Sunday, July 31, 2011

Flower Power Nails

My flower power pinkie fingernail- pretty cute and unexpected huh??

I'm a huge girly girl and I love flowers.  What girl doesn't??  Flowers make me happy because of their scent and their color.  Having fresh flowers around the house is one of those inexpensive luxuries that makes a house a home and adds a lovely comfy feel.  No need for elaborate arrangements bought from a pricey florist, my local grocery store makes them just fine and dandy!

Here is my most recent peach rose flower purchase from my local Kroger- 2 dozen roses for $5.99, no joke. I lucked out bc they had too large of a shipment come in and needed to get rid of these things.

In continuing with the flower theme, comes my new manicure.  I picked up some of Sally Hansens Salon effects polish strips in "girl flower" print ($8.50).  I've been wanting to try these things for a long time but had a hard time shelling out the money for them knowing I wouldn't get multiple uses out of it. 

The directions and tools that came with these strips were a bit intimidating. 
My usual nail polish doesn't come with instructions!

My Lady Gaga monster gesture...ha! Actually, just wanted to show off the two flower nails.

My 4 of 10 nails with the flower print.  Reason below.

But the fact that these things are immediately dry makes it worth the price and there is no waiting at all once they are applied!!  This is probably my favorite attribute of these things aside from the really cool flower print.

The reason I ended up with only 4 of my 10 nails is this.  The nail strips come in vacuum sealed packages.  I opened up one of the two packages just to check out the strips and make sure my tiny nail beds were going to work with them.  So then I just left the opened package out on my bathroom counter overnight until I wanted to apply them the next day.  Well, these things are like REAL polish, so my one package I opened, dried up and were useless the next day.  Basically 4 bucks down the drain.  So I was only able to use the 2nd package and had to be choosy with which ones would fit my nail beds.  I actually like the random nails picked bc it didn't feel too over done.  Unlike Katy Perry's intricately designed nails for the Smurf movie premiere where every single nail had a Smurf on it!! Of course Katy can do no wrong in my opinion- she pushes the envelope and is always over the top and I love it.

Even though I'm bummed I couldn't use all of these nail strips, I like the way the 4 turned out and it was much more simple to apply than I thought it would be.  And so far I'm on day 3 of wearing them and no signs of them coming off yet! Woo hoo!!!  There are so many different types of designs of these things, that you will never have boring nails as long as they are available.  I will definitely be trying more of these things out in the future!

Have you tried the Sally Hansen real nail polish strips or would you?? What do you think about prints on the nails- too cool or too much??!


the funky fashionista said...

I have always wanted to try the nail strips but I wasn't sure what they would be like? Those look so cute! I love flowers and all things girly! I love how you did your makeup, too!

JennySue said...

thanks so much!! yes, the makeup did kinda mimic the nails- wasn't on purpose, but i do like how it turned out;-) i would give those nail strips two flowered thumbs up!!!

myinnersuzi said...

I think the flower nails look really cute and go great with the pretty and feminine pink on the other nails. soo pretty, and i agree, your makeup works perfectly with the whole thing. You sure know your stuff, JennySue

JennySue said...

Thanx myinnersuzi for the vote of confidence on my nails and makeup look!! Def loving the intricate nail design.

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