February 24, 2011

Face Lifts Aren't Just For Faces

Face lifts are typically thought of as a positive, uplifting, thing.  Whether they are actually ON your aging face, or if it's a play on words as a "face lift" elsewhere.

So if you've been reading my blog for the past 3 weeks, you've heard me mention about the annoying toilet flood that happened in my own home.  It destroyed about 1/4 of the downstairs of my house and left me and my hubby and 3 kiddos in limbo in our own home for about 3 weeks.  Buuut, on the bright side, my house got it's own little face lift!!

Here are my before and afters:

My floor-less kitchen eating area after the flood

My kitchen with brand new wood floors and zebra rug (I've always wanted zebra somewhere in my home!).  I got this off my fave discount site, Overstock.com, for like $75 bucks and only 3 bucks shipping on everything!

 My cutie Walker showing you the ugly yellow floor-less dining room!

My new and improved dining room with peacock blue walls!! So much better!!

So not only are houses getting face lifts in my household, but I just gave my eyes a little face lift with just an eyeshadow technique.  I call it, the "upside down eyeliner" trick.  I literally got a couple compliments on this look within an hour of sporting it out.  People couldn't tell what exactly it was I had done, but they liked my eye makeup!!

To get this instant eye lift look, all you have to do is to focus on using a deep shade of shadow only on the lower lash line, and swooping it upwards at then ends.  "Abracadabra, give me lifted non-droopy eyes!!" Poof!!

I used a deep plum/bronze eyeshadow pan from Stila (Barefood Contessa- $18) and took it from the inner tear duct on the lower lash line and made a fairly thick swooping line of color that was pulled upwards towards my temple.  This is an ever so subtle trick that is somehow easier to pull off a winged look on the lower lash line than it is the upper line.

So what is your easiest trick for a face lift without the surgery??


Hannah said...

I like Benefit's Eye Bright under the brows. Helps define my brows and brightens my eyes at he same time. Also makes you look like you just had your brows done bc it can hide some of the smaller strays.

JennySue said...

OOh, I might have to give that product I try then- love me some Benefit products! I always have strays that I can't seem to get all the time. Thanks for sharing!!

bodylift said...

I totally agree with you. She have wonderful make-up. She looking very nice. But some of her make-up is unnecessary.

Dionitia said...

Try BeautiControl's instant facelift set. Combo of chemical peel, mircroderm abrasion and line fillers all in the comfort of your own home. It is amazing how much better make-up looks on great skin! I will have to try the item from Benefit too! Tried the eyeliner trick and it looks better on you!