JennySue Makeup Review :: L’Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes

I am a sucker for mascaras.  I think there is nothing more feminine than a chick with nice long luscious lashes.  So when I saw L’Oreals Voluminous Million Lashes ad with gorgeous Eva Longoria, I just had to try it!!

I mean, who wouldn’t want lashes like this…even though we all know those are falsies, but it’s still intriguing.  I love the original Voluminous mascara, so I figured this would be the ultimate version.  The ad claims it makes your lashes 3x thicker, which means no length promised, just wider fatter lashes.

Here is a view of the wand.  I agree it made my lashes thicker, but it didn’t separate as much as I had hoped.  It clumped a bit more than I had hoped- guess that was their idea of thicker.  Overall, I gave this mascara a 3.5 out of 5.  It was just mediocre, nothing too special.  It definitely gave me noticeable lashes, but after two coats it was too dry to even try and add a third.  And it clumped more than I liked.

So here are some photos of my experience with the Million Lashes mascara:

My Walker showing off the shiny gold tube!!

Bare lashes. 

First coat of mascara.  Not bad.

Second coat of mascara.  Slightly clumpy- is this the thickness promised??

My little helper wanted to be a part of the picture process while he saw me doing my lash pictures, so here we are!!  He’s so lucky he doesn’t need any makeup or mascara to be handsome!

I loved all of the emerald green colors from the Golden Globe Awards that I thought I would channel the green colors for my eyeshadow.  Catherine Zeta Jones was my definite favorite of that night.  I cannot wait for the Oscars to see what fab fashions and colors glide down the red carpet- February 27th!!