Universally Great Makeup Products

I had the pleasure of working with a really sweet and beautiful bridal trio last weekend-  a bride, her sister, and their mother.

And as you can see from this picture, these three share similar gorgeous traits!!  

I always enjoy working with siblings and family members.  It’s fun to see when I work with each face, what specific features that are shared by all.  In this case, these three women shared wonderful skin and bright eyes!

The bride Katie- she was ethereal perfection! 
Wish you could see the whole dress- it was soft and flowy and extremely flattering.

I found it interesting that as much as I cater different products to each individual face, I used 4 specific products that universally worked for all 3 ladies:

1.  Cover Girl Lash Blast Volume waterproof mascara in black. ($6)  I ALWAYS use waterproof mascara on bridal parties- ALWAYS.  Everyone sheds a tear, and I never believe otherwise.  I always like to err on the side of caution.

2.  Stila Eyeshadow Pan in color “Kitten.” ($18)  If you notice, this champagne shimmer color was used in each of their tear duct area to make the eyes have that natural looking sparkle.

3.  Stila Kajal Eyeliner in “Topaz.” ($18) I used this soft flesh colored pencil on everyones inner lower waterline to make the whites of their eyes whiter and open up their eyes to make them appear brighter.

4.  Nars Blush in “Orgasm.” ($27)  I’m sure you are all bored with how much I mention this product and color, but it truly works on 95% of the faces I work with.  This is peachy pink perfection!

Like I said, I don’t usually use the same products on multiple people in a wedding party, but in this case, these related women were able to pull off the same products!!   

Have YOU ever used any of these products- what do you think of them?