Autumn Sunrise Eyes

I am so very thankful that I can feel the beginning of fall starting to make its way into my local weather.  Honestly, I’m over the high 90’s and am anxiously awaiting the opportunity to layer some clothing and have my kids play outside without complaining of being hot all the time!  With the onset of cooler weather, I figured I would welcome in the lovely autumn season with some autumn inspired eyes!

Photo from

I got my inspiration from a photo I saw of Scarlet Johannson at the Oscars this past year.  I remember when I first saw this look with her plum colored dress, I thought it was horrid.  But then I realized it was her hair that was distracting me because IT was the horrid part! Just looked plain messy, no style whatsoever. So hair aside, I thought I’d give these autumn shades a whirl.

The reddish brown combo of these shadows would actually look better on a green eyed gal (like Scar Jo) because I think it would make the eye color pop more than my brown peepers, but I still like the way it turned out.  To put my own spin on it, I added golds and coppers…think falling leaves.  I also toned down the whole look a bit, to make it a bit more wearable than her super orangey eyes.

I used a very interesting shadow my mom gave me from Ulta (mesmerize) that looked greenish brown in the compact, but reddish once applied!!  To make this look successful, I did the following:

1.  Using gold shimmer shadow (bare minerals glimmer in “true gold”) along the inner corners of the eyes and along the upper lid.  I also used a gold soft shadow liner, Maybelline’s Cool Effect liner in “chill the champagne” to line the lower inner rim of my lash line to add to the highlighted look.

2.  My autumn leaf colors of reddish browns and copper were used high up into the crease of my eyes as well as along the lower lash line focusing on the outer corners of each.

I also added black liquid liner to the upper lash line to add a bit of definition to my lash line so my natural brown lashes didn’t fade into my sunset colors.

3.  My skin and lips were kept pretty simple with the addition of a terracotta based blush (Chanel’s golden sun blush) and sheer neutral lip (Too Faced Cosmetics Mirror Shine lip gloss in “I’m Perfect”).  Scarlett’s lips were much more pink based, but I tried the pink look at first and it just looked awkward with such orangey eyes.  I don’t think this gloss color is still available, which is a bummer, bc it was pretty “perfect.”

Also to welcome in my favorite season, is my FAVORITE seasonal candle from Bath & Body Works, their “Autumn” candle…go figure.  Thank goodness they brought this scent back this year!!  This combination of apple, pomegranate, fir balsam and cedarwood, is the perfect crisp fall smell.  I seriously want my house to smell like this year round.

What makes you look forward to fall??