February 15, 2011

The Today Show On NBC Plays Tricks On You

I get very little time in the morning to watch anything on TV that I like because of my two boys - they basically ask to watch own the TV the moment their little feet hit the floor.  So I try to get up a little earlier before them so I can enjoy a jolt of my coffee and catch up on current events with my fave morning show, the Today Show on NBC.

But first...random morning style addition...

I wish I could look as cool as Nicole Richie always does when she's drinking her coffee - and there are lots of pics of her consuming this addictive stuff!!  Here is an old photo of her, but it doesn't matter,  she is so effortlessly cool!!  Maybe I should start drinking Starbucks instead of my cheap Folgers in order to get style like that ;-)  Ha ha!!

So anyway, back to my Today Show epiphany.  First of all, I love love Matt Lauer (super sexy smart guy!), Al Roker (funny weather guy!), and Meredith Vieira- they all make a great morning trio.  But I've always been amazed and slightly perplexed, as to how smooth and flawless Meredith's skin appears everyday.  I mean, she IS 57 years old and her skin looks like she's only 40 on TV at 7am in the morning!! What kind of makeup is this chick wearing?!  I swear I've seen photos of her where her wrinkles are quite obvious, um, see photo below.

Well, I've figured out that it's not necessarily the makeup that is making her look so incredibly wrinkle free.  Imagine my dismay, horror, and maybe even relief, while I was sipping my warm cup of coffee and noticed Meredith's face suddenly turn wrinkle free! This must have been a slip up by the camera man because it wasn't exactly seamless from wrinkles... to baby-smooth skin!

Warning! **(This is a homemade video I made of my actual TV screen so you'll have to watch really closely.)**

You'll probably have to watch this again, and maybe even once more after that, to see the wrinkles m.a.g.i.c.a.l.l.y disappear on her face!!  Watch the profile of her face at the beginning of this, and then as she turns her head ever so slightly,  all of sudden the wrinkles on her forehead and around her mouth just faaaadde away.  Make sure to click on the 4 small arrows in the corner to blow up the video big enough to see what I'm talking about. Watch this....

I honestly rewound this thing like 20 times to make sure my eyes weren't playing tricks on me or that I hadn't consumed too much caffeine- and they weren't.  I tried to look online to find out what and how they can make this magic happen.  I didn't find much except for something called "skin enhancing" which is a digital setup that helps soften and reduce lines on faces but requires a lot of time and effort to get it right.

So when I say this is a slight relief for me, I mean, it's because I thought I was missing out on some secret fantastic foundation on the market that magically covers and fills in wrinkles!! Truth is, seeing is believing, and I now believe that not everyone on TV is as perfect as the networks would leave you to believe.  There is definitely some "trick" camera work going on, and I would bet it's not just NBC working this angle!!

I'm on to you NBC, and now so are all of my readers :-)  I wonder if Hoda and Kathy Lee get any love from this trick??! Ha!!


CrystalS said...

I totally believe it! I was talking to another mua who is currently working on a television show and she says that it is way common for digital filters to be added to segments to enhance complexion texture. It's crazy, Jen!

Melanie P said...

This is part of what my hubby does, Jennifer :). In filmed shows, they use color correction. In live shows, they use filters.

And Oprah is the QUEEN of this!! Think about how soft her skin always looks :)

Dao said...

Was that your voice? I always imagined you sounding like that and apparently, I was right.

That camera trick is awesome! I wish I had something like that, too! Forget about keeping it real. I want to keep it smooth :)

Katty Mama said...

OH! DId you see the KL and Hoda episode they did without make up???? Very interesting!! They showed a few different of their ladies without make up and it was CRAZY the difference!! Yay for make up artists!! LOL :)

JennySue said...

Melanie- I cannot BELIEVE your hubby does this for a living- how cool!!! So you're saying he's a magician then right?? Ha!! And your Oprah comment makes total sense, she does always look amazing flawless- ah ha!!

Dao- yep, that's me! I really dislike hearing myself on video, but someone's gotta do it! I wish I had a "wrinkle filter" I could walk around with in everyday life;-)

Yes, KM, I did see that episode! Makeup is wonderful, don't know what we ladies would do without it;-)

Cool Modern Mama said...

WOW!! That's so crazy!! Honestly, this really makes me like her a little less. I'd rather see her use make-up to enhance her beauty than use some kind of filter that changes her so drastically (and makes other women her age feel inferior in the process). Every women has access to make-up, but we can't all walk around with a filter on our faces! Yes, she's obviously worried about aging like most women are, but come on! This is taking it too far.

AffordableBeauty said...

Wow!! That is crazy to watch!