July 15, 2011

My Beach Beauty Essentials

Countdown is on for my beach vacation.  The hubby and I are taking our 3 kids to Kiawah Island, SC (I've been going to this location since I was around 10 yrs old- it's wonderful, not super crowded and very laid back!  All attributes you like the older you get;-).  You might be thinking, "Well that doesn't really sound like a vacation if you're taking your kids with you- you'll just be doing the same daily things with them, just in a different location!"

But this is realllly going to be a vacation, because not only are we going with one set of grandparents, but we're taking BOTH sets of grandparents with us (that equals 4 sets of extra hands), BRILLIANT.

Here's a peak at the makeup essentials I plan on packing up to help me put together my beach face...

{My overall beach face look.  Natural enough without looking too made up.}

1.  My Hold Me makeup bag.  The must-have beginning essential. You can check out my original posting on why I love this makeup bag for traveling HERE.

2.  Skin.  Sonia Kashuk's radiant tinted moisturizer w SPF 15 in color beige- perfect bc it's sheer with just enough coverage, and the SPF is key since I will be in the sun a lot.  MAC's bronzing powder in color refined golden, for an extra boost of color since getting a tan on my face shouldn't be an option, I don't want wrinkles and sun spots!  La Roche Posay daily moisturizing cream with sunscreen- my skin is super dry so I need extra moisture in addition to my tinted moisturizer and this stuff has won all types of awards due to its ingredients.

3.  Eyes.  L'Oreal Voluminous mascara- the waterproof version of course.  Stila eye shadow in color Oasis- a great sunny golden color.  Wet n Wild's H20 proof liquid liner in color smokey- to boost my look a little for when we go out to dinners.

4.  Cheeks + Lips.  Tarte eco-cheek natural cheek stain- my fave peachy cheek color with a hint of shimmer bc I don't like wearing powder formulas when on the beach, doesn't seem natural. Avon's healthy makeup lip cream with SPF 15 color pink charm- I love that I get a little color, hydrating jojoba oil, and the SPF addition on my lips bc so often the lips get left out of the SPF application.

{Don't forget the feet need decorating too!}

And to round out my look (not including the huge amount of clothing left to pack) I got some plastic silver glitter flip flops from Old Navy to sport around the sand in.  I know flip flops are a dime a dozen, but these mold sooo well to my foot (super comfy) and I will be able to just spray them off with water to get annoying sand off.  And they come in gold, silver, blue, and pink sparkle- what girl wouldn't want to walk around with some extra foot bling??!

What products are a must have for you when you hit the surf and sand??


Andee Layne said...

those tarte blush sticks are the best! perfect natural glow xo

Ally Garner said...

What? How did i not know you went to Kiawah too? We've had a family beach house at Kiawah Resort since i was a toddler! Jeff & i just spent 10 days there for our 1st wedding anniversary. We need to coordinate our beach schedules next time so we can hang out on the beach together.

The best product i've bought lately for the beach was Bumble & Bumble's Surf Spray. Used just a dab when i got out of the ocean or pool & my hair look glam. Great for days when you don't want to use the blow dryer & have natural beachy waves. LOVE IT! I just blogged about it yesterday actually.

The other thing i picked up this season for our beach trip was this cute cooler tote bag for drinks & snacks on the beach: http://is.gd/CineAA

Hope y'all have a fabulous time Jenny!

short black dresses said...

Wow,very wonderful!

JennySue said...

Ally, I will have to check out your blog then on the B&B spray!! Sounds wonderful! And your web page on your tote, I couldn't pull up, what's it called?? I'm always looking for cute ways to cart around my stuff on the beach!

Ally Garner said...

Here's the full url for the cooler tote. You'll love it!


It's from Mud Pie and called the Initial Cooler Tote. It's black with white polka dots & a monogrammed letter. It's insulated, leak proof, has a zippered enclosure & fits a ton.

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