May 30, 2010

3 Makeup Tips To Look Better In Pictures

My family and I have been super busy this Memorial weekend driving down to visit my parents and letting the kids get in their grandparent time! While we were there, we decided to get a family picture made which is always a lot of preparation (makeup, hair, coordinating outfits, effort to get your kids to cooperate and smile!), for a very short amount of time to get the perfect shot!!

I took a couple quick pics with my cell phone while in the car on the way to get our photos made of my makeup and hair. Which by the way, that hour of preparation, was for a 5 minute photo shoot because we did them outdoors and it was freak monsoon-ing outside, and we had a very limited window before it started raining on us again!!

Here are a few quick tips for products I used to take a better picture:

1. It's all about accentuating your features so they show up on camera, so false lashes were a must. I used a pair of Revlon Fantasy Lashes #500 ($5) to make my eyes pop. I layered on lots of mascara after curling my own lashes and then applied these lashes last after all my other makeup was done. I believe lashes make a huge impact and are an easy way to get a glamorous look. Check out my peepers to the right!

2. Use a foundation with a low SPF so that the camera flash doesn't wash you out. The ingredient titanium dioxide found in SPF is what causes this extra whiteness when the flashbulb hits you- don't you ever wonder why we always look so pale in beach pictures if you're wearing sunscreen?? Now ya know it's the SPF causing it-but not a reason to go sans SPF by any means though! Also, I layer on a bit more bronzer than usual to also counteract paleness.

3. A lipstick or lipgloss with a hint of pink creates a mouth that shows up nicely. Browns are too dull and reds are typically too dark and age you. Pinks and peaches are a much more youthful look. I am wearing L'Oreal's Infallible lipgloss in "Fiery" ($9) which is a rosy color with a bit of gold in it.

Oh, and I got a new hair color the night before that was straight out of a box! I switched things up and tried Clairol's Nice 'n Easy hair color in "natural soft black" ($8), box above, and am pretty happy with the results. Does my hair look like the pretty girls' on the box??! This box comes with the popular NicenEasy ColorSeal weekly conditioning gloss that is even sold separately and has been around for quite awhile.

These are just a few quick, but easy tips for the perfect picture that anyone can implement!

May 27, 2010

JennySue Makeup Product Review :: Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Nailpolish

Right off the bat, this Sally Hansen nail polish is NOT worth the money. Even though it's cheap, I'd still save the $5 and go buy yourself a Subway for lunch (you know the jingle, "$5 foot loooonnng"!)...HA!!

  • Yes, this "Insta-Dri" does dry super fast. It dries completely in almost 3 minutes to where you can go along with your daily life.
  • Yes, it only required one coat, as promised in the ad.
  • However, your manicure lasts for maybe a whole day. I don't know what or why this formula starts chipping on the tips so quickly, but it's annoying.

This is the second color I have bought ("rapid red" shown in picture) because I thought maybe I just got a bad batch the first go around, but I was wrong (the first color was "pronto purple"). This picture shows the second day I had worn this color, and I already had to apply a second coat to cover the chipping tips. I did have on a base coat also that should've helped keep this color on, but it didn't. So long story short, spend your 5 bucks on another quick dry polish. I find that Rimmel London's 60 Second nail polish ($4) dries just as quickly, and atleast lasts a couple days instead of one!

On another quick note, you all know how much I love the Budget Babe website which follows celebrity trends and then shows you cheaper alternatives to mimic their looks and fashion.

So just yesterday they highlighted the Vita Fede's double wrap bracelet ($55, above) that is worn by the likes of Halle Berry and hottest girl of the year (according to Maxim magazine), Miss Katy Perry! And what do you know, I just bought a verrry similar type wrap bracelet with studs last week from Macy's for $14! ( I had a 20% off coupon I used also).

This was a Macy's brand accessory and is more of a triple band than a double band, so you get even more for your money! Mine are on black leather with silver studs, so no color, but I wear lots of black anyway so they go with everything. Just had to share this great find and Macy's is loaded with great inexpensive accessory options right now. So use the $5 bucks you would've spent on that Sally Hansen and apply it to a new bracelet that will last longer!

May 24, 2010

Fuschia Lips :: Something To Smile About!

Today, I have had two things to smile about:

1. The most important one. My four year old made it through his first dental filling and crown without even so much of a whimper! He was super brave beyond belief. I balled like a baby while watching them put a laughing gas mask on MY baby and various other appliances in his tiny mouth to fix his cavities, yet he giggled and laughed at the Disney Pixar Cars movie they were showing right above his head the whole time! If you live in the Athens area, and your child needs to see a pediatric dentist, I HIGHLY recommend Athens Dentistry For Children and see Dr. Michelle Harmon. The staff was beyond friendly, to me and my son, and made me feel right at ease for this whole process. He even got to pick from the "prize table" after he was done and walked out of the office with a balloon, Cars tattoo (fake of course), two prizes, and a sticker. The pic up top shows how happy AND relieved I was it was all over, and his slightly sleepy eyes and gauze in his mouth show a relaxed/laughing gas feeling...HA!

2. Second one. I bought a new bright, verrrry bright, fuschia lipstick. The new Revlon Colorburst Lipstick formula (you know the ads with Jessica Alba in them?) in color "fuschia" ($8) that promised to give drugstore brand lipstick a department store feel.

I had been so nervous about this day of taking my son to get his cavity filled, that I had to do something to pump myself up, so it called for trying out the brightest cheeriest lipstick possible! This cute matte black quilted Revlon tube did seem a bit cooler than other drugstore brands, and the formula was very rich and vibrant as promised.

  • In the April edition of Marie Claire magazine, there was an article entitled "25 new products that will change your life" and this fuschia Revlon lipstick was one of them. Now I don't know if I'd go as far as it has changed my life...but it definitely put me in a good mood and went on smoothly and looked vibrant!
  • Tip for wearing such a shocking color: Keep the rest of your makeup super simple so that your makeup doesn't compete with the fuschia! I had on just champagne eyeshadow with dark brown liquid liner and bronzer.
  • Fuschia lips are all the rage in Hollywood too- just check out cutesy Ashley Greene this year in her bright lipstick. Her color looks extremely similar to my new tube! It's very Rihanna-ish also!

I do plan on purchasing another more muted color in this Revlon formula because I like how smooth it went on (it's not a long lasting formula by any means, but it doesn't claim too either) and the whole feel of this lipstick.

I hope you have something as simple to rejoice in and smile about today as I did!!

May 21, 2010

How I Stay Cute When It Rains

I probably should be a California girl, because I really have no love for rainy weather. And boy have we gotten some wet stuff today here in Georgia!! I know there are positives to rain like it washes away yucky pollen and gets things growing (and I do love some lush green grass and pretty flowers!), but it still annoys me. It keeps me from wanting to get out of the house to run my errands, my two kids can't play outside for obvious reasons unless I want to clean up mud off my carpet for days, and it gives me a bad hair day!! Ugh.

HOWEVER, after all of my complaining, I do have a few things that lift my spirits when it downpours:

1. My Marc by Marc Jacobs camouflage umbrella. This was a Christmas gift from my sweet mom-in-law (who knows my taste verrry well!), and I can't believe how fashionable I feel when I get the chance to open it up! And it doesn't even require me to figure out what outfit to throw on to feel that easy of an accessory is that?? I love the obnoxious lime green lettering that says the obvious...UMBRELLA. Marc is so clever with his logos, think graffiti Louis Vuitton. And it's really compact when it folds up, so it travels easily with me.

2. Big braid headband. This is my new go-to hair-do for when it rains or just when my hair isn't cooperating in general. I got this idea from a recent Glamour magazine tutorial. I just divide my hair down the middle, then make two ponytails right above my ears, secure them with dark elastics, braid each one all the way down, secure with same thin elastics again. Then take each one and wrap/overlap them on top of one another onto the top of my head (tuck ends of each under the braid of the other ponytail) and secure with bobby pins. My own hair looks like a headband and once it's up, it doesn't budge in the pesky rain!! And, my husband ACTUALLY complimented me when I wore my hair like this and told me I was "cute." That's worth it raining everyday right there!!

3. My bright red rain boots. I got these from Target online, the Zetta tall boots, for $20, and I loooove it when I get the chance to wear them. The solid red pretty much goes with anything I have on and adds a punch of color to a boring outfit. And the fact that they are really tall, makes them more functional (you can handle tons of deep puddles!) and more exciting- I get lots of compliments when I wear them. They may not be Louboutins, but they're sassy and red and a heck of a lot cheaper!!

So yes, maybe the rain does have its perks and I need to have a better attitude when the clouds decide to cry. Maybe those clouds are crying tears of joy, because I'm getting to strap on my bright by boots, wrap my hair, and open up my high end umbrella! Oh Joy!!

May 18, 2010

How To Make Your New Shoes (Cheap or Expensive!) Feel More Comfortable

When it comes to material things, if makeup is my first love, SHOES would have to be my second love. Shoes are such a fun and easy way to accessorize any outfit...kind of like a different shade of lipstick or gloss can do!!

I am a sucker for inexpensive shoes and pricey shoes- I don't discriminate, whatever makes my feet look the best!! However, not necessarily feel the best. So I recently bought a pair of realllly cute but really cheap ecru colored sandals at my local TJ Maxx, (they always have the greatest shoe finds for cheap if you have time to look around) how cheap?? Try $14.

However, they FELT like $14 because there was basically no sole to them and felt like I was walking barefoot on the ground.

But no worries, I found a way to correct that little problem, and make these super cute flower-like sandals feel like I paid $50 for them. Foot Petals to the rescue!! If you haven't discovered these foot cushion products, then I'm here to enlighten you. I purchased a pair of the "killer kushionz" ($12) from Stein Mart which are skinny 3/4 pads that stick nicely into the sole of the sandal creating a nice cushiony feel for those pesky cheap flat shoes.

They are ever so thin and skinny, so even with high arches like I have, they are barely noticeable (check picture above). And these Foot Petals now come in all sorts of colors and prints and sizes and shapes...every fit you could ever want!! Just browse through their website, it's actually really cute for such a boring product that actually make your feet smile;-)

And one last interesting tidbit about accessories since we're on a roll. In my latest June InStyle magazine I found a piece of pricey jewelry featured that looks extremely similar to one I already own and blogged about, that I DID NOT pay as much for!

Check out the similarities between these 18kt gold rings worn by actress Zoe Saldana (I took a picture of a picture in my magazine, so might be a bit difficult to see) that retails for $800 EACH-they are stackable rings, then my ring from LuShae Jewelry that is one single ring and only $129 for all three colors! It makes me so happy to see something I currently own in one of my favorite fashion magazines that I didn't pay celebrity prices for!! Oh the little things.

May 16, 2010

The Easiest Way To Wash And Exfoliate Your Face At The Same Time

I always harp on how important it is to wash your face EVERYDAY, especially at night before you fall asleep on your nice clean pillow. You don't want the days makeup, mascara, sweat, and dead skin cells to sleep tight on that pillowcase too do you you??? YUCK! And a little exfoliating wouldn't hurt your face either. "But that's asking too much!!" you say, "I do NOT have time to do both with my busy schedule."

Okay, I understand, because I have a verrry busy lifestyle and family life too. Soooo, I have found a nice cheap cheap product that you can actually get at the grocery store, Kroger to be exact, while you are also shopping for your milk and bananas! See, I've already got you accomplishing two things at once.

My new easy cleansing routine is thanks to the Mirra collection of beauty and skin products at your local Kroger. The Renew Mirra exfoliating & soothing cleansing cloths are my new best friends!! This pack of 30 cloths, for only $4, contains cucumber and green tea, (which smell oh so clean and fresh while you're washing and are soothing) and vitamins C,E, & B complex. PLUS each cloth has the tiniest micro beads included to help slough away dead skin cells while you clean at the same time.

I love these things and the since the exfoliating cloths are so micro fine, these cloths are gentle enough to use everyday. So no more excuses for not washing your face at night ladies...I just gave you an easy solution for your busy schedule!

May 14, 2010

Cool Silver Liner For Hot Summer Days!

Well it's getting reeeaaaalll hot down here in the South and it's only May! Shooh wee!! So instead of sticking to some warm shadow colors that are typical for these spring/summer days like golds and champagnes, I decided to buck the system and cool off my face with some silver hues!!

My inspiration for this chilly silver look, was thanks to mark cosmetics metalliner in "quick silver" ($6, one of my fave products from mark)) and my new Ford Flex with it's silver back and silver roof top! Yes, I still love and am obsessed with my new ride I blogged about a couple weeks ago and yes, you really can get inspiration from anything...even cars and makeup!

Anyone and eye shade can pull off the silver look as long as it's in moderation. The key here was to wear just the liner in silver and pair it with a light lilac and purple shadow on the upper lid only (I used a Lancome goodie combo of Angora and Stellaire, but I don't think they make these specific shades anymore).

However I do have on Lancome's "aplum" blush ($29.50) which is a truly beautiful rosey color that's been around awhile and went along well with my cool shadows.

I did add a tiny bit of silver shadow in the tear ducts for a shimmery pop!

Tip for using mark's metalliner:

With these liquid liners, I find that the colors come out truer and more bold if you swipe on one coat, let it dry for about 30 seconds, then swipe a second coat on top of the original one to make it burst with it's liquid metallic look! It's such a cool product, and I own one in every color bc it's such an unexpected look you can't get from traditional flat eyeliners.

So enjoy chilling out this weekend and play around with some unexpected shades on your face!

May 11, 2010

Is YSL's Touche Eclat Really Worth The Money?

I've always read the hype about the award winning Yves Saint Laurent's Touche Eclat ($40) and how it's a makeup artist and celebrities DREAM product. Supposedly it instantly provides the look of having had 8 hours of sleep, luminous skin, and an eye lift all with the touch of its golden pen. Soooo, I finally chunked down the 40 bucks to see if the hype was true and if it was really worth the money.

Well, I give it an 8.5 out of 10. Unfortunately I can't say that I immediately looked like I had erased 8 years off my face, or like I had had 8 hours of sleep (that requires an army of products plus hair!), but it did provide some nice coverage. It looked the best once I used it on ALL the spots on my face suggested- under and around eyes, around nostrils, corners of the mouth, and the hollow of the chin.

Here is my breakdown of the so-called magic pen:

  • positive- It doesn't settle in the fine lines around my eyes like some concealing/highlighting products can.
  • negative- I saw no "luminizing" going on which the Sephora description describes. It seemed rather flat to me.
  • positive- It's fairly mess free with the push button bottom of the pen that you can just swipe right onto your face once the product squirts out.
  • neutral- It literally takes like 30 pushes to start the product coming out of the brush, which if I hadn't read that in the instructions, would have thought it was a faulty product!
Here are some comparative photos of me with my normal/everyday concealer (Benefit's Erase Paste in a combo of fair and medium) on different days obviously.
and then one with my new YSL Touche Eclat concealer in color luminous ivory, below.
So the big question. Would I pay $40 for it again once this pen goes dry? Probably not. I'll stick with my eye cream regime, trusty concealer (the Erase Paste), and some powder highlighter on top for my "luminizing" quality.

May 8, 2010

What Being Called "Mom" Means To Me

"A mother's love for her child is like nothing else in the world. It knows no law, no pity, it dares all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path." Agatha Christie

I will never forget my first Mother's Day back in 2006 and what it meant to finally be able to celebrate the tiny baby that gave me the honor of becoming a mother. It was so exciting (and daunting at the same time!) and I couldn't believe that I was actually going to be someone's mother and take care of him for the rest of my life! I can honestly admit, that I don't think I ever celebrated my own mother enough on her very special day until I actually had my own child and finally knew what it entailed. Sure I had given her the occasional Hallmark card or clay ashtray (even though she never smoked!) to say "thanks mom," but I didn't reeeallly know what all she had gone through to get me here and keep me here.

These are samples of what my two boys made me at school for mama's day- a sweet treat cake with personal decorating (there's nothing I like more right now than cake!), two potted plants, one with lady bug paintings and it says "to my favorite lady" and the other with no real plant but hand print paintings and sweet photos, and my paper purse with "mommy" written in glitter...perfect. These homemade items my boys made specifically for me, make me realize that maybe my mom really did like her useless ashtrays I made her!

It's certainly not easy being a mom, and if you can find a mom that says motherhood is a breeze, I'd like her to write an instructional book and I'll be the first person to buy a copy! Although mothering can be tiring and challenging at times, it is THE most rewarding job I can think of. I read an Oprah quote where she discusses how when women choose to become mothers, they are essentially, "to create an environment that's stimulating and nurturing, to pass on a sense of responsibility to another human being, to raise a child who understands that he or she is created from good and is capable of anything- I can think of few callings more honorable. To play down mothering is to crack the very foundation on which greatness stands." Amen Oprah.

Now that I've got my two boys and am expecting a little girl on the way (her profile picture above, doesn't she look like me, wink wink), I feel my mothering skills are about to be challenged in a totally different way when raising a female. Since I am in the business of making women feel better about themselves and more beautiful and confident through the use of makeup, I don't want her to lose sight of what it truly means to be beautiful on the inside. Lipstick and powder can mask so much on a face, but it is rendered useless when it comes to masking ugly insides!!

My hopes for my children are that I can instill in them:

  • confidence,
  • the power of individuality,
  • to be respectful of others,
  • and to find their passion for something, anything, which will give them a purpose in life.

These might sound like lofty goals, but I think I'm up for the challenge. I wish all the mamas out there a very Happy Mother's Day and to know that you are loved and cherished more than words or Hallmark can express! This especially goes out to my own mother, thanks Mom!!

May 6, 2010

In With The New!

My family and I lived out the common saying, "Out with the old, and in with the new," to a T last night. This is a pic of our family waving goodbye to the "old!"

We (my husband, two small children, and my wonderfully supportive in laws!) spent around 5 hours at a Ford car dealership last night playing "let's make a deal" to try to get our expanding family a brand new vehicle that will fit all the many car seats we will need to fill it. Needless to say, it was an exhausting process, especially trying to keep a 2 and 4 year old happy in the same spot for 5 hours! But we finally prevailed and we got the deal of a lifetime on a brand new 2010 Ford Flex, from the very professional staff at World Ford Stone Mountain. "Many thanks to two of the most patient and fair men I've ever met in the car world, Otha Winston and Carlos Torres! You guys made car buying a little bit easier;-)"

Two photos below of our new ride: me and hubby behind the wheel, and the whole car below (didn't get a good pic of our actual car bc it was dark and soooo late when we left the dealership last night!).

It's a funky and hip looking vehicle that I haven't seen on the road much, but has been rated one of the safest vehicles on the road for two years running, and I actually dig that it's so unique looking!! It was described on as "a cool looking alternative to the minivan" and "kid tested, mother approved," exactly the combo we were looking for!!

I am super ecstatic about my new car, but must admit, it was really hard letting go of our "out with the old" trade in, which was my car I had had for 7 years. This car had helped me bring both of my children home from the hospital and was bought after I became a newly married woman. I know it sounds corny, but that car (heap of metal and leather, no feelings, I must

keep telling myself that) has been through a lot and seen a lot, and was a good car that never really gave me any trouble. The pic to the right is my 4 year old hugging our old car goodbye, tear tear tear!! But on the bright side, we traded it in for a great price that ultimately helped us afford our brand new ultra safe vehicle! And now, my oldie but goodie car will hopefully go to some deserving person or family that wants just what it has to offer, and maybe it will become someone's "in with the new!"

Buying a vehicle is a HUGE purchase and one we've been researching for a long time to figure out what would be the right fit for our family. Since we will be riding in this car practically everyday for who knows how many years, it was an important decision that we didn't rush. I am sooo grateful and feel blessed that we can actually afford to get a new car as I know so many people do not have that luxury, and so I don't take this purchase lightly. You always wonder about buyers remorse, especially with big items like this, but I know we've shopped smart because it's sitting in our garage right now and I feel zero remorse and I feel better today than I did yesterday! I can't wait to strap my kids into it today and enjoy making memories in our new car!!

And so not as to abandon the whole makeup aspect of JennySue, there are two NEW products out right now that I'm dying to try. Let me know if you've had a personal experience with either one of these new fabulous sounding products!!

  • Maybelline's Great Lash Big mascara ($6) that is a new take on an oldie but goodie, that has a jumbo lash brush and volumizing wax formula to create even bigger lashes.
  • L'Oreal Paris Extra Intense Liquid Pencil eyeliner ($9) that is supposed to be the creamiest liner ever that defines the lash line like a liquid liner. I found a picture of this eyeliner, but honestly it looks like every other liner they make so I didn't include it;-)

May 3, 2010

Best Way To Apply Your Eyeliner

So I had a personal request (Mrs. Anisa!) for an eyeliner tutorial 101. There are tons of different ways and techniques to apply ones eyeliner, but I figured I would give you just the barebones basics for the best way to apply your eyeliner. These simple actions will help your liner with staying power while also appearing the most natural looking (even though I used a not so natural bright navy color to show up better!).

Here it is, plain as day, as I can possibly show you in pictures and in words:

Step 1: Go ahead and apply a flesh colored shadow shade that matches your skin color all over your lid from lash line to brow bone. I have on Too Faced eyeshadow in Heaven, from the duo Teddy Bear & Heaven ($17). This neutral eyeshadow duo is my new go-to favorite by the way. It's a no brainer beautiful chocolate brown to slap on when in a hurry.

Step 2: Finish your eyeshadow shading with whatever color you want. I just applied a neutral matte brown color in the crease, Teddy Bear, from the Too Faced duo.

Step 3: Start your eyeliner (I used a navy pencil, but you can use this same technique with a gel or liquid) at the inner corner of the tear duct and draw a thin line as close to the lash line as possible to the center.

Step 4: I then go over to the outside corner of my eye and draw my line up slightly (this winged action creates a mini eyelift without the surgery!) then bring the line connecting back inward towards the center pupil area, connecting it back with the starter line.

Step 5: Take an angled short bristled eyeliner brush, and sweep a matching eyeshadow color that matches your eyeliner, on top of your eyeliner. Take this brush and sweep that color from inner tear duct to outside winged line. This step gives the liner staying power plus it makes the harsh imperfect line look more perfect and smooth!

TA DA!! How easy is that?? 5 simple steps to eyeliner perfection!!

May 1, 2010

Off To Work I Go!

"Hiegh ho hiegh ho, it's off to work I go, with my makeup brushes and a big big smile, hiegh ho hiegh ho hiegh ho!!" (To the tune of the seven dwarfs from Snow White if you were wondering;-))

I heart my job. It's been a busy week AND weekend so far with doing lots of bridal trial runs, general consults, and wedding days, so thought I'd post some pics for you all to see what I've been up to. This top one is my 22 week old prego self lugging around my three cases full of magic makeup products that help me to create my beautiful clients!! But don't feel sorry for me, I'm used to carrying these heavy things around and are really the only exercise I'm getting these days- besides running after my two little ones. And my sweet hubby actually took all three cases from me right after he took this picture to the car for me before a bridal trial run...aaawwwww!!!

Luckily a couple of my wonderful clients allowed me to take their picture with my non-professional point and shoot camera! This first photo is from a bridal trial run I had done in my home with my client Courtney. Isn't she stunning?? We were going for a Kim Kardashian type eye look with lots of lashes- I think we got it! Now I am no professional photographer as you can obviously see, but I do the best with what I got! Isn't that what life is all about anyway- doing the very best with what you've been given?! Ha! That's my mantra as a makeup artist or as a woman in general wearing makeup. It's not about completely changing or masking who you are- just helping you to create a better version of your natural self.

Onto another bridal trial run from the week. This is a sweet MOB (mother of the bride!) that I did a trial run for who so graciously let me take her before JennySue Makeup and after JennySue Makeup photo!!

Look how happy she looks after she had her makeup done!! She loved it which really warms my heart and makes me feel good after I'm done. Tip: We added false lash clumps to her lash line which makes a huge difference in making smaller eyes pop which was a concern of hers. I also used Smashbox Photo Finish primer ($36) which helped make her skin look so even and created a great canvas to work on. "Thanks Melissa for being a brave MOB!!"

And this was the MOB's daughter, the BRIDE (aka Jessica!), and I wanted to show some up close before and after photos of her lash line. These are a bit fuzzy but you can still see the big difference that they make for her originally short and straight lash line.

I used Ardell's individual lash clumps in black ($4) and apply the clumps in after I've finished the rest of the eyemakeup and set them in the natural lash line- not on the lid. And to keep the falsies looking so natural, I did not put any mascara on them after I applied them and left them as is. "Jessica, you were as cool as a cucumber bride and so easy to work with. I'm super excited for your big day!"

And this was me in front of the camera this time with my bridal trial run Courtney again. I finally got out from behind the camera since I'm typically always behind it- which is TOTALLY fine by me! Even though it's not really about me now is it?? We gave her that bridal glow thanks to a liquid bronzer... and a really naturally pretty face! "Courtney, it was fun having you and your mom around for the trial run, I hope you loved your Kim K. look and can't wait to recreate it for the big day!"

I'm so blessed to have all these wonderful opportunities to work with such fab females. Girls love makeup and it's such a bonding experience to work so closely with their faces, that I feel like I make a new friend each time! What more could you ask for in a J.O.B.??