5 Makeup Tips For Looking Better In Photographs

I had the pleasure of working with another fun wedding this weekend and creating some stunning looks on an already naturally pretty bridal party.  I love what I do because I always get to create something new, use different color palettes, and experiment on each individual face depending on what the client is looking for. No two faces are alike, therefore my color choices should never be the same and I should constantly be analyzing what looks best on that person with their skin tone and eye color.

This is what it takes for me to create a beautiful face- I need LOTS of options!!
Thanks to Republic Salon once again for letting me work in their lovely and hip space.

However, there are 5 universal tips I use on pretty much every face (there are always exceptions to any rule though!!).  I am going to share these no fail makeup tips with you that always produce fab results whether you are having to walk down the aisle in front of a large crowd or being photographed a million times in one day!!

The princess bride of the day!  
Katherine went for a multitude of false lash clumps along the upper lash line- 
and the outcome was amazing!!  Lots of lashes always = pretty.

1.  Always wear eye liner.  EVERY lash line can benefit from a small thin line of brown or black liner, to a medium thickness.  Especially used on the upper lash line, lower lash line is optional.  But definitely on top!!

2.  Always wear mascara, and lots of it.  Now I’m not saying go for 5 layers to where your lashes look like they have their own zip code, but don’t be afraid of 2-3 coats.  Just make sure to separate with a lash comb in between layers so they look feathery.  Lashes look feminine and make any eye color pop.

One of the bridesmaids where we went with a charcoal colored eye liner to 
compliment her beautiful green eyes.  

3.  Always place a hint of shimmer in the tear duct area.  I know I beat this tip into the ground, but it makes a great impact every time.  I love to put a neutral champagne colored shimmer right in the tear duct area and just inside the inner corner of the upper eye lid.  This tip seriously makes you look like you had 10 hours of sleep.

This shows the shimmer trick right in the corner of the eye.

4.  Apply a primer before putting on any color (foundation, powder, eye shadow, etc).  Most of your makeup application will fall right into place if you get the skin looking flawless, and a face primer is the best way to achieve that.  I used MAC’s Prep & Prime Skin Visage ($28) on all of these ladies before applying anything else.  It slightly fills in any fine lines, wrinkles, helps with muddy skin discoloration, and just basically helps the foundation and other colors go on smoothly to achieve maximum results.

This bridesmaids skin looks like it’s glowing from within thanks to skin primer and the
eye shimmer trick!

5.  Tilt or turn your head slightly from the camera.  Let’s face it, looking head on directly into a camera almost never looks good.  There was a comment made by the stunningly gorgeous Tiffany Fallon I got to work with a couple years ago, that has forever stuck in my head.  With Tiffany being a former Playboy Playmate and married to Rascal Flatts guitarist Joe Don Rooney, this busy lady gets her photo taken a bunch so I was going to soak in what she had to say!  She told me her best photos are usually the ones where her head is tilted ever so slightly whenever she looks into a camera.  I admit it feels awkward whenever I try to implement this myself, but the photos never lie, I always look a tad bit better than staring head on into a camera lense!

What are your favorite tips for looking your best in photographs? Have I missed any??