The Power Of Brows

Eye brows can make or break a face in my opinion.  And if they’re super thin and over plucked/waxed, well you’ve just ruined your face.  Get ready ladies, this is a picture heavy blog bc I looove to focus on eye brows!!

These are models from Oscar de la Renta’s Resort 2012 collection, wearing an exaggerated brow paired with bold red lips and not much other makeup.  
See my before and after brow impersonation of this look at bottom of blog!

I know what I said up top sounds harsh, but history shows that some of the most beautiful women ever to grace the big screen had thick strong brows like…

Sophia Loren
Elizabeth Taylor
and Audrey Hepburn.

I fell into the mistake of over plucking my brows as a teenager in high school, just because that was the thing.  Big mistake.  I look back at pics of that time in my life and think, “What were you thinking??”  The good thing is, hair typically grows back, but not my brows, they stayed gone after years and years of over plucking.  But luckily, cosmetic companies make all sorts of brow treatments, pencils, colored waxes, and pens, everyone can draw their brows back in if they need too!!

After seeing the pictures of the models from the Oscar de la Renta show with their over drawn brows and dark red lips paired, I had to try it out to show you all the effect of how bold brows can transform a face and make the eyes more noticeable.  I truly believe brows are the framework of the face!

Here are my before brows (with my normal look which is still slightly drawn in!) and after brows and red lips for added punch…

My NORMAL/BEFORE brows with only brown/black pencil drawn in small wispy strokes.
My AFTER brows, which were drawn in thicker with the same pencil, but colored in with
colored brow wax from Sonia Kashuk’s Arch Alert Brow Kit ($10).
I blended the dark reddish color with the dark brown.

BEFORE normal brows.
AFTER bold brows!
Look how much more my eyes pop even when they don’t have any
other different eye makeup on!
Modern day star with MAJOR brows- actress Camilla Belle.
I am obsessed with the brows, lips, the hair, all of it.

Now of course these brows are exaggerated, and I probably wouldn’t go out many places with them being this obvious, but this goes to show you how a stronger brow does ramp up a face.  And of course red lipstick doesn’t hurt either;-)  Brows and red lips make for an eye catching combination!

How do you feel about major brows?? Do you believe bigger is better or do you like a brow that fades into the face?? Sound off!!