Top 4 Must Haves For Fall 2011

I’m falling for fall, because I’m falling out of love with summer.  I am tired of of being hot.  Now that my beach vacation is over,  I’m okay with not having to worry about wearing the lightest amount of makeup possible so that my face doesn’t roll off every time I step foot outside.

As I sit here in my denim knee shorts and linen sleeveless top, I am day dreaming of what I could be wearing in the next few months if mother nature decides to be kind and cool to Georgia.  All of my fall magazines are trickling in and inspiring my must have list!

Here are the trends I will be looking forwarding to wearing while drinking hot chocolate instead of pina coladas…

1.  Fake Specs.  I have great eyesight, so no need for real eye glasses-boo, but I do love the look of spectacles (as seen on Jennifer Aniston).  I heard Claire’s has cheapo glasses that are purely for accessorizing and they have frames to meet every style!  This means I will need to wear heavier eye makeup so my eyes will show up through them…oh darn;-)

2.  Fur Accessories. Faux of course, bc I’m not sure I could (want to) wear the real thing and can’t afford it anyway.  But by sporting a reasonably priced fur vest from Rachel Zoe’s line on QVC here,  I can become my own celebrity stylist!  Her show The Rachel Zoe Project airs September 6th at 10pm on Bravo BTW.  I’ve already put it on the family calendar bc I’d go “bananas” if I missed it.

Source: None via JennySueMakeup on Pinterest

3.  Leather Leggings.  I’ve been doing the P90X program about 3-4 days a week (you’re supposed to do 6 days for max results, but I’m just happy to be doing anything at all!) so I’m hoping to be able to pull this look off without scaring anyone.  I love that Rosie Huntington from Transformers 3 (above) has paired this sexy pant with a full billowy top and flats.  This girl knows balance!!

4.  Bright Jeans.  I have multiple pairs of jeans, but the furthest they go on the color spectrum is to grey and white.  That’s about as funky as it gets. So this fall I’m going to purchase some bright red ones!!  I am a Bulldawg fan by the way so it’s only fitting…Gooooo Dawgs, sic em!!

What trends and styles are you looking to FALL into??