November 7, 2011

Bold Cheeks Are Pretty

This is actually a repeat blog posting, because somehow, in the midst of re-doing my blog, I re-posted this one (I'm still learning after 3 years of blogging!), but didn't want to delete it forever bc I thought it was a good one for the coming winter months!  I know the color in my face is lacking, so blush is the best way to bump it up when I have no time to self tan!!  So enjoy for the 2nd time if you've seen this one before;-)

{My bright happy cheek color!}

I have been loving the idea of BOLD CHEEK color for this season.  Like I've always said, I think most women don't wear enough blush these days.  I am always trying to convince my friends and clients that nothing makes a face look happier and healthier than a bright cheek!

I think women shy away from using enough blush because they are:

A. afraid of looking like Raggedy Ann the doll, or
B. they are afraid of looking like a clown.  Those two reasons are similar right?

The best way to pull off a pretty bold cheek is to keep the eyes and mouth very subtle and to make sure the skin looks flawless so the colorful cheeks take center stage!

Main products used:

Estee Lauder cheek color in "fresh plum" ($26)
Tarte cheek stain in "flush" ($30)
Neutrogena Healthy Skin compact makeup in "buff" ($13)

{LipFusion InFatuation lipgloss in "first crush" ($29, close up shown above)}

{No blush-boo.} 

{Circles of cheek stain layered on top of my powder blush.}

{The finished product after cheek stain rubbed in!  
Bold and beautiful cheeks!}

The key to getting bold cheeks that stay, is to put on your powder blush first (my fresh plum) and then layer your cheek stain (flush) on top-who doesn't need staying power!!  Putting these two together creates a more pigmented (not sure if that's a word, but it is very descriptive!) look and also keeps the cheeks looking fresh and not too matte.

So my question to you is-  Would you wear cheeks this bold??  What's your favorite blush color of the moment??


Amanda said...

You have the most amazing wrinkle free skin! I love Tarte cheek stains they look so natural. :)

Katie harrison said...

Pixi at Target also has a gel based cheek stain, FYI. I like it.

JennySue said...

OOh, I love Pixi!! Will have to check theirs out- maybe they will be cheaper too;-)

Melanie said...

Your cheeks look gorgeous! Love it

City Girl Chicago said...

I love your cheeks here! I use a powder bronzer normally with a little blending of blush on the apples of my cheeks ~ so it is probably a bit "bolder" than most ladies go, but I love this look of cheek stain ~ a must try!

ps ~ love your blog, now your newest follower!

Sanya said...

I think I'm scared of that kind of products, but it looks very great on you!

JennySue said...

@CityGirlChicago- thanks so much for the follow and the comment!
@Sanya-it's just makeup and makeup can be removed if it turns out scary!! play and have fun!! thanks for the sweet compliment;-)