How To Get Sparkly Eyes

“The eyes are the window to the soul.”

I once read a stat that 35% of women get complimented most on their eyes. Whenever I work with a client, I always want to gravitate towards their eyes and wanting to play them up more than any other facial feature.

So I want to share with you my favorite tips for putting that twinkle in your eye!  And of course, one of my favorite celebrity examples is the fabulous mom/model/mogul, Heidi Klum. I feel like every picture I see of this woman, I am immediately drawn to her eyes because she always looks so happy and they always look front and center.

 Her eye makeup above, is very similar to a bridesmaid I worked on over a year ago, below, check out my blog here regarding this look.

JennySue Makeup job over a year ago.  Look how her eyes sparkle!!

Here are my fave steps to making your peepers shine like Heidi’s: 

1.  Put the heaviest concentration of color right near the upper or lower lash line, or both!  In these cases, a black liner is applied on the top of the lash line and on the lower inner lash line.  Make sure it’s waterproof though if using it on the inner waterline so it doesn’t smudge.  And if you want added oomph, use an intensely bright color like I did here.

2.  Use some shimmer in the tear duct area.  I applied some Bare Escentuals Bare Minerals “nude beach” eye shimmer ($13) which is my go to product for subtly shimmery eyes!  It’s warm and shimmery and can be used wet or dry. Love it!

3.  Add the color gold somewhere. Gold is one of those universal colors that I find picks up flecks of color in hazel, green, and brown eyes.  And for blue eyed gals, it just accentuates that color by contrast.  Notice how Heidi and the bridesmaid above both have gold along their lower lash line.  I used the same Bare Escentuals brand in color “true gold.”

4.  Lots of mascara.  Now I’m not saying Tammy Faye Baker it, because that can be distracting.  But I do think the longer and darker the lashes, the more they accentuate your overall eye color.  Just make sure it’s separated and not clumpy!! Cover Girl’s Lash Blast Volume is my fave product here that doesn’t clump at all!!

How do you get your eyes to sparkle?? What products and tips am I missing out on?