Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Best Celebrity Makeover :: Kelly Osbourne

I am obsessed with the idea of makeovers...period.  I love makeover shows (helllooo, How Do I Look? on the Style channel anyone??), I love the idea of changing someone's mousy brown hair into flame thrower red, I love introducing a plain Jane to the world of red lipstick and black liquid liner, I love the thought of being able to transform someone into a better version of their original self and giving them the confidence that comes from a really great makeover.

The biggest makeover sensation that I've seen in recent years is coming from Miss Kelly Osbourne- daughter of famed metal rock God Ozzy Osbourne.  I'm sure you've heard of this family.

Just to get right to it- here is a BEFORE and an AFTER.  This is truly one of the most fantastically shocking makeovers I've ever seen...are you ready??

BEFORE- Scary.

AFTER- Sensational!!
Yes, this is the same girl.  Ah-mazing huh??

Isn't her new look exquisite??  Not only has Kelly transformed herself on the outside, but I've read in numerous articles that she has also done quite a makeover on the inside by quitting a nasty drug habit and starting an exercise routine.  She has also started a stint on Fashion Police with mean queen Joan Rivers (albeit hilarious and so truthful!) which is one of my new fave shows to watch to catch up on the latest celeb fashions hits and misses.

Lately Miss Osbourne is always a hit in my book.  Here is a small timeline of how her looks have evolved.  I think she might beat out chameleons such as Madonna and Lady Gaga for the record of most different looks and hair color changes!!

Goth Kelly.  Why pink shadow and red lips shouldn't be worn together.

Kelly with dad Ozzy.  I actually don't mind this asymmetrical hair cut.  She pulls it off.

Kelly's pink bob and major winged liner.  Not sure if this is her real hair dyed, or a wig??

Kelly goes auburn hair and no makeup.

Platinum blonde with distracting flower head piece! But getting better.

Getting it right with the bright statement lips and form fitting dress.
Did she read my Cherries in the Snow blog for this inspiration?? HA!

This last photo of Kelly is GORGEOUS- I'm not sure she could have done anything better. 
Hair-perfect, makeup- flawless, and clothing is classy!!

Aren't makeovers fun?? What celeb do you think deserves "Best Celebrity Makeover" title??


Irishenchantment said...

kelly osborne is truly inspirational when you read about what she used to do/be compared to now :)

shel xx

Bruce said...

Wow, that makeover was awesome.

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