The Power Of Brown…Eyeshadow

I did a blog a long time ago called “What Can Brown Do For You” and it has been one of my most wildly popular blogs to date.  So I figure, you all dig brown eyeshadow as much as I do.  Check out the link above for specifics on how to pick the right shade of brown shadow for you.

Brown is one of the easiest shadow and lip colors for most of us to pull off, you just have to find the right shade for your skin tone.  I am sporting various shades of brown on my eyes and lips here!

Brown gets a bad rap for being boring and ugly, but that is soooo not true.   Now I do have vivid memories of some bad brown lipstick from when Miss Jenny from the Block (Jennifer Lopez) was a Fly Girl on In Living Color.  Check her out on the very bottom in the middle sporting some not-so-flattering brown lips (although I’m sure back in the early 90’s, we all thought it was a beautiful shade-but now we know better!) along with her fellow Fly Girls.

I tend to go through brown phases where that’s all I wear because it’s easy to pull off with whatever I have on that day because it is such a great neutral!!  I just purchased a new brown from MAC called “handwritten” ($14) that has renewed my love of brown shadow. This one is a deep matte brown with a hint of eggplant purple, and is really pretty for ladies with medium to dark skin shades.   I have it on from lash to crease in the pics below- however my camera somehow turned it to looking slightly reddish. Probably bc I have on a copper brown eye liner.


My stab at a brown-ish lipgloss. This one by Becca in color “Afterglow” ($23)

My complete brown face- although my cheeks are more pink/terracotta- can’t go too crazy;-) 
Cheek color by Paula Dorf, color “passion” ($21).

Here are my latest BROWN SHADOW FAVORITES (listed in order shown on my arm from left to right):

1.  Lancome “Mannequin”($17) – good for fair skinned ladies, hint of taupe.
2.  Stila “Golightly”($18) – good for everyone, has a hint of bronzey-copper.
3.  MAC “Soba” ($14.50) – good for fair to medium skin tones, hint of light gold.
4.  MAC “Handwritten”- best for medium to dark skin, deep brown w/hint of eggplant.

Of course there are a ba-zillion other brown shades that I love, but I don’t want to bore you with them all.  But never underestimate the power of brown and what it can do for your face!!

Also- never underestimate the power a wall decal can make to transform the look of a room!  This has nothing to do with makeup, but I have most recently become a big fan of the crafty website Etsy.  Ever since the flooding of my house, we have been fixing up rooms affected by the flood.  So I decided to spice up my half bathroom with a red dandelion decal I purchased off Etsy.

Me in action placing the dandelions on the wall- it actually took two people to do this though- thanks mom for your help!!

My son showing you actual height of each dandelion! He says the short one is him and the taller one is for his big brother!

My finished product with turquoise accents added to the red dandelion decal and red rug.

Since wall paper is so difficult to put up by yourself and was too $$ for me to hire someone else to do it, is why I decided a decal would be the perfect way to add some whimsy to my bathroom.  This bathroom is now my 2nd fave room in my house (first is my daughter’s nursery!) and makes me so happy every time I enter it.  Isn’t that how all rooms in a house should feel??!!

There you have it- my two fave things these days, the color brown and wall decals!!  I’m pretty easy to please huh??!