Thursday, April 21, 2011

Athens Fashion Week - 25 Most Stylish Event

Get ready people, this is a looong one!!  But I have lots to share and some good pics and info about a fun event I got to go to Tuesday night.  You've been warned...

As you all know and have probably gathered from following my blog, I am a mom of 3 first, makeup artist second.  As much as I love makeup and getting all dolled up and dressed up, it sometimes takes a back seat to keeping my kids happy and healthy and alive!!! Ha!!

Me with my oldest at his tball game before I headed out to a fashionable event!
It was tough keeping the hair and makeup to stay put during the hot afternoon sun and all 
the yelling and screaming I was doing for my boy!

I'm definitely not one of those mothers who I feel has "let myself go" after having children, quite the opposite.  I work harder than ever to keep from looking like a tired and haggard mother of 3 under 5.  I certainly don't put my kids before this maintenance, however, keeping myself still feeling youthful and hip makes me better able to handle my day with these little ones- it's a self confidence thing.

I do feel better in stacked wedges and a cute outfit than gym shorts and no makeup;-)

Case in point, my newest purchase shown above, these Vera Wang shoes from Kohls that make me feel like a celebrity and the nude color goes with everything!!  They look extremely similar to these 
Brian Atwoods ($600 big ones!) I've seen Victoria Beckham wear before!

I realize everyone is different in what they're comfortable in, and I just happen to be more comfortable in full makeup and uncomfortable sky high shoes- beauty is pain right??!!

So I was shocked and honored when I got invited as an honoree at the kickoff party to Athens Fashion Week, to the 25 Most Stylish People in the Classic City event!!  See my invitation below.
*BTW- Kim Zolciak from the Real Housewives of Atlanta is going to be in Athens tonight as part of Athens Fashion Week!! If you're in the area, buy tickets to support the 4-H Foundation and see Kim and her baby bump!!*

It just warmed my heart to know that someone out there thought this mom of 3 has kept up her style despite my busy hectic play date and kiddie filled days!!  It was a most humbling gesture.  This event was held at the hippest boutique here in Athens, Flirt Fashions, (they also sell their fab clothing selection online- check it out!) with a most fabulous and fun group of stylish people attending.

Me with Ashley, the owner of Flirt Fashions. She and her hubby threw a rockin' party!!

So I'm going to just share with you a bunch of pics of everyone I met at the event a couple nights ago.  It was exciting to meet all these different people and hear about all the great and stylish entrepreneurs the city of Athens has to offer.  In case you're interested in finding out more about them and their businesses, I was able to link most of their websites.  Keep in mind, right before I attended this event, I had been at my son's tball game, then literally had to do a quick change in a local restaurant bathroom before making it to the party on time!!  You gotta do what you gotta do to balance motherhood and a social life right?!!

Me and the hubby at the 25 Most Stylish Event.  
First time I've ever been asked to be photographed before entering a party!  
I obviously don't know how to pose for one of these things bc my purse is sticking out from behind Scott's back!! Ha!

This was my full outfit for the party with some budget pieces thrown in.  
I list the pieces at the end of the blog.

Two fabulously glowing ladies I met- Brooke and Julie, the creators of
 True Glow Mobile Spray Tanning.
I needed their services that night!!  You ladies were so much fun and I look forward to getting a healthy and safe spray tan from you soon.  Their site is

Me and Andrea, owner of Mint Hair Salon.  I have a champagne induced smile going on!!  
Wish you could see her hot pink Dior shoes she had on- FAB!  She's also a mom of 2- see, being a mom doesn't mean you have to lose your cool factor!

This is Emily, a professor at UGA, whose TXMI class I spoke at a month ago.  Isn't she the most 
beautiful teacher you've ever seen?? My husband said he wished he had had teachers like that when
he was in college! Ha!  Loved her peacock earrings- obsessed with feathered earrings.

This is me with one of the sweet ladies of Heery's Clothes Closet in downtown Athens.  
She told me their doors have been open since 1959!!!  
How's that for showing that their buying skills have stood the test of time! 

This is Corey McCants who is the event planner for Athens Fashion Week- and he has his own 
company and website.  The guy can do it all and was so gracious!!!

By the end of the night, I was putting on DJ Mays headphones!! 
He was so nice and was mixing great tunes during the whole party.

So there was my mommy's big night out!! I had a blast getting all dressed up and meeting lots of new and interesting folks.

Oh, and here is a list of what I wore out to the event- it was a good mix of hip lines and budget lines- I DO have to leave money to buy diapers...

Black flouncy cami by Target, my own gold bolero type necklace, creamy lace skirt by Free People, patent leather pumps by Vera Wang for Kohls, black clutch by Hobo International, and big vintage topaz cocktail ring on loan from my mother in law!

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