My Birthday Details!!

Well today is my “birf-day” and I am the big double 3’s- 33- and it feels pretty darn good.

Turning 30 felt like a big deal and it was mixed with, “omg I’m out of my young 20’s, but, omg some of the sexiest women in Hollywood are way over 30 even 40 (um, Halley Berry & Heidi Klum).”  So now that I’m comfortably past the 30 point, I am just looking to embrace getting older.  

And by embracing, I mean:

  • wearing more fabulous accessories (like my silver/gold/rhinestone rose ring!) 
  • experimenting with all sorts of makeup and embracing what false lashes (shown above!) can do for a fading lash line
  • not dwelling on what my looks or body used to look like 10 years ago, but how I can make it better this coming year.  
  • most importantly, soaking up every moment with my 3 little ones because they are growing up soooo fast (just like me!), that I blink my false lashes and they’re going to be 16!!  

And so, my sweet and romantic husband presented me with this really sweet card this morning….

Sweet and sappy huh??! Hahahaha!  This card is very him- he’s not afraid to get me a Christmas card when it’s Mother’s Day- he’s quite the jokester.

Just thought I would share some of my birthday weekend details with all of you!  Last night me and my folks- whose birthdays also fall within the same week as mine (my mom went into labor with me on her birthday and had me the following day!)- and my hubby and in-laws, all went to a birthday dinner at La Dolce Vita for some yummy Italian food.

This was my bday dinner face- I added some Revlon Intensifying false lashes for some flair!

We cracked open a bottle of 1993 Dom Perignon to enjoy before we headed out to dinner- nothing says  birthdays like champagne!!  I don’t think I’ve ever drank something this $$ before!

Me and my hubby strolling to dinner in downtown Athens!
Me and my pops enjoying celebrating our birthdays together!  Handsome fellow isnt’ he;-)

My mom, dad, and me all blowing out our birthday candles and making wishes for the coming year.  And no, I can’t tell you what I wished for or it won’t come true;-)

This morning my sweet boys presented me with two little t-shirts they picked out themselves, a black Beetles one and a Hot Wheels one (bc my 2.5 yr old Walker is literally obsessed with these cars).  I decided to sport the Hot Wheels one since it’s a lovely 70 degrees here in Athens GA and the weather called for short sleeves.  Not sure I can remember the last time I celebrated a birthday in January where it was this warm- but I’ll take it!!

I’m loving this retro looking pink Hot Wheels shirt.  Who knew a 2.5 yr old could have such cool taste??

In honor of the pink tee, I decided to match it with some pink makeup.  Pink eyes, cheeks, and lips!  I went all out.  

 The eyes are 2 shades of pink and 2 shades of purple from my Tarte the Jewelry Box collection.  The cheeks are Too Faced Snow Bunny bronzer.  The lips are a combo of MAC’s lipglass in “Underage” and one of the Tarte hot pink lip glosses in the Jewelry Box.

I always tout how much I love the color pink on a female face because it screams youthful to me.  So since I figured I could use a triple dose of youthful while turning 33, I decided to use a lot of this happy color!!!

And now for a slightly random addition to this birthday blog.  My name is Jennifer (contrary to popular belief that it’s JennySue- will blog later on why I named my makeup business this!) and I found an interesting statistic in my InStyle magazine that had to do with my name.  They hosted a study through on which celeb “Jennifer” that men found the most attractive and who would be their ultimate dream date.
The choices were:  Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jennifer Garner, and Jennifer Aniston.  Can you guess who the big winner was between all of them??  My hubby chose Jennifer Garner (she would have been my choice were I a guy!) but the majority (41%) chose….

Jennifer Aniston!!  
And the great thing is, she’s the oldest of the bunch, being a foxy 42!!  This confirms that my 33rd birthday isn’t looking so bad and I am actually looking forward to many years to come!!