Red Lips – Matte Or Glossy??

I love a good strong red lip.  However, I can’t ever decide which is better – matte or glossy?

{This is a MATTE look.  No gloss or shine- it’s flat.}

Both looks have positive and negative attributes in my opinion:

Matte– Easy to apply, doesn’t seep into mouth wrinkles, seems more understated for the color, sometimes feels drying.
Glossy- Very obvious, a “look at me” look, tends to run easier than a matte one, not at all understated, feels more hydrating.

So I decided to test the matte/glossy debate with two different red lip products:
1. MAC’s Russian Red lipstick- my MATTE look
2.  L’Oreal Infallible lipgloss in Rebel Red- my GLOSSY look

Here is my experience with both looks.  However, once photographed, they don’t look remarkably different like they did in person, unfortunately.

{Matte lips}
{Glossy lips. Which means shiny!}


Personally, I must say I am a bigger fan of matte red lips overall.  I think they look classier, but I also think they are easier to apply without messing up like the glossy type.  However, in photographs, I rather like the appearance and oomph the glossy lips have!! Confusing??!!

In addition to my love of red lips, I am also in love with cream lace on shirts, like that of my Kohl’s

short sleeved shirt that costs around 20 bucks!!

Does my lace shirt remind you of anything??
Maybe the new Dutchess of Cambridge famous royal wedding gown detail??  Ha!!

{The new princess!}

You knew I had to include this momentous look on my blog somehow!!!  The lace sleeves on my new shirt I bought a few weeks ago just happened to fall into place with this current look that Kate took on, but I wore my lace to my 3 year old’s bday party cookout this weekend!!  Not quite a royal wedding huh? Ha!

{Birthday boy Walker on left, my 5 year old Jack on right.}

And yes, I ate my red lips off while enjoying my son’s cookie cake.  Red lips are extremely high maintenance and hard to make last through sugar and chocolate.
While this moment in wearing lace might not have been broadcast and tweeted everywhere (like Kate and Will’s was!),  I wore it on a day that meant more to me than any royal wedding – my middle son’s 3rd bday party.  His actual bday was on April 29th, the same day as the royal wedding, but we extended the celebrating into the weekend because that’s the way I like to do birthdays- draw them out!!

Happy birthday to my sweet sweet boy!  You make my life more beautiful no matter what type of lipstick I’m wearing!!

So back to the red lipstick debate- do you go GLOSSY or MATTE when you wear red??