Thursday, May 19, 2011

Foundation Tips Into Your 30's

Sometimes a picture speaks a thousand words.
And this one shows how I feel as my 30's are rapidly flying by,
 getting closer and closer to that 40 year mark...

Yeh.  This is my 5 yr old being sprayed in the face by his slip n slide, he didn't even know what hit him...And now he's about to enter real kindergarten, where does the time go???

This is my 5 yr old's pre-k graudation ceremony, sniff sniff. 
Unfortunatley, we are minus 1 of our 3 kids in this pic, it happens- 
you can't get the perfect family pic all the time right??!

As much as I am embracing the years as they pass by, I also don't want to look like the years are passing by as quickly as they actually are.  A big part of looking your best (at any age) is to work your makeup to your advantage and to wear appropriate makeup for your specific skin needs.  Since I'm in my 30's there are definitely some changes I am experiencing with my face.  And getting your foundation right is what can make or break people guessing your real age, and your fantasy age;-)

I'd like to think I could work my makeup to make me look as good as Nicole Scherzinger above (almost 33 yrs old like me!).  She is new hot commodity now that she's going to be MC'ing The X Factor with Simon Cowell!!  I might need to step up the self tanning though...

Here are two main issues that can start happening to your skin when it enters the 30's:

  • Fine lines start to creep up and become more prominent.
  • Sun damage is starting to rear it's ugly head and taking a toll on your overall skin tone.
Now that you know what you're dealing with in this age, here is my strategy when using foundation to correct them.

1.  Use a primer that contains silicone to soften the tiny creases and set the canvas.  Smashbox PhotoFinish (at right, cult favorite!) and Laura Mercier's Foundation Primer are two top picks that have the magic ingredient.  Remember, primer goes on after moisturizer, before your foundation.  A little goes a long way.

2.  Dampen your sponge very slightly before adding your foundation to it. This creates a more sheer application which is also build able if you need to add another layer.  Start at the inside (nose area) area of your face and work out with short strokes.  As we age, thicker foundation is NOT better, it's more aging.  Actually, this always rings true!!  Keep your layers light!  Lancome's Teint Miracle ($37) is getting a lot of love these days in the magazines.

3.  Add a light application of translucent (colorless) powder to set.  Using a powder puff is the best way to apply this product, and it should be pressed, or rolled, into the skin for the best coverage.  Again, moderation is key so that you don't end up looking too chalky.  This is to just to help lock things into place.

What are your favorite foundation secrets for a more flawless and younger looking skin??

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