Beauty Tips For Busy Moms

All moms are busy, point blank.  Whether you work at home caring for your children or you go out to work to provide a lifestyle that cares for your family, stay at home and women who work outside the home, are both equally busy.

I found this sign on– and I want to live by this.  
My house is not dirty by choice but sometimes there is no time for housekeeping.
But for the most part, I  have really happy kiddos despite the messes!!

I hate the debate, so this is me squelching it by saying ALL MOMS ARE BUSY IN THEIR OWN SPECIAL HECTIC WAY, and we shouldn’t waste our time comparing ourselves to other moms (or people in general)!!  It’s a tough life lesson to abide by to not compare yourself or your children, but I promise, it’s an energy drain, so don’t do it and make the best of your situation and love the life you live.

So for all you busy moms out there, here are my top beauty tips for your everyday hectic schedules:

#1.  Thanks must go out to my friend/neighbor who I have to give credit to for this one- thanks Abbey!  If you are female (you don’t even have to be a mom) you probably love to make “lists.”  So why not make your list right in front of the mirror you look into every morning!!

I make them all day everyday so I don’t forget anything, because there’s a lot for me to forget with my business, 3 kids, a hubby schedule, etc.  So just get a dry erase marker and write away on your vanity mirror!  It comes off super easy with just water and a paper towel!  This eliminates any need for annoying pieces of paper flying around the house and while you’re using your other beauty tips below, you can see right in front of you what’s on your agenda for the day!

#2.  When in doubt or a bad hair day, pull hair back into a slicked-back-super-tight-ponytail for an instantly chic pulled together look.  I like to do a low placed part and if I have time, I wrap a strand of hair around the elastic.

 This is also a good hair-do for when you have dirty hair (this is a blog for busy moms and who has time to wash their hair everyday??) it actually works better that way!  I apply a bit of water to the hair before slicking it back, and then I spray the heck out of it with hair spray.  Long dangle earrings are also an easy way to instantly spruce up your face without the makeup!

#3.  Or, if you have shorter hair, just add some cutesy bobby pins with bling or design, and pull back any annoying bangs or pieces for some added flair.  I like my champagne colored rhinestone bobby pins, but I know the new Target Missoni ones are all the cheapy rage right now!
#4.  To make your skin look its best in an instant, skip three steps for glowing skin by making your own tinted moisturizer with a liquid bronzer mixed into it!  One step- with your moisturizer, bronzer, and foundation all in one!! 
This is a bright lip color day!  
This is also an old pic, so it has some extra steps in it not mentioned in my #5 tip. 
#5.  If you must pick only three beauty products to apply (you know I can’t imagine anything less than!)- make it concealer (click here for my best tips on how to apply), mascara, and lip color.  Lips can either be sheer if you’re wanting to look more natural and fresh faced.  Or, they can be your wow factor on your face because it’s the only feature you have time to put color on!  Lip color is a mood pleaser for me- it definitely shows if I’m feeling spunky that day (bright wow lips) or I am just wanting to make it through the day (sheer and fuss free!).  

 I know I know, it sounds like I’m cheating on my own tips since the pic above has lots of extra makeup involved (liner, blush, foundation, etc) but I wanted to showcase that a super bright lip can be distracting from other parts of the face that might not get as much attention;-)

I hope everyone has a super busy but beautiful day filled with fun activities that don’t involve dirty laundry, piles of dishes, cranky bosses, cranky children, un-vacuumed floors, you get the pretty picture:-)

How do you stay feeling beautiful during those few precious moments you have to get ready?? Please share!!