Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Vacationing With Kids Is A Beautiful Challenge

If you read my previous blog, I let you in on the fact that we're on vacation at the beach (Kiawah Island,SC- one of our fave vacation spots w kids!) with our children and both sets of grandparents which is lovely.  However the house we have rented for the week has no WiFi.  I didn't think this would bug me, but the fact that I CAN'T blog from the house is more annoying than if I didn't WANT to.  Catch my drift??

So where there's a will, there's a way!! I will blog!  I'm starting to find that blogging is therapeutic and  a way for me to go ahead and capture the fun moments in my life in pictures and words.  

Me enjoying the cool morning air (and palm trees) and some wireless Internet!
I wish I had this type of beautiful background to blog in every day.

My husband and I found a cutesy little coffee shop right outside of the island where we could take a small breakfast break to be sans kiddos, enjoy a cup of jo, (one of my very favorite blogs that happened to go along with our activity of drinking coffee- you will get hooked on this interesting mommy blogger) and where they have WiFi- woo hoo!!!

We got everyone looking at the camera- small victories!!

This is a nice morning getaway because while my children have had a blast here at the beach so far, I can tell you, even though we're on vacation, children can still be a challenge.  Vacations to them don't mean a break from temper tantrums, the "I wanna ____",  and sleeping in. No no no, quite the opposite, they become almost more needy when in a new location!  My littlest muffin has decided she wants to wake at 6:30am EVERY morning- seems she doesn't realize this is VACATION- you're supposed to sleep in - apparently not.  I guess she's super excited to get to the beach and enjoy eating some more sand...insert pictures of my beach bunny Vivian below.

Yes, this is the surprised look of eating sand and it not tasting as good as it looked.

We have a few more days to go of our vacation so maybe she'll give us a break with the early morning wakings...maybe.  We will continue to try and wear her out at the beach which hopefully will result in longer naps and nights!!

My attempt at keeping Viv busy on the beach.

How I'm making my life easier on the beach.  We bought an all purpose Dora beach blanket from Target that actually repels sand really well for the baby to play on! A must for anyone wanting to be on the sand with a baby but doesn't want their hands in the sand which end up in their mouth! Genius buy on my part for only 10 bucks.  And even though actually laying on the beach and reading isn't an option, bc I'm constantly running after somebody, I like to keep my my beach look classic and put together.  I do this with a clean tight pony tail, big fake diamond studs (bc I don't own real ones!), and big black glasses with black bikini.  Not too fussy, just right.

My father n law with my 3 kids.  
Take a grandparent along on your vacation if you can, it definitely makes life easier!

I'm excited to share a look into our vacation with pictures so far, because my father in law took most of these pics with his nice fancy camera so the quality is much better than what you're used to on my blog!

My 3 beautiful angels.  Just had to share these close ups of each.  I like that we captured happy vacation faces rather than melt down modes, which we have definitely already seen and experienced!

My oldest Jack.  This is his determined face to hit the waves!

My middle son Walker.  He loves to dig in the sand, and dig, and dig.

My youngest, lady Vivian.  Sun hat with chin strap compliments of Old Navy.  
There is no cuter accessory than a baby in a hat, that will actually stay on in the beach wind!

Scott with his boys.  Love this picture because of the sheer joy on all 3 faces.

My tangerine and hot pink alternating nails.  Great beach colored combination.

My dad, me, and my daughter.  Can you see the family resemblance??

Love this silhouette pic of my daughter's very first experience with the beach.  
She's just gotten the hang of crawling and loved the feel of this sand.This was taken the first night we arrived (same night she also ate the sand!).

 We took a night to drive into the city of Charleston to visit with my cousin.
This is at Taco Boy which has a killer patio, food, and skinny pineapple margaritas!
A definite must visit if you like yummy mexican food.
They had a fried corn on the cob with feta cheese, TO DIE FOR!

Me with my beautiful cousin Katie.  This was the first time she met her 2nd cuz Vivian!
We enjoyed getting to visit with her since we don't live near each other anymore.

We have over 400 pictures taken so far and the week is not even over yet!  But when you've got 3 little ones and a super nice camera to capture these moments on, why not take a ton!!  I want to remember every single bit of this vacation because like all vacations, it feels like they are over before they even get started.


Larsen's said...

Love your vacation pictures - that place looks beautiful!

I remember when my kiddos were that age. It was fun, but different and exhausting. Now my kids are 10, 12, and 14, and let me tell you...vacations now are SO much easier, and even more fun! (no car seats, they can go to the bathroom on their own, we have the same ideas of what to do...) So, you still have lots to look foward to with your beautiful family! :)

Larsen's said...

PS - Yayyy, I can post to your blog now for some reason!!!


Ally Garner said...

Gorgeous family pics! I can't believe you got all 3 to look at the camera & smile at the same time.

Also, love the color block mani. So pretty! Shout out to Scott for rocking the UGA hat!! Only 45 days.... Go Dawgs!

LaneyGB said...

Wow, I can definitely tell we are kindred spirits (duh, know that by now)! I was JUST on Cup of Jo blog! I saw some great pics she posted on pinterest and ventured over to her blog for the first time! It is great! Love the beach pics!!!

JennySue said...

Woo Christina- glad the blog postings are working for you now!!
And I bet when my kids get older, vacations will be sooo much easier when everyone can do more for themselves!! I don't want to wish their lives away, but for vacation purposes, a little age on them will make it a bit more relaxing I'm sure;-)