January 11, 2011

JennySue Makeup Review :: Tarte The Jewelry Box Palette

I'm a big fan of Tarte products.  I own quite a few of their cheek stains and lip glosses, and now I own a BUNCH of their best products and colors all in one!

I received Tarte The Jewelry Box for Christmas ($52) and absolutely love it!!  It has many color options and possibilities for looks.  Here's what it's got to offer:

  • 32 full size eye shadows- half shimmer, half matte- wow, that's a lot!!
  • 5 mini colored eye liners
  • 1 mineral powder bronzer
  • 1 highlighting powder
  • 8 lip gloss colors

The ooonly thing it's missing that would make it completely perfect, would be if it included a couple blush colors.  But that's just me being really picky :-)  So the olives and greens in this palette just spoke to me and I decided to try my hand at safari type colors while I wear chunky sweaters!  

I used the matte cream color all over, then two different shades of green (one olive from lash to crease then one true green just along the lash line), and one gold color slightly above the crease and blending into the matte cream.  The only thing not Tarte related is my mascara and mark's bronze metalliner ($6) on upper lashline.  I liked the contrast of the bronze on the greens. 

I did use the mineral bronzer on top of the highlighting powder which I used all over my face.  Plus I used a very pale pink from the palette on my lips. As an extra added bonus, this box has a verrry wearable detachable necklace.  This pic below is of the gold cushion type box of cosmetics with the necklace attached on the outside.

Normally, when a piece of jewelry is not the main focus of the product you are buying but just an add on, you would think it probably would be worthless/unwearable.  But not in this case!!  I have actually worn this gold and black rope like necklace quite a bit.  And I love wearing big chunky necklaces with chunky sweaters!  Here is a close up of it- who knows if it will "turn" but for the time being, it's pretty fab.  

It reminds me of the old Chanel black satin bow chain link necklace below;-)

If you're looking for a palette full of wearable shadows and lots of lip choices, this is a great buy in my opinion.  And you'll get a shiny new accessory to go along with it!!  You can't beat that combo!!


Dao said...

This Tarte the Jewelry Box palette is a monster palette! I debated between it and UD Book of Shadows 3 and at the end, I went with UD. However, this palette is a good option for those who don't own a lot of makeup. Tarte makes some reliable products and with that price, I guess I can play with makeup for a whole year!

Amy said...

JennySue- Once again, I'm liking your blush. Tarte too? I'm looking for some winter color. I've been using the tarte smooth operator finishing powder lately. How does that compare to the Makeup 4ever powder you frequently mention? Also, have you tried Benefit's Bella Bamba blush yet? I keep seeing your positive Nars orgasm comments, but peachy usually means orangey for me and I'm afraid to try it. Maybe you could give us (your readers) a lesson on applying blush properly- mine never quite looks as even as I'd like. As always- thanks- love your blog:)

Anonymous said...

i'm debating on using my sephora g.c. on the tarte palette or should i go with tarte cream blush and that catwoman eyeliner?? so many fun choices! meg

JennySue said...

Dao, I wanted the Urban Decay book but they were sold out! So my mom in lawn bought me this Tarte box, which I actually really love and has so many options!

Amy, thanks for the blush comment again! Blush is actually a combo of the included highlighter and bronzer with a tad of the same pink lipgloss used on my lips, on my cheek bones as well-nice trick for a slight glow. I would go Makeup For Ever finishing powder over this Tarte powder. the MFE gives your skin the most ultimate perfectly "finished" look! I haven't tried the Benefit color, but that is a bummer about the Nars color- try the Mata Hari bc it is much pinkier! I will def work on a blush tutorial, thank you for the idea!

Meg, I would personally go for this Tarte palette, it has more to offer than just the other 2 products. You have many more options for looks!! Go for it girl!