The Basics Of Disney Princess Makeup

I think it’s safe to say that almost EVERY little girl dreams of being a Disney Princess at some point in time.

Whether it be while playing dress up as a small child, or becoming one in a dance recital, or even just daydreaming about it while watching a Disney movie.  There are lots of princesses to relate to these days, from blonde Cinderella to raven haired Mulan.

What got my thinking about this blog title was that we took our boys to meet up with some friends in Atlanta to see JM Barrie’s Peter Pan at the threesixty theater and my favorite character ended up being Tinkerbell, of course (not really a princess, but fairies are just as lovely right??).  If you live in or around the Atlanta area, and have kids 5 or over,  you should make a trip into see this play.

Me and my boys in front of the Atlanta World of Coke after seeing Peter Pan-notice the gigantic lollipop needed to get them out of there with no fits!!

It is so cool visually, because the circular tent that is set up literally has a 360 screen projected that makes you feel like you are flying with Peter and Tinker- so very cool.   But I do put in there 5 yrs or older, bc we took our 2.5 yr old as well, and had to bail at intermission bc of someone getting ants in their pants and talking very loudly about “needing a snack!”

So when thinking through which princess I liked the most or related too, I noticed there being a common theme among their makeup (cartoon makeup!) looks.  Granted, these characters are created to relate to young girls, so it is smart of the artist that creates them to keep their look simple. Is it strange that I am noticing such details about a cartoon??  Anyway, moving on.

I picked Jasmine from Aladdin as my fave princess and look to copy for the day.  

She has much deeper skin tone than me, but she’s got the black hair and brown eyes, so I went with that;-)  After checking out a couple other photos of other princesses I notice a common theme of these ladies.

Here are the very basics of Disney Princess makeup:

1.  They all have flawless skin– Ha!- obviously- why would Disney put zits on these chicks??  So this means I used my MAC Prep and Prime skin primer before applying my Maybelline Dream Smooth Mousse then put my Makeup For Ever HD Finishing powder on top of it all for a flawless look.

2.  They all wear neutral skin toned shadow and black eyeliner.  Some with thicker eyeliner than others, but all have a thin strip of it on the upper lashes.  For Jasmine’s look, her liner is way more winged and exaggerated than the other princesses.  So for hers, I did a brown pencil first (easier to draw with) as my stencil, then went over it with my Kat Von D Tattoo liner, then pressed black shadow on top of it.  Shadow is by Too Faced Cosmetics, Teddy Bear and Heaven Duo.

Finished eyeliner look.
1st step using a brown liner as a stencil before applying black liquid liner.
Black liner on top of the brown before the black shadow was put over it all to soften the line.

3.  They all wear light pink or bronze blush, worn high on the cheeks. I used Estee Lauder “Tender Petal” blush and Palladio’s Mosaic bronzer in “spice.”

See- Belle and Mulan both have light pink blush with soft pink lips!!

4.  They all wear pink or neutral lip gloss.  The darkest lips I’ve seen were on Snow White, with a toned down red version.  I used one lipstick from my newly created lip palette of worn down lipsticks, so I don’t know the exact color, but on top of the lipstick, I used L’Oreal’s Infallible lip gloss in Dulce De Leche- one of my fave bronze lip glosses.

Now you can start noticing the cartoon makeup jobs on all the Disney princesses like me!! I know it’s kind of random, but that’s how my mind thinks, “always makeup always makeup always makeup!!”  At least this look was an easy one.

Who was your favorite Disney princess and why?? I’d love to know I’m not alone in my fascination with this group of ladies!!