How To Contour Your Face With Makeup

There are a couple ways you can add contour to your face, with liquid foundations or with powders, I think it’s kind of personal preference and how much time you have on your hands (powder takes less time in my opinion!).  And when I say contour, that means you are adding definition to your face by bringing certain features out and receding others.  Most people want to create cheekbones, so you do that by “contouring” your face.  It should be an ever so subtle look for everyday wear so that no one notices the darker colors used.

I have an oval shaped face and no cheekbones to speak of, so my goal is to create chiseled cheekbones and to shorten the length of my long face. I usually do all of my makeup first, eyes and foundation, then apply the bronzer, highlighter, and blush last. And the tip here, is to use a flat bronzer (NO shimmer- it will look too fake since you’re using it on multiple areas of your face).

 Here’s a play by play of how I typically contour my face.

1.  My face before the contouring begins.  I look pretty washed out and pasty without bronzer- eww- ha!!

2.  Bronzer (Palladio Mosaic Bronzer in Sun Kissed) applied diagonally from the top of my ear to underneath the natural apple of my cheek.  You want the bronzer to create a slightly sunken in look so that  you can apply your blush color above it.

3.  Bronzer applied along the top of my hairline in a downward V shape and then underneath my chin to shorten the look of my long face.

4.  Bronzer put on either side of my nose from bottom of eyebrow down to the top of my mouth.

5.  Next comes your blush color.  I apply mine in backwards C shapes on the exact apples of my cheeks.

6.  Next comes the highlighter powder (Too Faced Cosmetics Snow Bunny Bronzer) which brings out your bone structure instead of receding it like the bronzer.  I first applied it along the top bridge of my nose down the center then along the tops of the apples of my cheeks.

Voila!!  My face has more definition and color! 
I also used this idea on a Miss UGA contestant I worked with this weekend.  Here are her before and afters.     

Me and Danielle after makeup
Danielle and her hair artist in action, Dercy from Republic Salon

Danielle during all the pageant festivities after the hair/makeup/evening gown!! 
Doesn’t she look just beautiful??!
We also added lots of false individual lashes to really bring out her eyes- what pageant girl isn’t complete without falsies??  A big thanks to Republic Salon here in Athens Ga for allowing me into their salon  – they are true professionals and make everyone feel right at home- this is where JennySue gets my hair done!!  I hope you did great Danielle- I’m sure you gave a super star performance.
And here’s a little fun manicure inspiration.

Since it’s Super Bowl weekend, we are going to a friend’s SB party and I made some CapnCrunch Berry cereal marshmallow bars for all the kids (and me!).  I love Super Bowl parties, bc it usually means lots of yummy food and appetizers and the creative commercials are always fun to see.  And no, I have no football favorites- I actually just found out last night who is playing in it.  Since the Falcons aren’t playing, I could really care less who wins.  Guess that’s a good way to go about watching a game so I don’t get nervous about the outcome and can just enjoy myself!   My nails that I painted alternating pink and purple happened to match my dessert bars- HA!! How’s that for a “sweet” look!!!

Here’s the easiest recipe for a yummy and colorful snack kids and adults can enjoy:

CapnCrunch Berry Crispy Bars
1 10.5 oz bag mini marshmallows
1/2 stick unsalted butter (4 tbsp)
6-7 cups CapnCrunch Berry Cereal

Microwave to heat marshmallows and butter in a microwave safe bowl for 2-3 min stirring intermittently with a spoon until mixtures is smooth and melted.  Add your CapnCrunch berry cereal and stir until cereal is coated.  Spread it into a greased 9X13 pan (I use spray butter Pam) and let cool completely, then cut into bars.  MMMMmmm yummy!