August 28, 2010

What's In JennySue's Diaper Bag

What's in JennySue Makeup's DIAPER bag that is. Yes, now that I have a new infant again, I have changed out my everyday purse for my new phat, yes with a PH, Juicy diaper bag.

First, before I get into what I carry around to survive with me everyday I want to apologize to all my readers for taking so long in between blogs. I've been a bit busy since delivering my baby last weekend;-) Priorities ya know?!! However with a week under my belt I'm going to try and get a bit better slowly but surely once me and Miss Vivian get on a schedule. See this pink Paul Frank perfection picture below- isn't she is a vision of polka dot preciousness!! I'm so happy Target is now selling Paul Frank baby clothes - they are super affordable and super cute. I tried to link the newborn collection to the Target website, but they are all sold out right now so I linked the official PF website for you to see the monkey fab-ness.

Vivian's name is of Latin origin meaning "lively and vibrant" which I love and hope is true to her form as she ages. My favorite movie of all time is Pretty Woman, in which Julia Robert's main character name was Vivian. However, NOT the reason we named her that, but a neat piece of trivia!

So I am always intrigued when I read in a magazine what other females, celebs or not, carry around in their bags. We as women, especially mommies, carry around a whole lotta stuff to be able to function during the day.

Here are my everyday necessities from left to right:

  1. Ray Ban aviator sunglasses
  2. Hobo International Lauren vintage red wallet. If you don't own one of these- you should. It has tons of pockets and spots to put cards, money, and even a lipstick if it's not too full. Acts like a clutch if need be.
  3. Droid Eris cell phone with butterfly cover. It has my calendar on it, which I need handy at all times for baby doctor appointments, toddler playdates, client meetings, and weddings.
  4. Papaya small journal. This is for when I need to jot down things I need to remember because I can no longer rely on my memory at this point after delivery. Also see Droid phone above. I need backup at all times. Ha.
  5. Makeup touchups: pressed translucent powder- I hate adding colored powder to my face during the day bc it looks cakey. Translucent is all you need for taking down shine. 4 different shades of lip color- a red stain, a neutral sheer gloss, dark pink gloss, and light pink gloss. I think I have all my bases covered with these four!
  6. Two different sized diapers for the baby and my 2 year old. Quick prayer, "Please dear Lord let my two year become potty trained very very soon."
  7. Sensitive baby wipes. These are good for bottoms, cleaning hands that touch who knows what, and for cleaning my face is I have a makeup mishap or running mascara in this heat.
  8. Bath and Body Works Pocketbac anti bacterial hand gel in sea island cotton scent. So clean smelling and super small, fits anywhere.
  9. Play Doh. This is for when I choose to take all the kids to eat and need to keep them quiet in their seats. A small can of Play Doh is a genius invention that keeps them busy.
  10. Snacks: Extra Fruit Sensations gum in sweet watermelon and plain animal cookies. Always always have snacks on hand no matter what. Both are very low in calories too which is essential for me if I want to lose the baby weight pronto.

This might seem a bit ridiculous in terms of how much I need to survive everyday life, I get it. But when you've got that many pockets and spaces in a bag to store stuff, it's almost a challenge to see how many spots you can fill with things!! Even though this sweet little bundle looks low maintenance in the picture above, don't let her fool you. She needs lots of stuff as well as her two brothers that pal around with us everyday!

I'm curious...What are your bag/purse/diaper bag necessities??!

August 23, 2010

Two's Company, Three's ....

The old saying goes, "two's a company, three's a crowd." I disagree.  Crowd has such a negative feeling to it, and now that I have been BLESSED to have 3 healthy little ones, there is absolutely nothing negative about that!! My daughter was born this Sunday, Vivian James Duvall, and she is a beautiful tiny angel.

Albert Einstein said, "There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as if everything is."

{Her 2 big brothers who couldn't be more excited to go visit their baby sis in the hospital!}

I love this way of thinking. Because I believe my daughter is a true miracle, as all babies and children are. Every time I look at my little Vivian, I can't believe she was in my belly for 9 months and that now she has made me a mom again. It's heavy stuff if you think really hard about pregnancy and giving birth! If you believe in miracles, then you are lucky, because that means you are looking at things in a positive light and totally appreciating whatever it is you believe to be your miracle. This equals a good outlook on life and people probably enjoy being around you with this kind of attitude!

{Some sweet gifts Viv received in the hospital.}

I believe babies bring out the best in most people and this time was no different for me. I have been showered with visits from friends, neighbors, family and gifts galore for little Viv while in the hospital. This is a time I won't ever forget and shows me how much my family is truly loved. The visits from people, phone calls, and well wishes warm my heart and make me realize that with such a wonderful support system we have around us, that YES WE CAN raise this group of 3!!

{This is my rock star of a doctor who has delivered all 3 of my children. Many thanks Dr. Cline!}

So I feel that in my new situation, "Two's company, Three's a FAMILY!"

August 20, 2010

Long Lasting L'Oreal Infallible Lipcolour For My Delivery

Well the time has come for me to finally meet my little girl as I am due to be induced this weekend, yipee!!! I've been induced with my other two children, so I am hoping my past experiences will make this third go around fairly easy. Positive thinking, positive thinking!! If you see below, I am literally about to pop, so this delivery comes at a great time. In the photo below, my girlfriend Laney and I have now been pregnant together a total of 3 times!! It's been a wonderful experience to always have her to bounce things off of along the 9 months of aches and pains and joys of being prego.

So of course as I have been packing my bag for the hospital and the baby's bag, I also think about what to include in my makeup bag;-) And knowing that I am going to be sitting in a hospital bed all day and having visitors and family come in and out, I've been looking for a long lasting neutral lip color to rock. Delivery is no excuse to let yourself go, right??!! I gave L'Oreal's Infallible Lipcolor ($9) a shot because I've read so many great things about how it literally doesn't fade until you remove it with makeup remover. It's got one side with the liquid color and the other side is more like a colorless chapstick that keeps it looking fresh and not dry.

I tried the Linda Evangelista Beige color (in both pics above of me) on a day that I attended a baby shower for another girlfriend of mine because I knew I would be eating lots of yummy shower food, so what better test of a long lasting lip color?? MY VERDICT- I give it a 7 out of 10. My reasoning it lacks 3 points from keeping it a 10 is this.

  • It ended up staying on for a long time, definitely NOT all day, but for a good 5 hours.
  • However, like ALL of the other long lasting lipsticks, once the chapstick part faded away, the color just felt slightly dry and chalky.
  • The beige color also turned a bit darker and beige throughout the day. Wish I had taken an after picture, but the before pic shows that it's really fresh and slightly on the peachy beige side. As the day wore on though it just went a bit darker than originally applied.

I will certainly keep it on me for the big delivery day but I will also be stashing my MAC viva glam V lipgloss as another neutral option!

I also wanted to share a beautiful photo of my girlfriend Katie that I had the honor of doing her makeup for her maternity photo shoot. This is her first pregnancy, and her photographer was Abbey of Dylan Blue Photography who did my maternity shoot as well and is amazing at her craft. You can also catch a shot of our dueling baby bumps while we were doing the shoot if you click on the link above. It's really cool because we were sorority sisters in college and now we are both experiencing being pregnant together- two TOTALLY different eras of our lives!

Needless to say, the blog postings are about to be few and far between for a couple weeks while I figure out the whole "mommy of three" thing and meet my daughter. I am beyond excited though and ready to dive right into my expanding family. I will keep you all posted once the little princess is here!!

August 18, 2010

Pinks And Purples And Miss Piggy

I die for Miss Piggy (yes, thank you Rachel Zoe for that tagline). And I die for this brunette version of Piggy- so cool and chic she looks!!

She is the quintessential diva and I've been in love with her since I was a 3 year old. I have many pictures of me and my first Miss Piggy doll (I was actually terrified of her when I first got her, but obviously got over it quickly) and I carried her around everywhere. I knew even at a young age how fabulous and major she was- HA!!

So one of my best-est girlfriends, Ann, bought me -actually my daughter- a mini Miss Piggy doll (shown above) since she knew how much Piggy used to mean to me. What I love about this fab Pig is that she usually rocked a lot of pinks and purples, whether it be in her clothing or in her makeup. So it inspired my latest "face of the day" I guess you could say.

Here's a look at my Pink & Purple Piggy face and the main products for achieving it:

  • Eyes- DiorShow Blackout mascara & Kat Von D's True Romance shadow palette in True Love
  • Cheeks- Napoleon Perdis Colour Disc in #92 (this is actually an eyeshadow used as blush)
  • Lips- Rimmel Exaggerate lip liner in "eastend snob" & Nars lipgloss in "turkish delight"
  • Oh, and if you noticed the perfume bottle in her lap, it's my absolute fave fragrance, Lolita Lempicka, which uh huh, happens to be the most beautiful lavendar glass bottle. I've worn this for about 9 years and never get tired of it. It's violet, vanilla, and musk notes make me feel like the ultimate lady.

Purple eyeshadow is always super flattering on every eye color. I mean, Miss P has blue eyes and I have brown, and we both look fab in it, right??! So I just layered on all 3 purple options in my Kat Von D palette to make a huge impact. Because just like Miss Piggy would probably say when it comes to her makeup, "Go big or go home!"

August 14, 2010

Decorate And Makeup...With Love

I have had soooo much fun decorating my little girl's nursery and the inspiration came from one single piece of artwork. This is kind of the way I approach putting on my makeup. If there's one lipgloss or eyeshadow I am feeling that day, I'll just work the rest of my makeup around that.

Backstory: The artwork is a canvas by Papaya. This super artsy and eclectic company was founded by a mother/daughter team who manufactures all sorts of things, mainly cards and paper, and some decor. Their credo is "creative abandon" and they answer to their "creative impulses" and everything "they make, they love." And I love that!! I purchased this piece of a beautiful exotic girl with dark hair and cherry blossoms at one of my favorite local Athens boutiques, Toula's because it honestly just spoke to me. I had seen it a few months before I even knew I was pregnant, and told myself that IF I ever got pregnant again, and IF it happened to be a girl, I would put that picture in her nursery. Well, here we are today and it's hanging in her room now!!

** If you order this canvas or see it in person, it's slightly different than hers shown above on her nursery walls. I ended up adding a few personal touches of oil paint colors such as peony pinks and turquoise blues to this canvas to make sure that it fit perfectly in her room because it's color scheme was a bit too dark as it was. There's my creative impulse coming out!**

This picture with it's glitter, pinks, and lavenders inspired my last makeup look. I love the girl's heavily lined big brown eyes with her simple pink cheeks and lips.

The main components of this look are:

1. Bare Minerals "nude beach" glimmers $13, (for the sparkle effect) on my eyes.

2. Wet n' Wild's H20 black liquid liner ($3) drawn on fairly heavy for a thick looking lash line.

3. Mark cosmetics Glow baby glow lip gloss in "tease" ($5). This was my inspiration piece that I wanted to work around and create the soft makeup look like the girl in the painting.

4. OPI "lucky lucky lavender" nailpolish. I borrowed this from a girlfriend of mine because I loved it on her so much, but have had a hard time finding it because it's from an older Hong Kong collection.

So here goes my mantra for successful home decorating and makeup application. Just like the Papaya people, do everything with LOVE, and you'll be successful in whatever your venture is.

August 9, 2010

After Three Kids, I FINALLY Score A Juicy Couture Diaper Bag!

I am on extreme countdown until my baby girl arrives at the end of this month and almost have everything in order for her arrival.

One of the major things I have been lacking, is a new diaper bag for this baby. In the past I've owned:

  • a leopard print 2 Red Hen bag with my first child
  • a red patent leather huge Nine West purse (not an actual diaper bag, but I used it as one anyway) with my second. The Nine West was actually purchased from Sam's Club, yes a wholesale membership club, for $25. It eventually busted up so I bought another cheapo huge bag from Urban Outfitters to replace it, which also busted up because of the wear and tear I, and my children, place on these bags.

But ever since I got prego with my first child over 4 years ago, I have coveted the Juicy Couture diaper bags line.

I remember years ago looking online and on Ebay to see if I could score a less expensive version of any of these bags but with no luck. But I guess, third time is the charm, because my awesome hubby just surprised me with my very own genuine Juicy Couture diaper bag!! Woo Hoo!!! Tons of thanks to the nice sales people at the Juicy store at Phipps Plaza in Atlanta, Jake and Alex, who helped my hubby choose this most perfect bag for me. This specific bag came in black and pink, and even though I'm loving pink right now because this baby is a girl, my husband said he chose the black because "it wouldn't show dirt as much and would go with more." Who are you and what have you done with my husband?? What a wonderful thought process!! I certainly don't like people that brag, so I will just state, that in my opinion, "I have the most thoughtful husband in the world."

I say this not only because he bought me my JC bag I've wanted for sooo long, but if you notice in the background of this picture, the live orchid on the table was given to me weeks ago by Scott after I had had a really bad pregnant lady day. Note, both of these thoughtful items, were never asked for, he just showed up with them. Cue the sappy, "aawwwwwwss!"

Thought I'd show some pictures of my new hot diaper bag because it has all the bells and whistles. The outside is a super soft nylon with lots of cool silver hardware that keeps it from looking too baby-ish. It definitely has an edge to it that I like.

The inside is super roomy and of course has a nylon inside that is easily wiped off when bottles spill and snacks get crushed-inevitable. There are also multiple zippered pockets on the outside, cell phone pockets, pockets for your wallet, and room for lip glosses! And of course room for some baby stuff;-) One of the features I really like are the magnetic closures - they're strong and simple to use.

The inside also contained cutesy/glamorous matching couture baby bib, burp cloth, and soft folding changing pad. All three major necessities for a baby that will definitely be used.
So this diaper bag proves moms deserve to have style while carrying around bottles and diapers!! Just take a look at stylish celeb mom Jessica Alba who has been spotted carrying around her very own black Juicy diaper bag. I am now set to have my sweet baby girl. But wait, I haven't bought any newborn diapers to put in my bag yet! Maybe I'm almost set...;-)

August 7, 2010

Products That Give Your Body Softer Skin

I am a sucker for soft skin.

I want it on my face, my arms, legs, my growing belly bump, my children's legs, torsos, everywhere. So I am constantly on the lookout for the newest products that can deliver soft supple baby-like skin!! This photo is my pregnant silhouette at the beach that doesn't really showcase my "skin" but shows how important our skin is because it literally encases our whole body and protects our insides. Enlightening huh?? HAA!!!

The first product I was lucky enough to find, was Curel's Targeted Therapy deep penetrating foot cream. ($6). I actually won this wonderful product off of Mischo Beauty's blog site as a giveaway- check her out, she's got some great product reviews and runs a fabulous blog that highlights a lot of up and coming products!! My feet are constantly dry this summer and I can't keep them soft enough. But after one use of this product I was sold. I suggest putting it on right before you go to bed (the tube makes this suggestion too) to give it time to soak in, so that you're not rubbing it off during the day on your socks, flip flops, or whatever type of shoes you wear.

Curel foot cream delivers the following:

  • hydrates your feet over 300%, woah that's a lot
  • protect your heels and feet for 24 hrs
  • ingredients that pack a punch, shea butter, coconut milk, & vitamin E

This stuff is so thick and creamy, that I made my husband try it out on his extremely dry feet, and the next morning he said he literally couldn't stand up in the shower his feet were so slick!! If that's not hydration at it's finest, I don't know what is! So here's your warning, beware of standing in a wet shower after using your Curel foot cream;-)

The second product I had to try out was Olay's Total Effects Body Wash ($7). Because their marketing strategy of being in every single magazine I subscribe to, worked like a charm. After reading what it promised to do for the skin on my body, why wouldn't I want to chunk down some money for this body wash?? But after spending 7 bucks on my 8.4 fl oz body wash (most of my other body washes are at least 15 oz for the same or less price), I didn't feel the love from this product.

Here is what Total Effects promised in its ad and my opinion on what it actually did or didn't do:
  • improve elasticity and relieve dryness - how in the world can you judge how elastic the skin on your body is really?? I also still felt the need to put on my body lotion afterward.
  • deeply moisturize - doesn't that mean the same as "relieve dryness" just worded differently??
  • brightens dull skin - um, no. There were no brightening properties whatsoever because I had to rinse off the product, duh.
  • evens skin tone - the only place on my body I notice uneven skin tone is along my chest and no, it hasn't evened out after two weeks of use.
  • smooths rough skin - how will it do that when it has no exfoliating properties? No it doesn't.
  • minimizes the appearance of dry lines - the only place I have dry lines are on my forehead and I thought this was a BODY wash, not a face wash.

All in all, I think this product is not worth the price tag and makes some pretty big promises it can't live up to. I mean, things like elasticity and anti-aging must be effects that must be looked at under a microscope in order to see if it actually happened. Because my human eyes don't see a bit of difference in the appearance of my skin after using this body wash.

I'm going to stick with my cheapy Softsoap Body Butter Coconut Scrub body wash ($5) that is twice the size and contains a mild exfoliator of coconut extracts that are soft enough to use every time I shower. This product contains "jojoba oil" while the Olay wash contains "jojoba butter," essentially the same thing right??

Since I am so obsessed with the search for softer skin on my body- I'd love to know what products you are currently enjoying that other readers might benefit from as well, so leave a quick comment please!!

August 3, 2010

Breakouts Are Like A Thunderstorm While You Are On A Beach Vacation

There is nothing more depressing than going away on vacation to somewhere beachy/tropical in hopes of catching some rays, and then the bottom falling out on you. I think this is the equivalent of a major breakout on your face, ANY day of the week.

(Or if you are a celeb like Cameron Diaz and the paparazzi catches you on a bad skin day, that's depressing)

So here are a few suggestions on how best to cover up your breakout issues:

  1. Less is honestly more. Too much concealer draws too much attention to the breakout, so use a light hand and multiple applications until you get the right amount of coverage.
  2. Use an oil free foundation when covering up areas of redness and apply with a sponge. The oil free formula is to keep additional breakouts at bay while using a sponge makes the application not too heavy.
  3. Play up the areas on your face that don't have the break out surrounding it, so as to draw attention to the clear areas! If you have a chin breakout, wear nude lipgloss and smokey eyes or colorful eyeshadow. If you have a forehead breakout, wear minimal eye makeup and a bright red lipstick so people are looking down at your mouth! You get the idea.
  4. Use a thick enough concealer that is opaque in color. Dab this on with a brush that has a tiny head right on top of the pimple (as long as it has NOT been popped or messed with- aka, gooey and broken skin) then fan out the concealer along the base of the pimple.
  5. Set your concealer with a translucent (colorless) powder applied with a powder puff. This ensures that you don't wipe off the concealer with a brush and that the puff is actually setting the concealer and making it stay put.

Not that thunderstorms are always a bad thing though!! It's been dry and annoyingly hot down here in the South, and we finally got some MUCH needed rain today. So what did we do?? We decided to play in the wet stuff. Here is my son absolutely loving getting drenched by the thunderstorm we were blessed with. How I often wish I could learn to take as much joy as a child does in finding the most simple ways to entertain themselves:-)