Saturday, July 23, 2011

Back To Reality

This was my life two days ago while at the beach - dining with the hubby at a nice restaurant drinking wine and champagne and eating delicious rich desserts....

How relaxed do I look??  This was the most amazing dinner at Tomasso on Kiawah Island.

Beautiful sunny golf course background at Turtle Point.  
Once again, I'm super relaxed!

Me and our awesome server Duwhyte, who was from Jamaica and brought
that relaxing island feeling to our meal experience!!  
He looks much cooler throwing up the peace sign than I do!! Ha!!

And now this is my life as of today back here at home- back to parenting the kids with no help from the grandparents we spent a whole week with, cleaning up the messy rooms, and probably doing laundry for the next 3 days...

I couldn't believe my eyes when I woke up to my boys room this morning.
Clothes literally exploding out of their travel bags and stuff everywhere!!

So yep, no more fine dining on golf courses and laying on the beach for hours!!  All good things must come to an end but in some small way, I need a vacation from my vacation if that makes any sense.  Maybe all of this laundry will be therapeutic and bring me back to my comfortable reality....


Tahnia said...

This is hilarious, because I totally understand.
Thanks for sharing. I love your blog.

DaphYin said...

Lol! don't be discouraged girl :) nothings lasts forever right? And thanks for sharing!

JennySue said...

Thanks Tahnia and DaphYin- it's nice to hear I am not alone and there are others that understand how hard it is coming back to reality after vacation!!
So true DaphYin, nothing last forever but there's always another vacation down the road to look forward to right??!!