February 17, 2011

JennySue Makeup Review :: L'Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes

I am a sucker for mascaras.  I think there is nothing more feminine than a chick with nice long luscious lashes.  So when I saw L'Oreals Voluminous Million Lashes ad with gorgeous Eva Longoria, I just had to try it!!

I mean, who wouldn't want lashes like this...even though we all know those are falsies, but it's still intriguing.  I love the original Voluminous mascara, so I figured this would be the ultimate version.  The ad claims it makes your lashes 3x thicker, which means no length promised, just wider fatter lashes.

Here is a view of the wand.  I agree it made my lashes thicker, but it didn't separate as much as I had hoped.  It clumped a bit more than I had hoped- guess that was their idea of thicker.  Overall, I gave this mascara a 3.5 out of 5.  It was just mediocre, nothing too special.  It definitely gave me noticeable lashes, but after two coats it was too dry to even try and add a third.  And it clumped more than I liked.

So here are some photos of my experience with the Million Lashes mascara:

My Walker showing off the shiny gold tube!!

Bare lashes. 

First coat of mascara.  Not bad.

Second coat of mascara.  Slightly clumpy- is this the thickness promised??

My little helper wanted to be a part of the picture process while he saw me doing my lash pictures, so here we are!!  He's so lucky he doesn't need any makeup or mascara to be handsome!

I loved all of the emerald green colors from the Golden Globe Awards that I thought I would channel the green colors for my eyeshadow.  Catherine Zeta Jones was my definite favorite of that night.  I cannot wait for the Oscars to see what fab fashions and colors glide down the red carpet- February 27th!!


Dao said...

Love your green eyeshadow! I had Voluminous Million Lashes before and I was disappointed. It's more of a Telescopic than a Voluminous and I hate that it clumps. The original Voluminous is still something that's impassable.

The Kikay Girl said...

Love your make up here and your son is so adorable! :)

Lus said...

Here is a copy Of the Loubotins(I'm not sure if spelled right) that you saw on your trip to Las Vegas with you friends

JennySue said...

Kikay girl, thanks so much for the nice compliment on my son. I think he's pretty cute that's why,I couldn't pass up posting that cute smile!

Lus, I checked out those shoes, and they look so similar to those Louboutins I loved in the window, thank you thank you for sending me this link to this fab shoe site!! Is this your website?? Thanks for thinking of me!

Lus said...

No, is not my website. I do use it pretty often. They have a lot hippy and edgy clothes, yOu probably would like it. I just started reading your blog and saw the older one. Your children by the way are adorable.

Kettelyn said...

I love emerald green as well : )

Love your blog!

Kettelyn xoxo