I’m Impressed With NYX Super Skinny Eye Marker

I’m in a winged eye liner frenzy these days.  This is a look I’m rocking at least 4 out of 7 days a week at least.

I love getting this look with liquid liners instead of pencils too.  I’ve been wearing Kat Von D’s Tattoo Liner constantly because it creates the thinnest of thin lines.

Well, I’ve found a cheaper alternative to my tattoo liner.  KVD’s liner runs $18 bucks, but NYX’s Super Skinny eye Marker runs only $9.  And it creates the exact same super skinny line for half the price!  The only difference I notice is that the KVD tip slightly gives more, meaning it’s not quite as stiff as the NYX one, but the line it creates is the same thickness.

Here’s my comparison picture I drew on a magazine cover.  
The top one is the KVD one and bottom is the NYX.

The Super Skinny Marker from NYX.

The only bummer about this product, is that the NYX only comes in carbon black, NO other color options, boo, sniff.  But the KVD liner comes in 5 very cool and wearable colors.  
A new little trick I’ve been doing with my super pointy NYX marker is to make DOTS in my lower lash line to create a slightly thicker looking lashes without actually drawing an obvious line.  With a pointy fine tip like this product has, it’s super easy to do and makes a subtle impact of a fatter lash line at the base.
After my little dots are made in the lower lash line- subtle!
This idea of using liquid liner to create dots and a fatter lash line would also work along the upper lashes too if you’re too scared of a winged look.  The dots are pretty mistake proof.
I would definitely recommend this NYX product to anyone wanting a new thin liquid liner- and at 9 bucks, it’s a steal!