand wanted 30 bucks for a book he knew he could get on Amazon for $15!!

~ Catching up on my celebrity gossip by reading tons of People magazines that my sweet mom-in-law hooked me up with. I gave her two children to take care of, she took care of me by handing over lots of magazines to get me through the 4 hour flight.

This should be an awesome trip and a well needed break. I will be documenting our travels and OF COURSE some fabulous makeup tips. Since it is Vegas, home of the showgirls, I can do it up with my makeup and not look out of place. Anything goes in this city, and I love that! Complete creative freedom to dress up to the nines!

January 14, 2010

Not So Ugly Betty

Last night was the ABC premiere of "Ugly Betty" and in this new year, the title of the show did not ring as true as in the past.

If you're not familiar with the show, it's basically about a young dowdy looking girl, Betty, who somehow scores a job at a high end fashion magazine house called Mode. She should be the most unlikely female to work at this fashion house considering she has green braces, bad hair, is slightly overweight (by fashion magazine standards, not mine), and really bad personal fashion. This image of Betty makes this scenario really comical that she actually works at Mode and fun to watch.

However, this year, Betty ain't so ugly anymore. Check out the comparison pictures of the new improved 2010 Betty (up top), then the old school 2007 Betty (below).

They have chosen to glamorize Betty a bit more, which in turn made me lose interest because I actually fell asleep watching it last night! Betty has lost quite a bit of weight (good for actress America Ferrera, bad for character), has lovely straight and glossy hair, her makeup was pretty perfect, and those trademark bushy unruly eyebrows are waxed to perfection!! The only thing left t0 make her original character believable was the braces and the bad fashion. But now that she is thinner, the bad fashion almost looks kinda cool and original!!

Not that I'm against people making changes in themselves for the better, but for this certain character, she is NOT as believable in her role, and I don't feel as sorry and compassionate

for her as I did in the past. With all the wonderful and talented makeup artists and stylists in the TV biz, you'd think someone could at least slap on some bushy eyebrows and some extra padding in her wardrobe to make her look like the "ugly" Betty that made the character so lovable and interesting!! I just hope this makeover doesn't cause Betty to lose her job. Remember when Keri Russell's main character in Felicity on the WB cut her trademark long curly hair off?? This chop job caused people stop watching the show all together which eventually led to it's cancellation! It just shows you that in TV land, unfortunately, image is everything, and people don't really take to change very well.

Do you have any fave TV characters that had makeovers that you didn't agree with?

January 11, 2010

Go Green... On Your Eyelids!

Dark green shadow is one of my favorite colors to use on every eye color. Now when I say green, I'm talking more on the olive-y brown side- NOT a shamrock luck-o-the Irish green!

I figured I would show you my easy, "go green" look and the products it took to create it. It was super simple but produced fabulous results. No boring neutrals here! Here are the four things you need to get this smokey green look in order of importance:

1. Too Faced Shadow Insurance ($17). Don't do your eye makeup without it. This lid primer goes all over your lid.

2. Matte ivory or any neutral eyelid colored eyeshadow. I used a matte ivory by Lancome in Daylight ($17) from the top of the crease to the brow bone.

3. Rimmel London's Spark It Up ($5) eyeliner in color Peridot. This soft liner has bits of gleaming shimmer in the most perfect subtle color dark green. Line the upper and lower lash line with this color, even the inside lower rim. (This is the dark green line on the left hand side of my arm)

4. MAC eyeshadow in color "Club." ($14.50)(This is the swipe of color on the right side of the liner) Take this dark greenish, red-brownish, graphite like color and sweep if from liner to crease then smoke out the lower lash line as well, going over all the eyeliner to blur it.

Voila! You've gone green, it was really easy, and you actually made the world a more beautiful place to live and look at.

January 9, 2010

Beauty Is Only Skin Deep

As much as I talk about cosmetics and beauty products that are designed to make us beautiful on the OUTSIDE, I was just recently made aware that maybe I need to check myself and ask, "what am I doing to make my INSIDE more beautiful??" Am I living my life in a way that projects kindness and caring to my family, friends, or even complete strangers?

I like to watch the show 20/20 every now and then, and last night was truly touched by the story done about a London woman named Katie Piper who shows what it means to be beautiful on the inside (the "side" that truly matters!) when the outside beauty is taken away.

To condense this story as much as possible, Katie was a stunning, blonde, 25 year old (before picture above) who modeled for magazines/catalogs and had been on multiple tv programs as a presenter. She had aspirations to continue being in the media. Until one day all that outside beauty was taken away by her deranged boyfriend. He had hired someone to throw flesh eating acid on her, which basically disfigured her whole face. The acid ate away at her facial features, and changed her life forever. The 20/20 episode documented the progress Katie had made from right when the attack happened all the way through her 18 month rehabilitation (and continuing) and what it was like to go from being almost beauty queen like, to having strangers stare at her for other reasons.

After not feeling comfortable leaving her home for 18 months, she finally did and is starting to be able to live her life again after enduring over 30 surgeries. Although her face will NEVER be the same - she has stated that she realizes how superficial her life was before the incident because sometimes she wouldn't want to go out if she had a zit on her face! Now she only wishes she had zits to deal with, but that this physical change in her life has made her a "better person" on the inside. This woman's courage to make it through all those multiple surgeries, fighting to put her attacker and ex-boyfriend in jail, and continuing to pursue her dreams of a family and work is extremely inspirational. It shows that true beauty is only skin deep and that a persons self worth cannot be measured by their appearance.

Take a step back today and reflect on all that you have to be thankful for. I know from now on when I have a pity party that I'm having a bad hair day, or a bad skin day, I'll remind myself of Katie's story. I should be thankful for what God has given me, and if I project kindness and confidence, no one will notice my "bad" days.

January 7, 2010

JennySue Makeup Product Review :: Tarte Embrightenmint Teeth Whitener & Tarte t5 Super Fruit Lipgloss

I am a big fan of white teeth. I am slightly obsessed with keeping mine white since I'm also a big fan of coffee and diet soft drinks, which equal, not so white teeth! I use Crest White strips every now and then but they make my teeth really sensitive so I end up not using the whole pack therefore not getting the full whitening effect!

So for Christmas, my hubby bought me a product from Tarte cosmetics, called the Enbrightenmint Pen ($26), which is a duo stick of the teeth whitener Brite Smile, on one side and shiny pale red gloss on the other side. He obviously knows how much I obsess over keeping my teeth as white as possible and over lipgloss, so this was a good choice on his part...how'd I get so lucky with a guy who knows me so well??

The picture up top shows the actual pen and the pic below is of my smile after about 6 uses over a span of 3 days(I applied it about 3 times a day). Now I know I didn't give you a before picture of what my smile was pre-Enbrightenmint pen, so take the color of my teeth for what it's worth and NO I don't own photoshop so this is straight up off my digital camera. No smoke and mirrors:-)

Here are the "bright" spots and "stained" spots about this products:

Bright Spots.

1. On the go teeth whitening option. Since I don't love wearing the white strips for 30 minutes a day, I can just slap some of this on while I'm in the car at the drive-thru or heading into school to pick up my kids.

2. No Mess. Since the teeth whitener dissolves, you don't have to worry about messing up your freshly applied lip gloss by taking off strips.

3. Pretty gloss color. This product only comes in one color, called Radiant Red, although I would describe it more as a sheer and super shiny berry red. Nothing says white teeth like a pretty berry mouth (one of the more complimentary lip colors for yellowed teeth). It is slightly sticky, but I don't take that as a con, bc lip gloss is generally not like wearing lipstick. I expect sticky and deal bc it looks good and shiny.

4. Good for you ingredients. Of course Tarte is known for their natural products, and the gloss is comprised of their super fruit complex which contains ingredients like acai, goji berry, and pomegranate to name a few. Tarte claims these have anti-aging and skin restorative properties about them, so why not!!

Stained Spots.

1. Pricey. I know whitening teeth is pretty expensive, but I feel $26 bucks is a little over the top since this whitener probably won't last very long. But again, my hubby paid for it, so maybe I shouldn't be complaining about the price;-)

2. Difficult to get product out. I literally thought he'd gotten me a bum product bc I couldn't get the product out! But after a lot of clicks and patience, both the color and the whitener came out after about 15 clicks each. I was kinda confused as to how to get each product out bc it has a center dial that you push up and click for one product, then push down the dial for the other one, so it was kind of frustrating. And I find myself to be a pretty bright female.

So all in all, I think it's a smart idea to do a dual pen with brightening properties all around. Because a woman's smile is one of her best accessories right??

Speaking of smiles, I also had to include a photo from my girls dinner last night at a yummy sushi restaurant in town called Utage. This is our monthly supper club girly get-together with some of my best-est friends, and this one just happened to be celebrating my birthday this month! Let's just say I'll be a couple years over 30 this year;-) We were missing one of our regulars (A we missed you terribly-I need my other brunette chick with me!) but other than her not being there, it was a good time had by all. We are all mommies of little ones, so this is a much needed break every month that we each look forward to! I've always heard it take less face muscles to smile than to frown, so smile at someone today:-) It will brighten your day and theirs.

January 5, 2010

It's Been One Of Those Minimal Makeup Days

Okay, so I'm realizing more and more that you (my loyal readers!) enjoy my more personal blogs. So here ya go, some before and after makeup photos!

Obviously my life not only consists of dealing with beauty products, trends, product reviews, how to's, and such, but it is much more complicated than that. Like all of us females, we deal with a variety of issues in work and life in general. My life includes my mommy duties (challenging moments and wonderful precious moments!), wifely duties (please don't take that the wrong way!), house cleaner, cook, doctor, problem solver, good friend (hopefully!) and makeup artist (my side job after all this is in place!).

Today was one of those days where makeup took 2nd, maybe 3rd place to all that went on while dealing with my sweet little angels. I figured I would share what I look like after a days work of being a stay at home mommy: going to the gym-(NOT a New Years resolution bc I don't like setting myself up for failure;-)), sitting through an excruciating visit to the barber shop to get my littlest one's haircut (he screamed the entire time, exhausting for us both), and trying to pull down all the fire alarms in my house bc they wouldn't stop going off...during nap time mind you!! Shoo wee, it was a trying day.

Notice the picture up at the very top which is of me and sweet calm baby Walker with tons of makeup on- isn't makeup a miracle worker as well as a good photographer (thanks to Abbey of Dylan Blue Photography)?? And then see this pic right above which is after today's events and tantrums! Notice W's new haircut, I couldn't believe the skills Susan at Mr. Haircut (in downtown Athens) had to actually get this hairdo after all his flailing and antics! She's amazing.

I literally only had time to put on my Clinique long wear lip gloss in "guavagold" ($14), mascara, and Tarte cheek stain in "tipsy" ($30) bc my skin is so dried out I need to wear cream blush instead of powder ones. But I survived the day and after it's all said and done, nothing cures a bad day like a sweet genuine smile and hug from my boys. "Hang in there" and "Don't sweat the small stuff, because it's all small stuff" were my two mottos for the day!

January 3, 2010

Smell Pretty Cocktail Rings

I love smelling good and trying out new fragrances on myself. Putting on my perfume is just as important for my finished look as putting on my shoes or lip gloss before I head out the door! Santa brought me the Sephora perfume set of 10 of their top selling mini fragrances and it's been really fun to try on a new scent every day or so!

Recently a lot of popular selling perfumes are being transformed into unconventional but pretty ways. The latest and hippest way to wear your solid fragrance is in a hidden ring form! Here are some good smelling cocktail ring options to dress up your fingers:

1. Marc Jacobs Lola perfume ring ($42). This new playful but sexy fragrance by Mr. Jacobs has become a huge hit with it's notes of vanilla, ruby red grapefruit, and geranium in a colorful flower ring that mimics the top of the original perfume bottle (shown above).

2. Michael Kors Very Hollywood ($40). I love the way this new scent by MK smells, and it definitely smells very glamorous and Hollywood! It's got notes of mandarin and gardenia and the ring truly embodies a cocktail ring with a huge squared rose colored stone atop it's thick gold ring.

3. Kat Von D solid perfume ring ($30). This ring is super big almost weapon-like, but a very cool and Gothic looking filigree flower drawn up by tattoo artist Kat herself. This ring allows you to try out both her sinner and saint scents at the same time which is a bonus!

Channel your inner Rachel Zoe, shown above, (she's always wearing huge jewelry and rings bigger than herself!) by wearing these big obnoxious costume rings. She doesn't have a fragrance that I know of yet, but I love how she's always wearing chunky jewelry so she was an inspiration for this blog. Keep in mind most of these rings come in only one size (typically a size 7 ring from what I've seen) and are pretty big and obnoxious, but hey, go big or go home right??

January 1, 2010

Better Lashes In 2010

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! What a wonderful year 2009 was, but now that the first day of 2010 is here, I am thankful to be starting another year filled with endless possibilities. Each day is obviously a gift and we should all take full advantage of each precious day.

Before I get into the lash talk, I just had to share this hilariously cute photo of my good friend's little girl Merrin, in her New Years gear! Doesn't she look thrilled to be partying with me?? This New Years was filled

with close friends and their sweet children who all gathered at my house and partied until they all broke down and it was time for bed (mainly children, but some parents;-)). No one made it to midnight, but we had fun while it lasted. Even though the years of big, fancy, wild, and rocking New Years parties are a thing of the past- I am so thankful I have a reason to stay at home with my two wonderful boys (and hubby!) and plenty of truly good friends.

Okay enough inspirational talk, onto makeup idea and tips to share for 2010!!

I took a couple pictures of the supplies I recently used to create mega lashes with a simple eyeshadow look. I never go outdoors without at least mascara and lip gloss on, so this time I wanted to see how fat I could make my lashes look with a few new products I got for Christmas. Here's a picture of all the products I used to create this lash look.

From left to right:

1. Stila eyeshadow pan in Kitten ($18), my all time fave champagne color with just enough shimmer to give an instant bright eyed look without any other color needed.

2. Shu Uemura eyelash curler ($19), the only eyelash curly I will ever use. It's now available in 24K gold for 24 bucks if you want the ultimate glamour tool. I might have to buy a second one just to feel fancy;-)

3. & 4. Lancome's Cils Booster XL ($22) plus Lancome's Hypnose ($24) mascara in black. I didn't think lash primers truly made a difference, until I used this small sample in addition to my mascara. It literally made my lashes look like I had a thin line of eyeliner on bc it made the bases of my lashes look so thick!!

5. Lastly, Sonia Kashuk's Lash and Brow groomer ($8). This eyelash comb is the best because it's got steel teeth (as opposed to plastic ones) which truly separate clumpy lashes better. But beware- you could totally blind yourself with this sharp object if you're not careful because they are super sharp!

Like I always tell clients and friends- the quickest way to have wide awake eyes is to use a slightly shimmery neutral color shadow from lash line to crease and in the tear duct, and then apply loads-o- mascara! No liner or multiple shadow colors needed.

Hope you had a fun and festive New Years and I look forward to our beauty filled 2010 together!