November 30, 2010

White Hot Winter Makeup

Me in my winter finest on the way to the football game!!  Man was it cold.

It is now finally starting to feel like winter down here in the South!!  And what made it feel even more like winter, was that fact that this past weekend I got to go to my first (and probably last) University of Georgia football game of the year.  There's nothing like bundling up for an SEC football game and sitting out in the bleachers watching your team win a huge rival football game!  Although, about 15 degrees warmer might have been nice;-)

Well I've been experimenting with colors that look like a winter wonderland (I'm really tired of my typical brown and taupe's on the eyes and neutral mouth), but that don't make me look washed out.  And the key to looking hot in the winter months, is to play with the color WHITE.

The look I was going for here is more "ice princess" than say, "frosty the snowman." A tad bit of white, but not a face full.

Here's how I got my icy look:

Eyes:  My main ingredient here was Kat Von D's eye palette in True Love ($34), and I used one color from it called "missy" which is a white-ish shadow with a hint of lilac undertone.  I also drew a thin line of mark cosmetics metalliner in silver along the top lashes and then coated over that with the "missy" shadow.  I also put just the shadow along my lower lashes, no liquid liner.  A random pinkish-mauve shadow was placed in the crease to break it all up.  And of course, lots of black mascara- this is L'Oreal Voluminous.

Cheeks:  *Great tip alert* If you notice the picture above with my cheeks showing, you can tell that the upper part of my cheekbone is slightly glowing.  That's because on top of my Nars "Mata Hari" cheek color, I applied a bit of the white lipgloss (mentioned below, yes I'm jumping ahead of myself!) above my cheek color to give a dewy youthful appearance!  I really like the slightly frosty look the lipgloss created on my cheekbones.  But beware, I have super dry skin so I didn't end up looking greasy, so if you have oily skin, this might not be such a great tip for you.

Lips:  I used an old Lancome lipstick color, Chrystal Amythest, which is a pink color with a slight lilac undertone that went nicely with the eyemakeup.  And then I topped it off with a shimmery white lipgloss, Crystal Candy Tasty Lip Jewels ($8) (from Bath & Body Works) which was also applied on top of my cheekbones as explained above.  Don't cha just love the jewel top on it??

* I was just made aware by a twitter gal that I follow (thanks Ally!) that Chanel is coming out with a killer white-based nail polish called "Riva" and it's certain to be the new hot color for winter!!
You know when Chanel comes out with a new color it's always the hottest commodity for whatever season and usually impossible to get.  But the link I have above is to Nylon magazine's website and tells you how to create your own Riva at-home knockoff!*

All of this icy look was inspired by my tee shirt- yup, might seem nerdy, but I find inspiration in anything!!  It's an Old Navy holiday special from last year, but I loved the sweet little reindeer with the sparkles that says "fa-la-la-la-la" so I had to keep it around.

I cooled my look off with the color white- what colors or products are you using to create your winter face??  And if you haven't already done so, follow me on Twitter and Facebook- you're bound to find out some interesting info from this obsessive makeup lover and insanely busy mom of 3 under 5!

November 26, 2010

Hooray For The Younger Middle Aged Spokeswoman!!

I apologize in advance for the lack in blogs lately (I feel like I’ve been apologizing a lot for this recently).  But with the Thanksgiving holidays around and all the traveling and school parties for my kids, it’s been a zoo around here and I’ve hardly had time to breathe, sit down, or even open a computer.  Now with turkey day over, maybe I’ve got a lull before the Christmas madness starts up!!

Heidi Klum for Ann Taylor at age 37
And like I’ve mentioned in a past blog, with this lack of time I have had a huge stack of magazines that had yet to be read.  Luckily I had a little time while at my parents house to catch up on a few of them while they ran after my kiddos instead of me.  Much to my delight while flipping through the beginning pages of my magazines I’ve been noticing a lot of ads that feature younger middle aged women (I mean 30-40’s ladies) that I can actually relate to!  
Now let me put it out there that I’m NOT one of those women that feels that magazines should only show “real” women in their ads and in their articles, and by real I mean with size 8 and up bodies with average hair and faces.  I don’t need to pay for subscriptions in order to look at people like myself- I can walk my local mall and do that.  I buy and read magazines bc I like the fantasy of looking at above average looking ladies and fabulous clothing on amazingly fit bodies- something to aspire to or at least to inspire me to do better with what God gave me.  

Before makeup products applied
Check out my average lady before and better after photos of me.  The first is sans makeup (oooh, scary!!) and then me with all the makeup and eyelashes I could slap on my face in preparation for our family Christmas photo we would be taking.

After makeup products applied- yippee!!

 I took advantage of some beauty products that helped this thirty something look like a better version of her natural self!!

So back to the middle aged spokeswomen subject- it is nice to look at women that are around my age but looking absolutely fabulous and getting some ad cred!  A few notable names I’ve seen are Julia Roberts & Kate Winslet for Lancome, Heidi Klum for Ann Taylor, and Christy Turlington for Maybelline.  All above the age of 35.  Isn’t it refreshing to not ONLY see 18 year olds in ads?

Kate Winslet for Lancome at age 35

Another common denominator that all these women have that I can relate to is that they all have children- Julia and Heidi even have 3-4 kids like me!  So just because you have children doesn’t mean you must let it all go- you CAN still be a great mom and look dang good doing it.  Now I’m not completely blind and think that these ladies look this great right when they wake up. I know they have makeup artists and photoshop on their side, but they still have something great to work with.  The fact that the cosmetic and fashion industry is taking notice and putting stock into these women by putting them out there as their spokeswomen for their brands, I say “Hooray”!!  I want to buy more of what they’re selling!!  

Christy Turlington for Maybelline at age 41!  Wow!!
Are you as proud of these companies that feature older women in their ads as I am or do you think the teens and twenties spokeswomen are more appropriate to see?

November 19, 2010

Makeup Doesn't Have To Be Complicated

Okay, so I'm aware I've only done a handful of blogs this month and it's almost the end of the month-how time flies!!  But my life has been hectic and crazy to say the least.

Now that the holidays are in full swing, it's like my family and social life has just ramped up 5 million notches and there is little to no down time during my day-seriously.  For example, I have 2 Elles, 1 In Style, 4 Us Weekly's, 1 Glamour, and 1 Real Simple, that have yet to be touched, some not even out of their cellophane.  And when JennySue can't make-or find- time for magazines, you know it's busy in my household!!

Not that I want any of this to come off as complaining at all, quite the opposite.  I am extremely thankful (hint hint, it's about to be Thanksgiving!) for my busy life because it's full of children and their busy schedules, my new exercise routine that is 6 days a week, makeup jobs, friendly get togethers, and holiday shopping to get done.

Me and my sweet lil 12 week old who has been keeping me verrrry busy lately!  She's not a "potted plant" anymore. Ha!

So with all of that being said, obviously my hair and makeup routine is slim to none on a day to day basis.  I mean check out my shoulder in the pic above- yes that's baby spit up.  But I'm becoming more and more comfortable with that.  I did have a moment (one!) to read an excerpt by Garrison Keillor (in my Real Simple magazine) that really hit home because I sometimes feel like I complain too much about non-important things in the grand scheme of life.  Like not having enough time to put on my makeup bc the baby is crying-boo hoo right??

He said, "It's an unjust world; mortality has us all by the tail; we live in a culture of complaint; and yet, as we all know, there is much to be grateful for-though we're reluctant to say so, fearing it may sound smug or boastful."

It's a scary but obvious fact that we're not gonna live forever, so basically we should make the most of the time we have here on earth and be thankful for the many things we do have rather than focusing on the thing things we don't have...I have to remind myself to think this way a lot;-)

Thank you MAC for your Viva glam V lipglass.

Makeup doesn't have to be complicated to be effective.  Since my makeup routine time is needing to be trimmed down bc of taking care of 3 little people on a daily basis (plus 1 hubby), I realize that if you have only one or two great makeup items it can make a huge difference.  In my own shallow makeup artist way of thinking, my one makeup item I am grateful for is MAC's Viva Glam V lipglass ($14.50) .  It might be something small and materialistic, (I mean there is a sweet beautiful baby girl in my picture I could be thankful for- well that's the obvious one!) but this lipgloss is the perfect neutral that can be worn anytime of day, for any occasion, and be perfectly effective at making me look put together.  Any skin color can wear it, seriously.  It's got a touch of light gold under a great neutral pink base.  So thank you to the genius at MAC that created an easy go-to gloss for this busy mom.

What makeup item are you grateful for that makes your life (face) easier and less complicated??  Please share with me!!

November 16, 2010

Sexy Little Cheeks

If there is one makeup product that I don't think women get enough mileage out of, it's their cheek color.  Everyone is so afraid that they're going to put on too much so they end up not even bothering or doing so little that they may as well have just forgone that step completely.  Big mistake, big, huge!! (that's from the film Pretty Woman when Julia Roberts is in the snooty boutique and gets banished from the store even though she's got a wad of cash from Richard Gere to spend.  Remember? Okay, moving on)

Rosy bright cheeks send a sassy message that say, "I'm happy and confident" in my opinion.  It makes your whole face light up and look really healthy.  Pale cheeks with no color, send an "I'm boring and want to fade away" message without having to say anything at all.

Don't my cheeks look sexy?? I'm talking to my husband on the phone in this pic!

Getting pretty cheek color is really quite simple.  It takes two easy steps to get my sexy cheeks!

1.  Apply your powder blush first.  I used my Sonia Kashuk "melon" blush ($9, it's matte, no sparkle) and applied it right on the very top of my cheekbones in a circular  C motion with the curvy part of the C going towards the outside of your face.

2.  Next apply a cream or gel blush on top of your powder.  This not only sets the color on your cheeks but adds a second dimension that gives your cheek not such a flat look.  I have on Tarte's Tipsy cheek stain ($28)  which actually has a tad bit of peachy shimmer to it that gives a dewy look to your skin.  I apply this right on the upper part of the apples of my cheeks- not specifically all over the powder C formation.

And if my cheeks weren't sexy enough, I'm smelling pretty sexy lately too.  I just treated myself to a new body mist scent by Victoria's Secret (one of the sexiest stores out there for obvious reasons right??) called "Sexy little things Noir"($22 for full size- my pic shows my $10 smaller version).  This mist smells super delicious and what I envision night time smelling like, if that makes sense at all!  I typically fall for scents with vanilla in them, but this is more along the amber and orchid route, and I love it.  I also like the mist idea over the perfume bc it's not too overwhelming so you can spray it anywhere.

I just gave you two ways to get sexy "cheeks"- with blush and body mist;-)  Ha!!

November 13, 2010

Thanks Elle Woods (Legally Blonde) For The Inspiration

I just got the chance to go catch a Broadway musical adapted from the cutesy film, "Legally Blonde" that was made famous by cutesy actress Reese Witherspoon.  I love love loved this movie when I saw it years ago. It's fun and brainless entertainment with a heroine type ending!  Who doesn't love a movie that has a female hero who beats the odds?!!

Three things that drew me into this musical:
1.  The female "villain" if you will, was named Vivian, my daughter's name-but she is a sweet angel;-)
2.  Elle Wood's was a fashion merchandising major (which is made fun of by the way-boo) which was my major at UGA!  Wrong sorority though;-(
3.  The color pink and flamboyant wardrobe was very prominent throughout, and I'm loving ALL shades of pink these days.

My fuchsia pink lips, pink cheeks, and pale pink eye shadow!

In honor of Elle's love for pink,  I did a major bright pink lip that was put together with a "berry" lip ink by Palladio and lipstick by Revlon's Colorburst lipstick in "fuchsia" ($8) that I've blogged about before.  Using a lip stain, which is like a magic marker for your lips, acts like a lip pencil without the harsh lines of a lip liner and gives your lipstick a more vibrant color.  And looks a bit more youthful in my opinion when using such a bright and obnoxious color!!  Don't you think Elle would be proud of my pink face??

There was a lot of sparkle in Elle's wardrobe (they had sequins on practically everything she wore!) and I just happened to be sporting my own new sparkle on my fingernails and ring.  I just purchased a new nail color by China Glaze called "fairy dust." ($5) Doesn't the name alone just make you want to wear it??  It's a clear base with tons of multicolored sparkles- my nails don't show up well enough in this photo to do it justice so I took a pic of the bottle. I think it would look better on top of a dark navy or grey polish to bring out the sparkles more.  And of course my fave knuckle ring full of bling- fake bling, but blind!

The wardrobe changes for the musical were often which kept it interesting to see what she would be wearing next in each scene. And not that Elle Woods (the title character in the show) wore the following shoes in the play, but I thought to myself that she would if she could!   I have been on a major search for leopard print booties, and low and behold Budget Babe came through with what I've been looking for.   I follow the Budget Babe everyday on email (thank goodness!) and they compared the new Jimmy Choo leopard booties to a more affordable (cheap) competition.

I just ordered Charlotte Russe's leopard print booties for $35- and the real deal from Jimmy Choo which go for over $1400, look amazingly similar!!  Check these puppies out-they are awesome and look as good in person as they did online-which is always a gamble.

After months and months of wanting and waiting to find a pair of leopard print booties, I finally got the best deal I could find- literally 38 bucks total.  Do you notice and love my P90X calves in this mirror picture?? Ha!!  I've completed two weeks of my total body workout program...only 11 more weeks to go!

Leopard print is rather chic in my opinion.  Just look at all the celebs that love the leopard bootie look!! I can't wait to rock my own!!

If "Legally Blonde" comes to a theater or venue near you, I would definitely recommend it, two thumbs way up!!  And don't forget to support Elle and wear your PINK!

November 8, 2010

JennySue Makeup Product Review :: CUE'S-Clean Under Eye Shields

How often do you apply your makeup and then all of that eye shadow and mascara inevitably falls into your eye beds creating darker circles or messing up your concealer and foundation that you've already applied??

Well I was just sent a product, Clean Under Eye Shields (Cues), that was created to prevent that issue.  This is one of those products that you might would think, "well that's just lazy if you can't just use a qtip and some eye makeup remover to clean the area?"  But when you use these shields, it takes away that cleaning step.  And who doesn't like to save time while doing their makeup??

These little shields are super paper thin almost semicircle like, that are applied with just a light amount of water, then stick to right underneath your lash line and cover the area to the top of the cheek.  These were easy to apply, got a little crinkly under my eye but it didn't matter that it wasn't super smooth, it still protected my eye bed.

What I was most impressed with was that when I applied my mascara on the lower lash line, which is typically where I get messy, these papers soaked up the mascara and gave me clean eyes!

I had not applied my foundation or concealer before I used these, but the website says you can use them on top of your other makeup, so if you're one of those who likes to do face makeup first then your eyes, these could definitely be the product for you!!  *I also think these would be great for touch ups when doing your eye makeup from day to night and making your shadow and liner a bit more dramatic by adding more product.  These would keep your other makeup free of added color.

November 4, 2010

Let's Get Physical

Remember the old school Olivia Newton John song, "Let's get physical"??  It is so dang catchy and I'm about to take that song to heart and start working out- let's hope working out catches on!!

This is a big deal because I am constantly working on bettering my face with all sorts of creams, lotions,  cosmetics, and color, but I very rarely take care of my body.  I do admit I'm kinda lucky bc I got some good metabolism genes from my folks, but I'm what you call "skinny fat"!  I am thin, but have ZERO muscle tone, and I'm ready to change that.  My energy level is also at an all time low, so after having three babies, it's about time this mama started focusing on more than just her face!!  I need to exercise to be able to keep up with my three little angels and not run out of steam after 5 minutes of pushing them on the swings- yeh, pathetic.

These are my "guns."  Impressive, no?!!

Tony- creator of P90X- very impressive guns!!

So I am going to make you all hold me accountable for my new workout routine.  I figure if I post this on my blog, there is NO WAY I am going to quit!!  I am starting the mega total body workout routine, P90X.  It's 90 days worth of hard core workouts I can do in my home (plus!! ding ding, I have no time to go to the gym right now) and each dvd works out every single inch of my body.  I'm on day 5 right now and can barely move, but I'm sure this will get easier...I keep telling myself that to believe it.
The personal trainer, Tony Horton is about as ripped as you can get (as if you need any more motivation than looking at this guys body!).  And after seeing all of the before and afters on the BeachBody website of real people that stuck to the 6 day a week workout (you get one day off) it's about as inspirational as you can get.

If you are all lucky,ha!, after 90 days of doing this, I will post my before and after pics! But in the meantime, have any of you tried P90X or any other at home workouts that have changed your body for the better??  Here's to gettin' physical and hearin' my body talk- or scream!!!

November 2, 2010

Halloween Flair

It might be the beginning of November, but I'm still getting over Halloween night!!

This my son Jack dressed as a Transformer in front of our neighbors house whose was decorated way cooler than ours!!  Jack asked if we could PLEASE have a graveyard in our yard next year.

We always have lots of friends and neighbors (with their kids of course) over to our house for the big night and have pizza, tons of candy, and goodies to snack on throughout the evening.  It's such a joy to see what each child decides they want to dress up as and how cracked up they get at seeing each other as something other than themselves.  Now that all of our kids are growing up and starting to understand how trick or treating really works, it just gets to be more and more fun as the years progress.

The "grownups" didn't choose to dress up this Halloween, but even though I didn't have a specific character in mind, I definitely took the opportunity to wear a little Halloween flair that I wouldn't wear on a normal weekday.

My flair that I added were:

1.   A pair of Revlon Fantasy lashes ($6) in "blue shadow" that were dyed blue and were super long on the outside corner pieces.  These were really easy to apply and I loved that they were an unconventional color.  I channeled the blue that my youngest son was wearing as Batman!

2.  In addition to my fake lashes, I also rocked a rather large temporary tattoo on my wrist that I got as a freebie from a order by Temptu adorn tattoos.  These are super realistic looking and only last like two days, but are fun if you want to try on the look of a tattoo without the commitment.

This company did the tats for Beyonce's House of Dereon clothing line ad campaign above.  The temporary tattoos look cool and realistic, but personally I think looks so un-Beyonce-like and not very flattering on her.  There's a lot Miss B can do, but pulling off the tons of tattoos isn't one of them. She should leave this look to the professionals like Kat Von D!! But this company makes really beautiful designs and they're easy to apply.  Mine didn't come out as dark as it should bc I didn't have any of the transfer pads left that came with the designs, so I had to use plain rubbing alcohol, but you still get the picture.

So even though I didn't go all out, it was still fun to add a little extra fantasy to my everyday look and to see all of my friends take a second look and wonder if the lashes and tat were real!!  I like to keep people guessing every now and then.  And my sons were fascinated by both the lashes and the tattoo, so if I got their attention and approval, it was a job well done.

And of course I had to share this pic of me and my hubby (above) plus all of the kiddos together in their costumes (below) on our front porch.

The group pictures are always a good time to try and get toddlers to all sit still and smile at the same time.  If you look closely, you will notice my fearless Batman at the top right is not enjoying the group photo. This has become a running joke bc he NEVER likes group photos year after year!  His baby sister (Vivian the pink skeleton) is right next to him and oblivious to all the screaming.  Her friend Hank (the monkey to her left) is not actually falling off the couch, his mother is holding him up behind the furniture.  So NO, no children were harmed in this photo, it just looks like it!

Hope everyone had a safe and happy Halloween and now here's looking forward to a fun "flair" filled November!!