October 30, 2010

How To Use An Eyeshadow Quad

Eyeshadow quads are a good idea and well worth the money in my opinion.  You usually get 4 complimentary colors that work well together-or-you can choose to use just one or two of the colors, switch it em up, it's a win win situation!!  And it's typically cheaper to buy a quad than 4 individual colors.

But a lot of women find using all 4 together a daunting task.  "I just don't know where all 4 of them could possibly go on my eyelid??"

Well I am here to shed some light on the subject and make applying a quad as simple as possible:

1.  this is a light champagne color

  • #1 color is the lightest color in the group which should be applied all over the eyelid concentrating most on the brow bone.
2.  this is a pale rose color.
  • #2 color is a bit darker than the lightest color and should go from the lash line to the crease.
3. this is the taupey brown color 
  • #3 is your medium color and can be applied just in the crease to add dimension on the eyelid, focus most on the outside corner.
4.  I used the espresso brown color on top to set my eyeliner.  
  • #4 is your darkest color and can be used alone along the upper and lower lash line or on top of your eyeliner to keep it in place.

See, how easy was that!!


Here's a picture of my Halloween quad- me and my two boys plus Mr. Scarecrow!

Eyeshadow quads have been my friend lately bc they take the guesswork out of which colors I should use together.  And since I don't have much time on my hands to do makeup these days these really come in handy!!  So don't let multiple eyeshadow palettes intimidate you- let them inspire you!!!

October 26, 2010

Thank You Cover Girl For Your Honesty

I have been amazed lately, at the blatant dishonesty in mascara ads.  Literally every mascara ad I see in my fashion magazines or on TV, show models or spokespersons with lashes up to their eyebrows, claiming that it's the "formula" or "brush" that creates these lashes up to there.  Yeah right.

Well I wasn't born yesterday, actually born in the 70's, and I know that when I stare at those mascara ads longing for lashes like that, that it would mean I would need to invest in some FALSE lashes, NOT the mascara they are hocking.  But Cover Girl has come clean.  In their LashBlast Fusion mascara ad with the purple tube and Drew Barrymore with caterpillar like lashes, they've actually admitted to lash "help."  In teeny tiny print along Drew's shoulder, it says:

"lash inserts (aka, falsies) were applied to add lash count to Drew's lashes before applying LashBlast Fusion mascara."

Thank you Lord for the honesty!!!  Finally a manufacturer coming clean with the public and not trying to pull a fast one on us.  This kind of honestly, that I have not seen in any Rimmel London or L'Oreal ads where their mascaras make crazy eyelashes, actually makes me more likely to want to buy this product and see what it can do.

Not only did the lashes catch my eye in this ad, but Drew's beautiful makeup colors and the highlighting job they did on her face was also really nice.  Highlighting certain areas of the face makes features on a face pop and is an easy trick to pull off.  Here's my hand at getting Drew's look with plum colored eyes and neutral cheeks and lips.

Can you tell which areas of my face are highlighted?? Check the circled spots below.

Easy to see highlighted areas where circles are drawn. You can really notice the highlights on the first picture up top if you look closely.

 Main products used:
1.  My highlighting product of choice, is my pressed bronzing powder by Too Faced in Snow Bunny ($25).  I stroked this highlighter along the bridge of my nose, top of cheekbones, bow of my lips, and along my forehead for a luminous glow.
2.  Eyeshadows were by Nars in color "ondine" ($23) (placed in the crease and along the upper and lower lash line) and Stila in color "kitten" ($18) (placed from lash line to crease).
3.  Skin is thanks to Avon's Magix Cashmere Liquid Foundation ($11).
4.  Neutral lips by L'Oreal Infallible lipgloss in "barely nude" ($10)- I'm a big fan of this stay on lipgloss.  It doesn't stay 6 hours as advertised, but I give it a good 3 hours!

So here's a lesson I have learned when it comes to makeup ads- "always read the fine print." Because as the old saying goes, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is;-)  Or it's got false lashes applied to it!!

October 21, 2010

How I Get Kim Kardashian Hair

I'm pretty much fascinated with Kim Kardashian's life.  If you read my blog religiously then you already realize that I am a reality show junky.  Who isn't?? Watching trash TV is how I get away from everyday life for an hour or so a day before I get thrown back into diapers, dishes, dogs, and daily life!

{My Kim K hair do.  See the inspiration photo below.}

I looove watching Keeping Up With The Kardashian's, if for no other reason than to see what Kim's makeup and hair transform into each episode.  Dang this girl looks perfect EVERY time the camera is on her, which is basically 24/7.  Guess it helps having a makeup artist and hair stylist in your back pocket huh??  When it comes to Kim K always looking so perfect, I must keep reminding myself, this girl has no husband and no kids.  She has plenty of time on her hands for primping and perfection.  Oh, and she's a multi million dollar celebrity. Some very big differences between me and her!

{My hair inspiration photo.  An oldie but goodie.}

But when it comes to getting celeb hair, thankfully we can all get on the same playing field.
I do have naturally dark hair going for me, however not as dark as Kim's.  I admit I do dye my hair at home to achieve a soft black look similar to hers.  Note though: I've been dying my hair soft black LOOONG BEFORE I even knew who Kim K. was.  So I'm not trying to morph myself into a celebrity, promise...wink wink.

I do love the look of her hair, and here is how I've achieved the closest look to her do'... without the extensions:

1.  Dye hair.  I used Garnier Nutrisse Nourishing Color Creme in color Black Tea ($8).  I've been using this for awhile and love it.  Even though I dye my hair a shade darker than its natural color, I find it so interesting that my youngest son basically has almost blonde hair and mine is so dark.

{Cutie blonde Walker. No hair dye here!}

The gene pool is nutso, and this is so random and has nothing to do with Kim K.  I just wanted a reason to post a photo of my handsome Walker, above.  Okay, moving on!

{Air dried hair. Slept on it wet.}

2.  Sleep in wet hair without blow drying it to achieve a natural wave the next morning-note pic above.  I find it easiest to curl hair that hasn't already been blown dry straight.  My hair isn't super wavy the next morning, but it does have some natural bend to it.  Please disregard the lack of makeup in this pic!

{Shameless product promotion.}

3.  Apply argan oil to dry hair before curling.  I love the original Moroccan Oil, (check out my review on it a few months ago) but have recently found a nice less expensive substitute at Sally Beauty Supply.  It's One 'N Only Argan Oil treatment ($9) for 3.4 oz, which is significantly cheaper than the real deal.  And it works and smells basically the same.  Score.

{Ta Da! Kim K curls!}

4.  Use a large barrel curling iron.  I part my hair as evenly down the middle as possible (I have a cow lick, so it's a bit off center) then start curling about 1 inch pieces away from my head-not forward.  I start wrapping at the bottom of the 1 inch hair piece on the barrel of the curling iron and wrap it all the way up the barrel in a spiral manner.  I hold it for about 15-20 seconds then let it go gently to let the curl fall down.  I do some forward curling on some underneath pieces to make it not so uniform.

*Trick I learned from my stylist- after curling these pieces, DO NOT MESS with them for at least 15 minutes after curling so they have time to cool and set. This will keep your curls/waves for much longer if you don't touch them right after they've been curled.*

5.  Tiny bit of hairspray.  I dislike hairspray, but this look needs a bit of hold to keep it from falling flat instantly.

You might wonder how a busy mom of 3 has the time to achieve hair like this. I promise, the fact that I sleep in my hair wet actually makes it a little easier and less time consuming than you would think.  And if it takes a bit longer to curl some hair in order to look as put together as Miss Kardashian, then the kids can watch an extra episode of Scooby Doo!

October 18, 2010

The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills :: To Pink Or Not To Pink

Okay, I looove me some "The Real Housewives of ..."on the Bravo channel.  And the newest edition of the city of Beverly Hills takes the cake.  I've only seen one episode, but it is already by far my favorite of all the cities. These women actually have lotsa lotsa ridiculous money and are so much fun to watch, which = entertaining.  This is like watching the old school "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" with Robin Leach but the reality show version with lots of rich people drama!

Adrienne Maloof, one of the Real Housewives, and her frosty pink lips!

What I have found in watching all the series of housewives, is that despite their amount of money and lovely houses, they could ALL use a little makeup artist advice.  The best advice would be to tone down the amount of makeup and lose the false lashes on the weekdays .

But the easiest advice is to lose the frosted pink lipstick ladies!!  I would say the majority of these women wore some version of  this shade of pink shown on Adrienne above.

My hand at frosty pink lipstick.

Pink lips are fun and youthful, but only as long as you HOLD the frost!!  These ladies, all mostly in their 40's and above, are definitely taking care of themselves, ahem...Botox...but I have a better idea, lose the frosted pink lipstick bc nothing ages you more than anything "frosted."  My mama used to have frosted hair back in the late 70's, and I must say, her brown hair now looks a whole lot younger than that frosty did!!

It's a great debate on what makes a women appear younger- pink lips or nude lips?? Pink does make women seem alive and happy but you can ruin the goodness of pink by adding the frosty!   So, after trying out my frosty pink lips, I also tried on some good neutral glossy lips to see which works better.

Am I right or am I right??  Neutral glossy lips TRUMP frosty pink lips.

My neutral lips were achieved with Jemma Kidd's "muse" lipstick with Victoria' Secret's Brilliant Lip Shine in "charm" ($12), a wonderful champagne-like shimmer gloss, on top!  Yes, this blog might seem slightly shallow, but hopefully it was entertaining;-)

"Champagne wishes and caviar dreams" everyone!!!

October 14, 2010

October Means Orange And Pink

October makes me think two things:

  1. Pumpkins  
  2. Breast Cancer Awareness month.  

Hence the colors Orange & Pink!!!

Me, my boys, and my girl (not pictured-she slept in her stroller the whole time) headed to the pumpkin patch the other day for a school field trip.  All went smoothly, no meltdowns, and the boys got to each pick their very own pumpkin from Washington Farms pumpkin patch.  We even got to go on a hayride pulled by a tractor all the way to the pumpkin field!

Jack in the middle of a field o pumpkins!!

This trip really made it feel like fall was here and got me excited for all this fun month of ghosts and goblins has to offer.

Walker so proud of the pumpkin he chose.

So the pumpkin patch inspired me to try my hand at orange makeup.  Now of course I was gonna keep it classy and not do orange from eyes to lips- you should know me better than that by now if you follow my blog!! It's not actually Halloween yet, so I must look presentable while running around the neighborhood with the kids!

  • I chose to focus the main orange on my eyes with the help of "watermelon" and "samba" from  my Bobbi Brown brights palette and focused them mainly in the crease.  I added just a touch of dark brown shadow right near the outside of my lids on the outside crease to tone down how orange it had ended up!

  • I added two shades of brown liquid liner- one dark brown liquid right next to the lashes and a bronze liquid right on top, mark's metalliner in "bronze edge" ($6) to give it a little edge!
  • Cheeks consisted of Nar's orgasm which is a peachy pink, so I'm gradually getting to the pink!
  • Lips were only a light pink lipgloss, L'Oreal Infallible lipgloss in "blush."

As for the color pink, this color is doing a lot of good this month!  There are all sorts of beauty products out there that have specially been created for Breast Cancer Awareness month this year.  But I think Sonia Kashuk's exclusive line of pink beauty products for Target is one of the best and most affordable.  

Not only is Sonia an established makeup artist with a really great makeup line, but she is also a breast cancer survivor!!  So I have no doubt all the products she created for this month, where 15% of the purchase of each will go towards BCRF, were made with great love!  Check out the Budget Babes description of all the options SK will be offering this month and go snatch up your own and do some good while looking good!  Hope everyone is having a wonderful October so far!

October 12, 2010

I Don't Have Time For Hair

In getting ready on a daily basis with three children to tend to, I am starting to realize I must choose between -Hair OR Makeup- obviously, makeup wins out.

Here's me rockin a hat and a side ponytail-yes, I did bring back the side ponytail.  And do you even notice my lack of makeup with this awesome hat on?? Nope.

I have had to get creative with how not to do my hair, without looking like I don't care about my hair.  The key to decent hair (notice I say "decent," I'm not going to kid myself into describing it as great hair!) I've found is either a good hair piece or a good hat.   (Or in my case a cute kid to distract from your bad hair, example is my cutie Jack to the right!)

So in the past week, I have probably worn a hat 3/4 of the time, whether it be a baseball hat, fedora, or a straw hat, it doesn't matter.  Hats cover dirty hair or even clean hair that hasn't had time to be dried.  Hats make you look more "done."

My baseball hat and my baby. But the baby is much cuter, and she has better hair:-)

Here's Walker at the same diner with me- with that smile, he needs no hat help!

And if hats aren't your thing, then a huge fabric covered head band (I like the ones that mimic a scarf without all the work of putting a scarf on), can be your thing.  I put my hair in a messy bun or a pony tail and then just throw on my black and white headband by Susan Daniels.  Voila, good hair-wait, decent hair!

My cutesy head band actually makes my tshirt look not soo casual!

So in a nutshell, if you have no time to do your hair, it's really about the art of distraction.  Emphasize something else on yourself so that no one even notices what you haven't had time for.  In addition to my head band day I also wore a nice big blingy knuckle shield ring (see below, thanks to Wet Seal) my tshirt and jeans day to make me feel a bit more put together.

And once again, a cute baby is my best accessory/distraction for a bad hair day!!!

October 8, 2010

Why You Should Do A Bridal Makeup Consult

It is no secret that I LOVE working with brides on their wedding day, but I also really enjoy doing the prep work with brides at their trial runs.

Me in action applying false eyelashes with my future bride Ashleigh!

Of course working with a bride on her big day is great because it is typically the happiest day- so far -of these women's lives that I am getting to share with them.  They are in great moods for a multiple of reasons: they have lots of people surrounding them that day that love them, they're being pampered by hair and makeup, they get to wear a brand new beautiful dress of their choice, and they are about to marry the person of their dreams that they have decided to spend the rest of their life with.  So the fact that I get to be in the mix of all that fun and be in charge of creating their wedding day face for them, is thrilling.

But doing their bridal trial runs/consults is equally as fun because we are less pressed for time and can really sit back and talk about their vision for what they want to look like when they walk down that aisle and all eyes are on them.   I am posting some pics of a bridal consult I recently did (thanks Ashleigh for letting me post close ups of your pretty face for the world to see!) and that I will be working with in two weeks here in the great city of Athens.

Ashleigh's finished look!  She went for the pink lip gloss I suggested even though she didn't think she could wear pink!

Consults are a necessary part of the process because:

  •  I like to be comfortable knowing that the bride and I are on the same page in terms of their "look" before the actual wedding day. I encourage brides to bring photos of looks they love to give me an idea of what they gravitate towards.
  • Everyone is on a time schedule on the big day and there is no time for mistakes or better yet experimentation!  
  • Trial runs helps us to work out all the kinks and try a bunch of looks until we get it right.

  • We can try false lashes to make sure bride is comfortable with the way they feel so that they're not surprised or uncomfortable on the day they should feel most comfortable (see Ashleigh's awesome lashes above!)
  • I use so many different products while experimenting with a bride's look.  If someone off the street wanted to use all the stuff I do or buy everything I end up using on the day of, I calculated it would literally cost them over $400 in product...at least...to recreate what I have!  
  • Once the bride is happy with what I've created, then I write everything down on a face chart (I created my own and have each product and color I used listed on the left hand side) so that I have it to reference on wedding day. 
The main reason for doing bridal makeup consults is so that on the wedding day there are no surprises.  Because no one likes surprises on their wedding day- unless it means the diamonds on your wedding band end up bigger than expected or someone gives you an extremely large wad of cash as a wedding present you weren't expecting!

October 7, 2010

Not So Boring Teal Eyeshadow

So obviously I have very little free time since it's been awhile since my last blog.  My only excuse- I have three small children to keep alive, healthy, and happy.  In that order or importance;-) Ha!

And because I am so busy with my three little ones, my makeup routine has taken a hit.  I still put on makeup of course, but it's gone very neutral/easy- aka-boring!   Being a makeup artist, I usually take pride in stepping out of the box when it comes to my makeup and not wearing the same ho hum colors everyday. Such has been taking place lately.

Well Boring Be Gone!! Today- I took time for myself and had fun with my makeup (my hair had to take a hit, but one out of two ain't bad right?!). I took the teal inspiration from my Target plaid shirt and applied it to my eyes! But of course since my eyes were the main focus, I kept the cheeks and lips fairly low key.  The family and I actually got out of the house to go to dinner (yes this is a big deal when you have very small children, so it was cause for dressing up my face a tad!) at one of my favorite taco joints here in town, Taqueria del Sol.  They have the best fried chicken tacos and margaritas-yummy!

This is me and my oldest at Taqueria. Teal shadow, toddlers, tacos, and tequila.  Good times!

So how'd I get this look?

  • I used my beloved Bobbi Brown Brights Palette, (which unfortunately I don't think is available anymore, but maybe could be found on Ebay or something?) and mixed two obnoxious matte blues together- "blue denim" and "cloud blue."
  • I applied these two blues from the lash line to right above my natural crease on my eye lid and a light sweep of color along my bottom lash line.

  • Then I applied a thin line of dark brown liquid liner (black would've been a bit harsh since the shadow is so shocking) to the top lid and winged it out slightly.
  • Lashes are thanks to my Diorshow Blackout- and lots of it.

  • Cheek color is by mark cosmetics Good Glowing Mosaic blush in "chica" ($7)
  • Lips are a champagne color by Estee Lauder's High Gloss lip gloss in "honey" ($17).

Hopefully my makeup rut is now broken and I will continue to be more creative with my color choices.  I must say, I did walk with a bit more pep in my step knowing that my makeup rocked and I wasn't just sporting boring browns and taupes. So if you find yourself in the position I did today, try a little teal eyeshadow in your life, it just might make your day;-)

October 3, 2010

Keys To Better Bridal Makeup

{Me at work painting faces!}

I had such a spectacular Saturday yesterday.   (The only thing that tried to ruin it was that I got a speeding ticket driving back home from a  wedding I had done-ugh.  But I cried enough after the policeman wouldn't cut me a break that I've gotten it outta my system.  Onto remembering the good parts of my day;-))

The weather has finally turned to a lovable 70 degrees down here in the South and it has made a world of difference in how I enjoy the day.  I also got to drive up into the North Georgia mountains to work on a wedding for a lovely bride and her wonderful bridal party in this gorgeous weather, where it was even cooler!  I must say, I do slightly obsess about weather for my brides, because cooler temps means there is little chance of them sweating their makeup off during the day!!

My massive set up of products.

I'm going to post some pictures from my day with Beth (the bride) and her very fun and gracious group of bridesmaids. I was super pumped when I walked into the spa where I was to be doing makeup, and had this fab room with 3 huge well lit mirrors!!  I can't tell you how many times I usually do makeup in dimly lit church parlors or hotel rooms, so this was a makeup artists dream situation;-)

In addition to wonderful lighting that helps immensely when doing someone's makeup, I have found two new products (new to me, not new to the manufacturer) that are key to getting better skin when doing bridal makeup.  I recently ran out of my Smashbox Photo Finish primer, and had to run to the MAC counter to buy something hopefully comparable since I don't live near a Sephora-boo- and couldn't get my Smashbox before the wedding.  And you can't do bridal makeup without skin primer!!

{MAC Prep + Prime products.}

The extremely helpful MAC girl introduced me to two products that would help give my brides and bridesmaids better looking skin:

1.  MAC Prep and Prime Skin ($26.50), basically a skin primer you put on to help with fine lines, wrinkles, and rednesss.
2. MAC Prep and Prime Skin Refined Zone Treatment ($19.50), basically a pore filler and creates a matte finish to the skin, good for t-zone area.  Nothing ruins a look like big nasty pores showing up!

{Skin perfection thanks to primer!}

Check out this close up of one of the bridesmaids I worked with (Jessica- you looked beautiful- thanks for letting me show this extreme close up:-)) and how pore-less her skin looks with these two products on.   I put the skin primer on top of her moisturizer then a very small amount of the pore filler on top of that before all the colored foundation products.  I used a synthetic brush to apply the pore filler in short strokes.

{Flawless finish! Yay!}

A neat fact about this wedding I worked with is that her wedding day is going to be aired on the TLC show "Say Yes To The Dress" the Atlanta version!  How cool is that??! This show chronicles the brides search for the perfect dress for their big day.

{Me and pretty bride Beth!}

So of course I was thrilled that my two new products did such an amazing job on giving Beth her most perfect skin ever for her TV close up.  This is me with the already beautiful bride-inside and out!!  Beth- I can't wait to see your television debut and I thoroughly enjoyed working with you and all of your bridesmaids-you have a wonderful support group!

Nothing like perfect weather, a happy bride, and some good makeup to round out a Saturday!!