My Top 4 Makeup Mistakes

This is going to be pretty cut and dry.  If I had to narrow it down, here would be my Top 4 makeup No No’s.

1.  NOT wearing blush.  I know lots of women are scared of blush, but don’t be.  You should be more scared by NOT wearing it because it’s much scarier to have dull lifeless cheeks.  When in doubt, wear a peachy/pink shade like the extremely popular Nar’s “orgasm” blush ($27) which works for almost EVERY skin tone- seriously.  A little bit of color goes a long way!!
Naturally beautiful Sofia Vergara looks much more fresh faced
with some cheek color added!
2.  Wearing concealer that it too light for your skin tone.  It’s the age old issue called “raccoon eyes”, and it ain’t pretty.  I almost think your dark circles would be better than what poor Taraji Henson is experiencing here.  Concealer that is more than 2-3 shades lighter than your natural skin tone is just going to make matters worse and make those circles stand out more and look plain funny.  
When concealing circles, try a yellow based concealer that neutralizes purple/red/brown
under eye circles.  Try Laura Mercier’s Secret Camouflage ($27)- the ultimate concealer duo to get those pesky circles covered every time.

3.  Going brown on your lipstick shade.  Lots of women think brown is a safe shade when choosing a lip color, but in my opinion, nothing is more aging than brown lips.  Here is a prime example of an extremely pretty model wearing brown lipstick, and it looks horrible even on her!  If you must pick a brown lipstick, please make sure it’s got a rose/gold/pinky base to it to add some much needed healthy color.  
Check out my fave brown based lipgloss from L’Oreal Infallible’s line with a hint of gold that I wear HERE.    * also notice no cheek color in this photo below (makeup mistake #1), and she sure could have used it!*
Pretty model, ugly brown lipstick.

4.  Over-plucked brows.  Pamela Anderson- nuff said, right??  If you end up over plucking, at least make the effort to fill them in ever so slightly with a brow pencil or colored brow wax.  Thicker brows look more youthful- pencil thin brows look very old and tired.
Miss Pam’s brows look not so natural w that skinny arch.  
Such a naturally pretty woman should at least have some brows to show for it!
Speaking of no no’s- here is JennySue Makeup at a very young age dressed up for Halloween (thanks mom for digging this up and sharing with me!!).  Don’t ask me what I was supposed to be- it looks like a very large makeup mistake/punk rock wannabe look!  I certainly wasn’t shy on the blush at least and wore some nice pink lipstick!  
I’ve always wanted a reason to wear tons of makeup at an early age…I can only imagine what was going thru my mind at the moment.  But my pose shows you that it’s all about the confidence, and I look pretty confident that this makeup looks spot on- ha!!  “Makeup mistakes, what makeup mistakes??!”